Good Morning Thursday

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  1. Marguerite

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    I'm getting in early, so I can have an early night tonight.

    I had to leave difficult child 3 home today while I went out with mother in law - she had to be fitted with a heart monitor, then I had to see my gastroenterologist, then I went back to collect mother in law, we did some shopping then I had a CT on my lower back. Busy.

    Meanwhile difficult child 3 wasn't busy. Or more correctly, he was distracted. The budgies have finally discovered the joy of emptying out the pebbles from our pot plants, and difficult child 3 would pick up the pebbles and put them back in the pots. A lovely game! So I got home, and took away the pots. I'm a meanie...

    difficult child 3 went for his afternoon walk and when he got back, I made him finish the schoolwork he hadn't done today.

    Not sure what we're having for dinner tonight - something easy. husband isn't home yet, so I'll go and find something nourishing for difficult child 3.

    Tomorrow I take mother in law back to get her heart monitor removed, then she and I both have to see our neurologist. I'll pick up my CT scan from today first (they're almost next door). Then hopefully we'll be able to get back home quickly, so I can work with difficult child 3 for the afternoon.

    I can hear husband's car now. Time to go boil the kettle for him...

    Enjoy your Thursday!

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  2. timer lady

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    Good morning all,

    Marg, sounds like a couple of very busy days in a row. I hope everything is all right with mother in law & that your doctor appts go well. by the way, what did you serve for dinner?

    I awoke to huge strikes of thunder & it's pouring down rain now. I love the sound of a thunder storm ~ not sure I like being startled out of sleep in that manner anymore. :bloodshot:

    I have a therapist mtg regarding wm this afternoon ~ wm may or may not be there. Things are pretty iffy with that young man since the 3 of us took a vacation with-o him. Maybe he's beginning to see what he is missing as we can no longer wait for him to catch up to us. He needs to start running & fast.

    I've got my laptop set up & I nuked & burnt my old one & ran the recovery on it. It came up & I set it up for kt to use as an internet machine in the kitchen or dining room so there is always an adult checking in on her & what's she exploring. kt has accepted that this is the way it will be for internet use in our home. As to not lose all the fun, kt is exploring recipes she wants to cook this coming weekend & the current fashions of the day.

    Enjoy your day - hope you accomplish all you set out to do. :warrior::dance:
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    :cutie_pie: Good Morning Friends!!!! :cutie_pie:

    Marg, sounds like a really busy day for you today and another one tomorrow. I totally understand about the distraction with difficult child 3. difficult child was "doing" his homework last night in our breakfast room (where we keep his birds). I looked in and he was at the bird cages - feeding and watering his birds..... Naturally he couldn't wait until after homework because he would forget by then! Hope you are getting a good night's sleep for your busy day tomorrow.

    Linda, sounds like a good plan with the laptop/internet. I'm sure kt will love having the laptop and, she knows by now that you and husband have rules for every privilage granted. She's making great progress!

    This morning I will hit the gym - didn't get there yesterday morning because my stomach started acting up. I'll go to the office and work until difficult child pick up time. I have back to school night tonight at difficult child's school - I'm looking forward to meeting his teachers. It will be a long day as I probably won't get home until 8:30 or so......a nice big cup of coffee this afternoon ought to do it!

    Have a great Thursday :peaceful:

  4. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Marg-You sound extremely busy-I hope you have a break coming up soon!

    Linda-I think your storms are headed our way later today. I'm glad kt is having fun looking up new recipes. I hope today's appointment. goes well.

    Sharon-Enjoy the gym! Sounds like a busy evening but I know it will be nice to meet difficult child's teachers!

    Long day yesterday but I did make it to book club (and ate way too much at our dinner meeting). We have all our books selected for the next 9 months and we had a lot of fun. I did not make it to the health club yet again-I am really getting frustrated that I've only made it 2 times this week so far.

    Also yesterday husband finally went to the dr. for his arm/shoulder pain and found out he has a torn rotator cuff-ouch!

    Another long day ahead as after school tonight difficult child's school is having a potluck picnic. I think it's around 6:30 and it's suppose to be raining but they're having it indoors.

    After all of that I hope to drag myself to the club-as I know I have gained at least 5 pounds this week and weigh in is in two day!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day!:peaceful:
  5. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    Linda, about kt and the Internet, don't let her feel that the restrictions and supervision are specifically for her - the recommendation these days is for ALL teens to be supervised when online. Good luck with wm's meeting tomorrow, I hope he's not there, if it's going to unsettle him.

    Sharon/LDM, those birds can be a distraction! difficult child 3 is now wondering if our older female bird might have been trying to nest in the pot plants. I hope not - our young male is too young. I hope your tummy bug or whatever it was settles down for you.

    Sharon/WO, I'm glad you got to your book club. Sorry to hear about husband's torn rotator cuff - that can be tricky. I hope the potluck picnic is OK, even if it has to be indoors.

    I had planned on cooking a roast chicken for dinner tonight, but with only three of us it didn't seem much sense. SO I talked to difficult child 1 & girlfriend over the phone, I've asked them to both be here for dinner tomorrow night and I'll roast the chook then. So when I'm out with mother in law tomorrow, I'll see if I can pick up some more fennel, or maybe whitloof, to roast with the carrots & potatoes.

    For tonight, we're rummaging in the freezer. I was about to make scrambled eggs for husband when I found a large serve of my home-made lasagne from a couple of months ago. So husband had that. difficult child 3 had two pieces of his favourite frozen fish, and I had my diet version of the same thing.

    The gastroenterologist was happy with me. I can go off the diet pills but I MUST work to maintain my weight. My liver is going to depend on me maintaining my weight (or even losing more, although that will now be unlikely). It could take at least another six months or more.

    I've got a busy few days - yesterday was very tiring and a long day in the city for me. Today - longer than I expected. Tomorrow hopefully shorter, but Saturday and Sunday I'll be shopping for wedding dresses with easy child, girlfriend and easy child 2/difficult child 2. I normally try to avoid being busy on consecutive days, so I suspect I'll be very tired by Sunday night.

    I'm hoping to head for bed soon. I still have a few more wedding invitations to write out, although I think this is the last, for the first round. There are a few more people I felt should have been asked, but the kids spoke to mother in law about it and she said to not invite them. And today - she said in the car, "I do hope you're going to invite [those family members now off the list] - we're closer to them than [others who are more closely related]."
    I didn't even try to remind her that the kids had made their final decision to NOT invite them, on HER advice! I did say that it was the couple's decision and she said, "Oh, you can always insist."
    Nope. Because if I insist with every relative or friend I want, then the bride's family can do the same, and we'll end up with a guest list of 400 instead of 100. It's already blown out to about 140 or more.

    And after this one, we'll still have two more to go!

  6. timer lady

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    kt & her Integrated Listening Systems (ILS)/tutor did a small report on internet safety. Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) worker made sure kt checked into cyber bullying & predators on the internet. The Integrated Listening Systems (ILS)/tutor (not sure what to call her) wanted kt to understand that all parents should be doing this for all kids. The internet can be a real dangerous place.

    kt wrote up a good report & included all the valid points. In the meantime, I've been installing some safety software (which many kids can get around) so it's mostly an adult checking in. kt sits at the dining room table or in the kitchen while I'm working at my desk or in the kitchen.
  7. Andy

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    :) :) :)
    Marg - I think it was nice for difficult child 3 to clean up after the birds. Now he knows when the birds do that to just take the pots away. Wedding invites are a world of their own. A friend asked me who I was inviting and I listed everyone but her familly since I figured she knew her mom had and invite. The mom didn't come! Why? Didn't get an invite -Yes she did, I know I sent it. Several months later the invite was found at the mom's home. You and mother in law have your hands full with doctor appts, take care.

    Timer - we are getting rain here too - haven't heard thunder. What a difficult time as wm is growing. Maybe he will start realizing that there are things he might be able to work on to "catch up"?

    Little Dude's Mom - Meeting teachers as well as other parents with be nice. I hope your stomach has settled down and let you back to your busy schedule.

    Wiped Out - Glad you made it to the book club. Hope you find your way to health club soon. Rotator cuffs are so hard to treat and very extremely painful. Have fun at the picnic.

    difficult child read 100 pages in his book yesterday. Very amazing for a kid who is so against reading. He is back in the room reading right now! difficult child has felt weird much of this week. I don't know what is going on - he just got over a head cold so maybe something is still lingering or he needs glasses? He has medication check on Monday and eye check on Tuesday. He has also complained about his eyes bothering while reading so I forsee new glasses - He hasn't worn his old ones but I am sure the prescription has changed.

    Yesterday after watching lunch/recess at school, I clean through some Sunday School stuff. I then started another lesson but have decided I don't want to teach it. The little kids don't need to hear the details about how one person was killed. It was distrubing to me. Even though I can say, "So and so killed so and so and handed him over to the army captain", I am just going to plan something else. So, I will find something else for the kids that day. An art project - maybe Christmas cards for our members in the military? A game? A movie? Something fun.

    Have a GREAT DAY EVERYONE! Find a way to make your difficult child laugh.