Good Morning Thursday! Hope you have a terrific Thursday! Not a terrible Thursday.

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Rabbit, Jul 28, 2011.

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    :good_morning: Good Morning Thursday! Hope you have a terrific Thursday! Not a terrible Thursday. I am wishing for a quiet day.However since it is Otakon (Anime Convention) Weekend (events starting today) I am going to an apartment filled with teenagers. Hugs Rabbit:bunny_ears:
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    Good Morning!

    Rabbit-I'm guessing with an apartment full of teenagers you will not be getting that quiet day-I hope you get one soon.

    Busy day ahead. easy child/difficult child has her last day of summer school!!! difficult child has an eye appointment this morning, husband and I have one this afternoon. Plus, we have our Spanish class we are taking this evening. Tonight husband is headed to a grandma shower:)

    It's stormy and rainy here so hopefully it will clear up soon!!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day!!
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    Rabbit, reading your post made me shiver at the thought of being in an apt with anime lovers, lol. I know it's for some, but today, right now? Not. I am waiting for the day when you post that you're not playing taxi driver and get a whole day to do nothing or whatever you want! I hope you have a terrific Thursday!

    Sharon, I hope your weather clears up so you can soak up some sun while you're zipping around all day. Spanish class sounds fun. H and I were scheduled to take one a couple of years ago but then we had to cancel and have never followed up. Maybe it's time. Enjoy your terrific Thursday!

    I am at the office today. H came home from FL last night and it was good to see him (still wishing my house could stay clean though) - he looks better. I have family coming up to visit this Sunday-Tuesday and when easy child moved all her stuff into difficult child's old room (bigger), she just crammed all of difficult child's things into the tiny room. Well, that is essentially our 'guest room'. When easy child moved back home, she painted it pepto bismol pink - VERY bright and U G L Y. So, how to clean up a room, organize it so it looks like a guest room AND tone down the bright pink walls (and trim, ugh)? Add brown. I bought brown sheers for the window and a brown comforter for the bed and a small table lamp for the old nightstand. I had yellow/white sheets that go well enough, I cleaned out the room, threw stuff away, reorganized things, crammed the closet with most of difficult child's leftover 'stuff' and put the small tv into the computer cabinet in case my nephew's daughter wants to watch a dvd. The room looks GREAT! I mean, not Better Homes & Garden great, but pretty great considering what I had to work with. I am impressed with how I pulled it together. Now all I have to do is wash all the pool towels and stock the fridge! I am excited to have fun this weekend.

    Hello to anyone I missed~