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  1. timer lady

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    Good Friday morning all,

    kt will be rising shortly for school so I thought I get here to wish everyone a good day.

    Find reasons to smile & laugh & leave your loved ones with loving words ~ always.
  2. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning Friends,

    Linda-I hope you have a restful day ahead or at least something fun planned!

    I am so glad Friday is here, only 10 more days after today! We are finally going to see some sun around here today! Also on Fridays, no cooking-I just eat cereal because of Sat. weigh ins! (And I was very bad last night, usually I save popcorn for Sat. nights. husband and I were starving when we got home from the health club so I made some. Delicious and I had enough ww points left for it but still it kind of defeats the purpose.)

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
  3. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good Morning Linda and Sharon,
    Linda, I bet Kt is growing fast. I keep thinking of her as a little girl but she is on her way through adolescence isn't she? Are you starting the kitchen remodeling yet?
    Sharon, popcorn is one of my weaknesses. I love a good bag of it especially when I have been watching my "points". Something about the salt I suppose.
    Well, difficult child made it to the SciFi convention with his buddy. He was a little nervous since he had never checked in to a hotel on his own. TG for cell phones. He handled it fine and felt good about what he was doing. His room only had one bed, so we suggested he call down and ask for a room with 2 beds. He took care of it. Another small step towards functioning in the real world. He has a tight budget so he is going to have to watch his dollars. I'm curious to see how this all works out. It's something he looked forward to for a long time.
    husband is going to his college reunion this weekend and I am going to be gloriously alone. I'll be restless and bored by Sat. afternoon but the idea of having all this time to do what I want seems like a luxury. So far I'm planning on ironing clothes and cleaning kitchen cupboard shelves. LOL. I'm sure I'll sneak a walk or two in there and maybe read a little in between a nap.
    Have a good Friday everyone.
  4. therese005us

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    Good evening

    Well, some of you know i was up late last night baking and avoiding sleeping.

    I cracked the code on how to get the right shaped patty cakes and daughter one first prize. I hasten to add, she mixed it all up, and I had no part in that.I just offered to do the baking in/out oven part.

    Then I was having such fun keeping the stove going that I decided to do a few extra things for the weekend, like the souper rolls....
    a friend gave me the recipe. They are a bit like date roll, but different recipe and cooked cleaned baked bean tins or similar; steamed on top of stove. So I can have stuff in the oven and on top of stove.

    I had to ask someone to save me theirs because we don't eat much out of a tin apart from beetroot.

    I popped to bed for a short time, and survived... then had to get up early to the thickest fog I've seen in a long while.

    Got daughter up and she iced her cakes and slice then we had to get cherub up and showered etc.

    Hurried to showgrounds to enter our cooking entries and look around for a little while before taking cherub to school. I forgot her lunch, so had to double back. DS walked across the boggy puddle of a road to meet me to save me having to drive through it.

    When i finally got home, I was already feeling like a zombie. However, managed to get a little washing done and lunches made etc before having to collect cherub and take her home to bio mum.
    It started to pour on the way home, but not for long.
    Dinner is over and we're packing to go away Saturday afternoon for church/fellowship. I hope I can do the drive - it's 3 1/2 hours each way and I'm already tired.

    We all have to leave by 6.45am to take daughter to dancing classes for 7.30am so the chores will have to be done early. Guess who'll be up first, or is there any point in laying down?

    Now that I've exhausted you all thinking about my schedule for one day... (and that was the shortened version) I hope you have a good day and a good weekend.
  5. timer lady

    timer lady Queen of Hearts


    ktbug is taller than me & turning into a beautiful young lady. In some ways it's terrifying - I could protect her when she was my "baby girl"; can't do it now though.

    The kitchen remodel starts when my new laundry room is complete ~ middle of next week. We're at the point where we can see the end. I'll post pictures.

    kt has respite already this weekend - my sister is coming to town to help her daughters move into their new apartment. She & I are going to take time alone (never happens anymore) for a day or so. I'm looking forward to it more than you can imagine.
  6. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Trish, are you using a wood burning stove? It sounds as if you grow or use all homegrown or home made food. It's no wonder you are exhausted.

    Your daughter's entry sounds delicious and congratulations on her winning a prize.

    Linda, what a nice way to spend a day. I miss my sisters. My baby brother often talks about living in a compound of our families. He is a clown but I think there is comfort in being around each other. Fortunately, he includes husband in the compound.
    So enjoy your time with your sis and give kt a hug from me.
  7. Happy Friday All!!!

    Linda, It's good to hear about your planned time with your sister this weekend. Do enjoy! The kitchen remodel should be challenging , but ultimately rewarding.

    Sharon, I know what you mean about eating ahead in your "food budget". It sounds like it was good though. Enjoy your "no cooking" night.

    Fran, what encouraging news about difficult child. Do let us know how it goes... it is encouraging for us all. Enjoy your time alone. I'm just so jealous :)

    Trish, that does sound like an exhausting day! Whew, maybe you can get a little rest in for yourself - soon?

    Well, the day has finally arrived that we feared we would never see.... difficult child graduates tonight! This is one hard won diploma.... He was working on his required Senior project up to the very last minute. By all accounts, his oral presentation to the panel of judges went well, the directors decided at the last minute that parents could not be present for the presentations (they claimed there wasn't enough room to accommodate everyone), but the judge's reviews were very positive. He even ended up with a "B" in his dreaded Statistics class (too boring he said) - so we are very, very proud of him. There's no rest for the weary , though, as his orientation at the University is in two weeks. We're truly operating one day at a time...

    easy child has been going through some rough times. He working on his dissertation and is struggling with it. The stress is sending him into difficult child like behavior. He's asked to move back home at the end of the summer quarter - and I think that the stress will be settling down amongst us all. It's a tough time for job hunting, though. If he defends his dissertation successfully he'll get his Master's degree in the fall. Most of his friends who have recently graduated are moving into jobs that have little or nothing to do with their course of study. Hard times all the way around... Whatever happened to the empty nest ? :-(

    Have a wonderful day and weekend everyone!!!

  8. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Timer - It will be a good weekend hanging out with your sister.

    Wiped Out - Have a great "cereal" day.

    Fran - Good for difficult child and his buddy! Great life lessons will be learned these next few days.

    Theres - I hope you can catch up on your sleep.

    One Day - Congratulations to the graduate!

    difficult child will stay home today (Diva is home). We will see how that goes! Yesterday, he went to husband's office and felt weird all morning. Next week he will have his bowling buddy to spend time with. I so hope summer goes well. There will be days that I will need to work longer than 4 hours. I should have yesterday but difficult child was anxious to get out of husband's office. Why can he not just chill and enjoy life?

    Last night difficult child got hit in the eye with a baseball. We were late for practice because he had bowling first and then we had to leave early because coach did not have an ice pack. His eye became a little puffy but not much change in color. This morning it looks a little bruised but not much.

    Tomorrow morning I need to set up the VBS registration table. We have a garage theme so I think I will go to the dollar store to get silver table clothes. I don't know how to decorate with that theme so this will be interesting. I need to raid our garage and husband's tool bench!
  9. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    G'day, folks. It's late, we've just had a lovely dinner with the two married couples in the family, difficult child 1 & daughter in law have gone home while easy child & sister in law are staying for the weekend. The kids just played Texas Hold'Em interminably while I sorted stamps. My cold is developing. I have a meeting tomorrow which I might beg off, or at least go to only briefly. We'll see. If I go out tomorrow, it could make it possible to see a doctor. I thought this cold was heading to my chest this morning, but through the day I think my chest has succeeded in staying clear.

    Time to head for bed, if I'm to get there before Saturday!

    Trish, you & I both should be in bed by now! Especially after the day you've had.

    Have a great Friday, everyone else. We're done with it Down Under.