Good MornIng...TGIF!!!


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today is the first day in two weeks that both girls got ready for school, on time, and wasn't sick!! We only live about 10 blocks from school, and most mornings, i have to make two trips to school because one is running late, and the other would also be given a tardy. Or one feels sick, has a head ache, on the toilet with the big D, threw up a little bit after coughing, starting her period and cramping, or has to change clothes, again, for said period, OR, the outfit isn't flattering, comfortable, flattering, or the shoes don't match...or...or...or...

So, the stars aligned, they were both ready, oldest Difficult Child had to be at work by 4, so I let them drive. I feel like it's a miracle. I should launch Into the hallelujah chorus! It probably happened as I was asked to sub as a para for early ed's field trip to a petting zoo this morning. I told the girls I HAD to leave on time. Then yesterday I got called that they didn't need a substitute after all!

My to do two large Boston ferns for front porch. Put plants and flowers in the pots for front steps, buy a couple spring colored candles for the mantel. Grocery shopping. Maybe fix a nice lunch for husband when he has his break from school bus driving.

Happy happy Friday! And both girls work this evening, one at 4 and one at 5. Peace and quiet! Now if I can just find younger DCs glasses... Sigh.... KSM


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Looks like we both had the same idea at the same time! LOL! Getting Boston germs for the front porch? Trying to make your visitors talk with an accent, maybe ask if they can borrow the caa?


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Boston germs for the front porch?
Ha! She must have changed it, it says ferns now. :p

Good morning all. Looks like Jabber and KSM both started threads, wonder which we'll use more?

At's a beautiful day and I would like to be home! Supposed to be 77 and sunny. Right now it's under 50...good walking weather.

I don't have all that much to do today. Is it bad that I wish I had nothing? I need a vacation! I keep looking at my computer wallpaper - the view from the cabin we rented last summer. I want to go back!

Boy is up and getting ready for his first day on the job. Already asking for stuff, lol.

Have a good day all!


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I am so glad it is Friday. There are never enough hours in the workday and I am planning some much needed time outdoors working in my yard. We are expecting rain Sunday so I am going to soak up all I can this afternoon and tomorrow. I would rather do yard work than housework any day of the week.


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Well, big surprise! It looks like rain:eek: in Wisconsin.

I'm off work today so getting a haircut, going for a jog (if it's dry), and going on a Job interview. Working at Goodwill is a program job, not true employment, although I do get paid and I do love it.

Yesterday a grid fell and hit my face at seriously, I'm a walking disaster; an accident waiting to happen. Bled a lot, but it was just a skin tear.

Feeling peaceful and contented in middle Wisconsin and hoping the same for all of you. This weekend I TGIF for me


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Good morning, all.

Supposed to be 94 degrees today, and Farmers Market starts tonight. Though I like going, I don't like being out when it's hot, so I haven't decided yet if I want to go.

The shredding party is tomorrow, so I need to go through a few more things and make sure we've got it all boxed up. I also need to clean out my car. And go get milk.

However, it is early, I didn't sleep well thanks to Hubby and his stupid timer on the stupid bedside lamp that is supposed to dim but doesn't, so I think the first order of business is to go back to bed for an hour or so.

Have a fabulous Friday, and in honor of Friday the 13th, kiss a black cat!


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My best cat ever was a half Siamese (boy, could he yowl) black cat named Midnight. Sweet and smart and cuddly. I still miss him.

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Good Morning, Everybody

I miss the Morning Thread too when it isn't there when I come on. Thank you for beginning a thread for us. I posted about the you-know-what in the tub yesterday on the other thread, so will only say here that currently, I am clean and tick free.

Windy, overcast, and 47 degrees here, this morning.



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Friday?! I'm not ready for Friday!
I still have 4 days of work to get done.
And a very large yard to cut the grass in - with long grass, from 3 days of rain, which is why I couldn't cut it earlier.


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Happy Friday, everyone! I'm getting ready to leave tomorrow night for a trip to NYC for my son's graduation! (not one of my difficult ones!) There will be five of us meeting up there to witness the event and see what the Big Apple is all about. I was there once over 30 years ago so it will be like brand new to me. One of my difficult sons is going (the older one) so it will be interesting to see how everything holds together for a few days.


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Yes, I did type Boston "germs" or at least auto correct typed it!! Sometimes my iPad is possessed and is funnier than I am! One time, I responded to a friend who had remarked that she was hoping that Trump would just drop out of the race... And I typed, "the world would be better off if he did." Lol, my iPad posted "if he died" !!!! I may not care much for the guy, but I don't post rude things, but I guess my iPad does!!

I had to go back and correct "germs". I probably edit every post, as I find so many mistakes... KSM

pigless in VA

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Thanks, for being on the ball, ksm and jabber. SO and I had a major fight, so I was not feeling perky enough to start a morning thread.


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Any job is a job. He's complained so far that:

1. His arms hurt.
2. His sunburn hurts.
3. His eyes hurt.
4. He's tired.

None of which stopped him from going out with friends.