Good Morning Thursday



Good morning everyone,

It's -3 degrees with a wind chill advisory and as of yet school is not closed or delayed. The snow plow came down my street at 3am so I will be able to get to work today - after I shovel the snow the plow left at the end of my driveway. It will be a long day as I haven't slept a wink. :faint: Only this time it was easy child that kept me up and not difficult child. Something new and different.

I hope everyone has a peaceful day.


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Good Morning Everyone!

Wyntersgrace- i hope it warms up for you. Here they don't cancel school for cold temps. a couple of weeks ago my difficult child was
at the bus stop in the minus weather, poor kids.

Well my work opened yesterday, my normal 15 min. ride took me 45 min. none of the roads were plowed it was horrible. I had only five kids, and the whole building had less the 12, we ended up closing at 1. my ride home was worse it was blizzard like conditions and you couldn't see the roads. Today it is just very cold, tomorrow we are to get over 25 so at least we can take the kids out for a short time. Well have a great day, difficult child will get some school work while he finishes up his medications.

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Good Morning,

Wynter-I hope you are able to get some rest today. It's minus 2 here right now with a windchill of minus 9 but we don't close unless it's a windchill warning. In fact, our students are supposed to go out for recess if it isn't colder than minus 10.

Razzle-I'm sorry you didn't get the day off yesterday-I hate driving in snow.

Our rollerskating was fun yesterday but I did fall and now have a very bruised knee-it sure is a lot further to the ground than the kids! Last night we finally had a night where we didn't have to do anything. Both husband and I were too tired to go out to dinner like we planned.

I can feel the effects of the long days and nights as I have a sore throat that will probably end up in a cold. Tonight difficult child has a mini wrestling tournament with one other club so it's one more long night. I'm very glad the weekend is almost here!

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day! Hi to anyone who snuck in. :smile:


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Good Thursday Morning :coffee:

Guess we should have our little cold gremlin back this morning!

Wyntersgrace, sorry that easy child kept you up all night. I hope you don't have to much to do today and can catch a nap.

Jen, sounds like they made a bad call opening yesterday. Stay safe today.

Sharon, ok you've got a bum knee today and a sore throat - the :doctor: orders that you take it easy tonight and let husband handle the wrestling while you take a much needed rest - keep those liquids and orange juice going in. Hope you feel better.

I'll be going into the office for a couple hours this morning. I made sure that I had everything caught up and done before I left on Tuesday so all I would have to do today was the payroll and enter new bills. I would like to be home by noon so I can take a nap for a couple hours. We are leaving for nyc at 6 and it is about a 6 hour drive.

difficult child was not happy last time I left for a couple days. His behavior when I returned has slipped. This time he seems to be excited about staying with dad (first time sine the separation 2.5 years ago!).

Stay warm everyone and have a good Thursday - the weekend is almost here :whew:



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Good morning everyone!

Well, school has been cancelled again for today. As much as I'd love to stay in and play in the snow with the boys again, I have to go to work :rolleyes: I haven't been there since Friday LOL, I know my bosses are screaming for me. The roads aren't too bad, so I guess I'll try to get in there.

We were supposed to have a meeting today at CPS for difficult child 2. It's been cancelled due to the snow. Today was the day I was going to fight to bring him home. Blah, stupid weather. I guess I'll fight another day :warrior:

On the topic of difficult child 2, he has been doing pretty good, at least from what I can get. I was able to get in touch with the teacher of his classroom, and she sends out a weekly progress report to someone (I think the CPS caseworker, but I'm not sure). Well, she is sending me a copy, and last week he was good. He's also working (McDonalds) and he signed up for the basketball team and the wrestling team at school. In all honesty, I think now he's been removed from the previous fosters and has some room to do what he wants, his behaviors are improving. In hindsight, I think he may have been too restrained (although rightfully so).

Still very apprehensive, but still want my child home. What a dilemma. I hope most of you never have to live with this kind of decision, and empathize with those of you that do as well.

Hope everyone has a great day. Drive slow and safe if you're going out.



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Good morning.
Sorry I'm not addressing everyone individually but typing appears to be tortuous after all the shovelling yesterday. Please pray for no more snow! :crying:
Have a great day. :smile:

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Good morning friends,

wyntersgrace, hope you get some rest today - I cannot function with-o sleep.

Jen, keeping fingers crossed for a safe commute today.

Sharon, ditto on what LDM's said. Good lord girl, you're body is telling you to slow down.

Sharon, enjoy your trip to NYC. I have a 6 hour drive with kt tomorrow - it' generally a fun time with her.

Janna, hope you get to work safely & can catch up on work. Sorry to hear about difficult child 2. It's always a rollar coaster.

TM, hope the shoveling is complete for a bit.

I woke up far later than I had wanted to - have a list a mile long to complete before we leave tomorrow. It's more busy stuff. Doctor appointment this morning, pick up rental car for the trip, piano lessons, pick up kt. I missed wm at school yesterday - so I'm going to run out to group home to see him before I leave for the weekend.

Oh well, what doesn't happen - doesn't happen.

Enjoy your day - keep it calm. :princess:


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Hi everybody. It's just past midnight - Friday's already here for us. I've finally got the computer back after easy child 2/difficult child 2 got dragged off it by boyfriend, to get her to bed (to sleep!) because it's another early start for them at work. But I can't stay long, I need my sleep too.

You're all still struggling with the cold and snow, but spring has got to be on the way soon for you. Although it's still very summery here, I'm seeing the earliest signs of autumn - spiders. The large garden orb weavers are busy and we have to take a big stick out at night ( I HATE walking into webs) because they often spin these huge, 3 metre diameter webs, right across the path. mother in law hates spiders. We've got a few different kinds of outdoor big spider, but the orb weavers are amazing. They're black and gold striped with fat bellies, like football supporters. They sit in the centre of their webs (which always seems to be the bit I walk into, thus getting an annoyed orb weaver in my face; thankfully, I've never been bitten). In the mornings we can see by the holes in the web how successful they've been the night before. But something I've noticed - the webs of some of them look as if they've been spun from gold thread. They're a beautiful golden colour and they actually sparkle.

But the orb weavers always get busy in autumn. it's hunting time and mating time, time to store up food and leave egg cases lying around over winter.

We also have St Andrews Cross spiders busy with their webs - they sit in the centre of a white, slightly squiggly diagonal cross in the middle of their web. The spider even holds its 8 legs together in pairs, to fit in the cross shape and so be camouflaged. They're a daytime hunter, unlike the orb weavers which are night feeders. But ALL of them will wake up when you walk into a web! Late summer and autumn are the times we leave a long stick by the door, so we can wave it around as we walk, to avoid walking into a web.

So if we've got spiders - your cold weather should be easing soon.

Enjoy your Thursday.



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Hi everyone, not time to respond to each person individually, just wanted to jump in and say hi before I leave this morning for doctors' appointment.
Hope all have a great day.


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Good Morning friends. I am running late in an already busy morning. It's starting to warm up a bit. I hope.
Sending good thoughts that you all get out of the deep freeze soon. </span>