Good Morning Sunday

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Oct 21, 2007.

  1. Marguerite

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    G'day, everybody.

    A quiet day today. I didn't go to that book launch after all - went to church though. First time in a while - the family timetable gets really busy sometimes. husband didn't go, he was busy with some work he couldn't leave.
    After church we were having lunch or drinking coffee on the church verandah, watching the boats and the people at the beach. I probably should have rushed home and taken difficult child 3 to the beach but I was just too tired.

    But we saw the eagle (White Breasted Sea Eagle) - it wasn't fishing, it just seemed to be checking out its range, circling around the beach a couple of times before heading back to the cliff. There's something about the way they soar, their 'fingertips' extended and slightly curled upwards as if feeling the air. We only saw one, which could mean the other is sitting on the nest. A few weeks ago we were walking near the clifftop and saw again - a single eagle.

    There was a funeral yesterday for a woman who fell off the cliff last week. There was a day when difficult child 3 went to go for his walk and the police stopped him, the area was closed. There were helicopters too, probably rescue. So sad - she left a little girl and her husband. difficult child 3's best friend's mother was at the funeral (I didn't know about it) and told me all about it, showed me a photo and I realised she had attended one of my writing classes. They think she had gone to the clifftop for her usual meditation, which often involved her lying down at the cliff edge. Her husband was looking for her and was walking up the cliff path when he saw her roll off and disappear. And with our sandstone cliffs they are a sheer drop, as if someone had taken an axe to the cliff.

    Last week a child's body was found, in a suitcase tossed in a lake. Found by children. Today they announced that they have arrested the child's mother, it looks like a case of shaken baby syndrome. Apparently the day the body was found CPS were knocking on the mother's door to take her children. Two weeks too late. The police had absolutely no leads, until CPS got in touch and asked if it could be their missing child (the mother had told CPS that they had already taken the child). He was two years old. The woman is in protective custody, there's a lynch mob after her.

    Never a dull moment...

    Enjoy your Sunday.

  2. susiestar

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    Good Morning Marg,

    I am going to try to get a little sleep in an hour or so. Very hard time sleeping so I got some things done.

    Sounds like you had a nice time at church, a peaceful time to recharge. As for difficult child 3 and the beach, there will be other days.

    As I posted, I am going to drive my kids 75 miles 1 way to see the Hershey Kissmobile today. If husband wants to go we will go to the 10 to 1 session. Otherwise it will be just me and we will do the 3 to 6. It is in a different area. I want an hour or 2 of sleep.

    We will go, visit my in-laws, give them the ribbon from the fair (mother in law will get a big kick out of it!) and then round it out with a trip to a Pumpkin Farm. I hope the Pumpkin Farm is open. We have a lot of them that did not open this year. MAny fieldswere destroyed with all the water we had this year. We have had record rains most of the summer. So, keep fingers crossed we will be able to go. I don't mind if we just buy pumpkins there and do some of the ohter activities, esp if it will help the field, but am flexible. If the fields are open we can pick.

    I plan to get a trip to a Barnes and Noble worked in, and problem dinner. Rounds out the day, we can come home and get clean and get ready for school tomorrow.

    Have a good day!

  3. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good Morning all.
    Marguerite, sorry that there is so much sadness in your day. Life is so precious not to be savored every day or to have it stolen from you.

    I'm having my coffee and enjoying a bit of quiet time before the day gets started. My sis will be leaving to return to her home. I think she enjoyed her short visit.

    We watched the Alfred Hitchcock marathon with a bowl of popcorn and a lot of laughs.

    easy child and difficult child head off to the train early Monday AM. Time to return to a little more calm.

    Hope you have a moment of quiet and calm before you start your day.
  4. mstang67chic

    mstang67chic Going Green

    Morning all.

    Marg....sounds like you had a nice time at church. Watching the eagle sounds very impressive and relaxing. I can't say that I've seen anything more majestic than turkey buzzards around here! lol

    Sus...mmmmmmmmmmmm chocolate! I"ll have to check into that and see if the kissmobile is coming to my area!

    Fran - enjoy your day.

    Nothing really going on here. husband has to work. I did manage to get out and drive myself to the library yesterday. Out of the 5 books I got I still haven't read 2 1/2 of them so I should be good for a portion of the day. (speed reader) difficult child has actually been fairly understanding since I've been laid up. He hasn't waited on me hand and foot but he's done things when I've asked him too with minimal fuss and so far no tushie jokes. I go back to work this coming week so I'm sure the guys in the shop will have a lot to say about my backside! LOL

    Here's to a quiet and relaxing day!
  5. hearts and roses

    hearts and roses Mind Reader

    Marg, church sounds nice...I'm thinking I need to go back. Your story of all the tragedies had my eyes brimming with tears - I hope those families find peace.

    Susie - We're overloaded with pumpkins up here in the Northeast! Not enough rain and an extended warmer season have our farms overflowing with pumpkins. I have a few, but I need to get more to complete my Halloweenie spooky-ness. Have fun on that drive (blech).

    Fran, we watched The Birds last night; it was great to see the old flicks, wasn't it? difficult child was horrified by it! I remember being frightened of birds for the longest time after I saw it the first time, 800 years ago. Enjoy your calm.

    mstang67chic, enjoy this small amount of time to enjoy your reading pleasures. I just finished an awesome book last night, I was up until 3 AM! Couldn't put it down. I love a good read.

    difficult child came home yesterday and I could tell she was chomping at the bit to go out last night, which I was perfectly okay with but I was not willing to drive 15 miles out to pick her up at midnight, or at all to be honest! Besides, as her first night home, I felt she should be hanging with us. So she did, but her phone rang a lot. Today, she has to relearn how to do her own laundry and unpack to organize her room. Then we're going to take a drive and jot down the names of all the places that have help wanted signs in the window so that tomorrow she will be ready and know where to hit it. We're printing out her resume to take along and also her personal details (employment history, SS#, contact numbers, etc) so she can do the application right then and there instead of bringing it home and then never returning it - which is typical. So, that's today's goal for difficult child. Organizing herself and prepping for her week of pavement pounding! Me? Oh, I'm going to be the eye in the sky for her, a loose guide. Otherwise, I plan on posting more items to eBay and craigslist to sell. And H is still putting up the new siding.

    Have a great day everyone and hello to anyone I missed.
  6. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Marguerite-Seeing the eagle sounds beautiful. I'm sorry for the lady who fell off the cliff and that poor child.

    Susie-Have fun at the Hershey Kissmobile-sounds like fun! Sounds like you have an incredibly busy but fun day planned.

    Fran-Sounds like you had a nice weekend. Popcorn and Hitchcock sounds like a great way to spend an evening. I'm glad you had a chance to visit with easy child this weekend.

    Mstang-Reading sounds like a great way to spend a day :reading:

    Jo-Sounds like a busy day getting difficult child organized. I hope she finds a job soon!

    We had a nice night out with friends-went to dinner than back to their place to watch a movie. Didn't get home til late though.

    I've been to church and grocery shopping already. Later I'll get to the club and mow the lawn. I promised easy child I would make homemade chicken soup today and we'll eat it for dinner tomorrow.

    I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day and finds reasons to smile. :ghost:
  7. Stella Johnson

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    Morning Guys!

    I'm moving a bit slow this morning. Drinking coffee and reading the paper.

    Not much planned today. Deciding whether or not I want to do house work. :coffee:

  8. TerryJ2

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    OMG, Marg! How horrid. Both the woman who fell off the cliff, and the child. OMG.
    At least you were able to enjoy the eagle. Sigh.
    Hi everyone.