Good Morning Thursday

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  1. Marguerite

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    G'day, folks.

    One day closer to Christmas. For most kids, school is finished for the school year, although officially there is still tomorrow (Friday). I'm letting difficult child 3 off tomorrow so we can go Christmas shopping. The place is likely to be packed so we're going early.

    difficult child 3 put in some good work today although I would have liked him to finish his current worksheets. But he was simply not able to continue, he had been at it for too long, so we went to the beach for a swim before the forecast storm.

    It's after dinner here, difficult child 3 is heading for his evening shower and fussing because his pyjamas were forcibly removed this morning, to be washed. It's a wonder they didn't walk to the laundry on their own!

    And tonight he has to wear a pair of satin boxers, although he always wears a velour robe over the top. We're planning on going for an evening drive to look at the Christmas lights in the village. That is, if he eventually DOES have his shower, before it's time for husband & I to go to bed!

    I just got back from a choir practice for our village carols night, to be held on Sunday. I'm hoping to get difficult child 3 involved in singing with the choir also. So far he seems happy with the idea. it's not going to be anything special - this choir is getting ONE rehearsal, that's all. Saturday afternoon. It should finish just in time for us to go to a party at daughter in law's parents' place.

    Despite it being summer, cooler temperatures and rain have been forecast for the next week. Pity. We never get enough rain to water the garden, just enough to make the beach unpleasant with sand sticking to your skin. sister in law & family arrive on Tuesday, after which I will be very busy. I know they will be looking forward to the chance of a swim also.

    Oh well...

    Enjoy your Thursday.

  2. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good Thursday Morning Marguerite fron this side of the world.
    Your Christmas choir sounds like fun and a good idea for difficult child 3. Funny about clothing that is worn until they are told to change. I know the feeling of frustration.

    We are in the throes of the holiday preparations. We are having a Christmas Party Friday night so there is some added running around. Today is all about cleaning and getting things just so for tomorrow night. It should be fun if I can get through the preparation phase.

    We are somewhat optimistic about the program for adults called TEACHH. They seem very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. difficult child seemed to want to learn more. Fingers are crossed as we plod through the system.
    In the meantime, he must make an appointment. with his caseworker for SSI. I have PTSD everytime I think I have to be in their offices. It has been an ugly experience but I'm hoping it is different in NC. They seem more educated and mannerly than Tx. At least they are on the phone.

    My mom is coming in on Saturday for 2 wks before she goes for surgery (if she is cleared by cardiologist). I think she is worried. We are hoping the visit will distract her.

    The lights and tree look festive and it gives me a sense of peace to have all house lights off with just the tree on. If I put some quiet Christmas music on then it feels almost churchlike. Solemn, peaceful.

    Hope your difficult child gives you a chance to find some peace today.
  3. timer lady

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    Good morning friends:flowers:

    Marg, I love singing in the choir. It's been years for me. Are you enjoying it ~ does it take you to a different much calmer place? Enjoy!:thumbsup:

    "hi" if you snuck in.

    Onto Thursday ~ kt heads back to school. Suspension turned out to be a one day affair. I kept her busy with chores which she finished on a somewhat half a$$ed effort. So tonight she finishes up those chores or loses cell phone for another 4 days. Brat! :rolleyes::hairy::itching: (I can only say that outloud here ~ thanks)

    I have a GP appointment this morning ~ bloodwork for all sorts of things. Updating pain management issues.

    Home to chores & interviewing an interim PCA for winter vacation. There shouldn't be too many days to fill.

    kt is off to respite this coming weekend ~ 3 PM Friday. I'm looking forward to some time alone. Getting gifts wrapped & under the tree. Go through clothes & getting our bags ready for our trip down to my dad's on Christmas day (leaving by train). Little putzy things around the house. husband & I are supposed to get together & order furniture for his new apartment.

    Have a good day friends.

  4. Rabbit

    Rabbit Member

    Good Morning Friends! Hope everyone has a Great day!
    I have too many things to do today and I am already looking forward
    to a quieter day tomorrow.
    Marg- I hope u enjoy your holiday activities
    Fran- I hope your visit goes well. I hope everything goes good for your Mom. I will keep her in prayers.
    Linda- Enjoy your time alone.
    Sending Hugs to All Rabbit
  5. Wiped Out

    Wiped Out Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Good Morning,

    Marg-I have to laugh about wondering if he'll get in the shower-getting my difficult child in the shower these days is difficult (and he's wrestling so really needs it). I hope he gets in so you can go see the lights. :forchristmas: I hope it warms up for you!

    Fran-Your house sounds beautiful right now and peaceful. I hope the program for your difficult child turns out to be as good as it sounds. Keeping your mom in my prayers.

    Linda-I'm glad you will be getting some much needed respite this weekend and that kt is back to school. Hugs.

    Rabbit-Glad tomorrow will be quieter.

    We have a very busy day ahead at school. This morning we have an assembly and this afternoon the spelling bee-I'm the spelling bee coordinator so I have to make sure everything is ready to go. Also because of the huge snow storm predicted we moved our winter party with my class to today just in case of a snow day tomorrow.

    Tonight difficult child is suppose to have wrestling practice. I really don't feel like going especially with this cold of mine. If it is snowing at all we're not going. Maybe I can get husband to take him since I took him Tuesday due to his pt appointment. Plus, if I don't go maybe I could actually sneak in a quick visit to the health club.

    Wishing eveyrone a peaceful day.:xmasdancers:Hi if you snuck in.
  6. LittleDudesMom

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    :xmasdancers: Good Thursday Morning! :xmasdancers:

    Marg, hope you guys made it to look at the lights, it's one of our favorite things to do :christmaslights: during the holidays. We are going Friday night - we used to go to the really wealthy neighborhoods, but then decided that all the white candles and white lights were a little boring. So now we do the tacky light tour houses!!!!! Love all those tacky colored lights! Hope you can convince difficult child 3 to do the caroling with you. Take care.

    Fran, I love the feel of calm the lit Christmas tree gives me. Years ago we used to put a huge tree in the foyer - but then we couldn't enjoy it. Now I have the tree in the family room - right now I have the fire on and the tree lit. It's calming and it makes my happy! Good luck with the party tomorrow - is this your first entertaining at the house since the move? Sending positive thoughts for difficult child's qualification into the program.

    Linda, glad kt is going back to school today. I thought that three days was a little excessive. Great that this is a respite weekend. I'm sure you have things you would like to do. Has kt decided about what she wants for dinner on the 24th? Take it easy today.

    Sharon, sounds like a really busy day for you at work today! This is a crazy couple days for elementary school - seems the kids are full of energy! Hope the spelling bee and the party go well. Take care.

    Rabbit, hope you get everything checked off your list today! Have a good one!

    Well, difficult child has finished all his projects that are due tomorrow!!! He finished the science on Saturday, but I wanted him to practice giving his oral presentation a few times. He knows his stuff! He also finished his English project and had the best time. You can look at the book he created and see "him" all over it! It's great when they have something they are really interested in. I didn't have to push at all! We are taking his science board in today, since it will be raining in the morning, and we are taking all his teacher gifts in together this morning too. I figure things are hectic enough tomorrow, so we always deliver our goodies a day early.

    I have some errands to run this morning, then the office where I have a meeting with our insurance agent for our healthcare coverage. Our renewal was outrageous - our group policy went up $1,000 a month!!!!! We are going ahead and paying this month, but I have told him he MUST shop around - with a small group like ours (five members and three children), we can't afford that kind of a increase.

    I have a contact lense follow up after I pick difficult child up from school, then things will be quiet after 5. easy child still has some work to do on a big science research paper due tomorrow. I'm hoping for some down time this evening. I'm feeling a little better this morning that I did yesterday, but the cough is worse because things are "lossening up".

    Have a great Thursday :rudolph:

  7. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Marg - You have some great Christmas activities planned. Our church is going caroling to nursing homes and shut-ins on Friday night. I love to hear my difficult child sing. He is getting a little bit of an ego about his own voice though. He states at school, all the little kids will turn in awe to watch him sing. It was cute how he was trying to tell me without sounding too boastful.

    Fran - Good luck with that program for difficult child and with your mom's surgery. I found a set of 4 Christmas tapes that make great background music. Jazz, Carols, Traditional, and Sleigh (I think). I play them at work. The player is right next to me but since I usually don't want to change discs very often, I just hit the replay button and listen to one CD per day.

    Timer - Good luck with all your plans for today. I am trying to figure out when to wrap gifts. I think I will need to do it late night when difficult child is asleep and easy child is either gone or in her room.

    Rabbit - I hope all goes well for you today so that you can have a quiet tomorrow.

    Wiped Out - Good luck with the Spelling Bee. Our school hosts one in the fall - I have been a Spelling Master (person to give the words) for several years. It is fun to be a "master" at something I am not the best at. I remember the first year I think I had 5th graders and there was one word I could not pronounce. It pays to read through the words before facing the students.

    Little Dude's Mom - It is fun to watch as kids give it their all on a school project. Good for him! I hope you get everything you planned to do done today.

    Well, my plan to get easy child home at a decent hour shattered last night. She left the house at 10:30 pm and couldn't wait 5 minutes for me to open the garage door which is not working right. She forced it open and as she was driving away called to ask that I close it because it is "crooked". I tried closing it and a pin/wheel popped off. It is really off its course - the entire door is too much to one side. So, I get husband up and out. "Did this just happen?" "No, it's been sitting here a few hours but I thought I would wait until the garage door place was closed and you were in bed before bringing it up! Yes! It just happened!!!" To make a longer story shorter, the garage door is mostly closed and can not be opened by us. The van is in the garage and husband is headed out of town so I get to figure it out. easy child has to get up and get difficult child to school (I refuse to drive the jeep or truck) while I call the gararge door people to come rescue me. husband says, "Oh, that (whatever) is under such tension that if it breaks it can seriously injure or kill someone." "Yes, I know, that is why you need to leave it be and let me call in the garage door people who will know how to release it without killing you (or me)." As he leaves the house at 6:30 am "Remember to call the garage door people." Hmmm, that think that is one of few things that I actually can remember.

    I am so far behind at work - I may have to go in this weekend.

    Tonight difficult child has his school play. I hope the garage door gets open this morning. At least one vehicle was outside when this happened. easy child will have to take us to school if the van is still trapped. She may have to babysit so she can take us early so I can help in the kitchen and pick us up late if need be. She is watching some younger kids of a mom whose middle child is in the same program.

    Everyone have a great day today. Find a way to make your difficult child laugh.

    My difficult child does not know about the garage door - I hope he doesn't fuss about his sister taking him to school (he will want to stay home and watch the door being fixed). Will be another interesting day at our home today.

  8. meowbunny

    meowbunny New Member

    Marg, hope you get to do the light viewing. When my daughter went through the no shower stage, she simply wasn't allowed in the car or on the furniture until she was clean. No reason to smell up everything. Enjoy caroling. I always loved when my neighbors came by caroling. It was such a special Christmas thing to me.

    Fran, nice to hear things are all Christmassy at your home. I hope your mother does get a chance to not fret during her visit.

    Linda, here's hoping kt has a good day at school. Enjoy your quiet weekend.

    Rabbit, don't work too hard.

    Sharon, hope you get rid of that cold soon. You will hold a special place in my heart from now on. I always loved spelling bees and thought the teacher who ran them was totally awesome. She did such a good job of comforting us when we missed a word and really did make it fun for all.

    Andy, so sorry about your garage door. Hope it can be fixed and not have to be replaced. Gotta love a man who reminds you of the stuff you know you won't forget. Bet he forgets to remind of the stuff you specifically ask him to remind you about. So, here's hoping the door is fixed quickly and cheaply. And I'm with your son. I bet staying home and watching the door be fixed would be much more interesting than school. Good luck on getting him going.

    As for me, I want to just get this day over with. Have to clean up the old place. Not sure why I'm being that nice about it considering the house sold in foreclosure but I have to do what is right for me and right for me is to not leave a bunch of trash in the place. I also have to clean a client's home; get a replacement flood light for another client; let in some renters; and a few other little chores for clients. And I have to unpack some more stuff here. Right now, I have all of my Christmas stuff up but you can't see any of it -- two wardrobe boxes in front of the tree. A baker's rack in front of my angels. Boxes in front of my white winterland scene. Good thing I can see them in my eye's mind cause otherwise I'd never know they are there. My daughter is spending the night for one more evening and then back to her apartment (I hope).

    I do get the feeling it is not going to be a particularly good day. Hopefully, it won't be too bad of one, though. BB (my daughter's cat who is now back with me) knocked over a glass of water and got into a can of wet cat food already. I did get my car back last night (timing belt -- $535 I can ill afford) but the battery is now dead. So, another expense I could do without.

    If I can get the old place done, my daughter and I are going to just wander in the golf cart tonight and see some of the lights around here. There's a house not too far from here that has EVERYTHING in the yard. There's a carousel, a ferris wheel, Christmas tree, North Pole and so on. Everything is done up for each holiday, but especially for Christmas. The man goes nuts. It is amazing! Absolutely tacky, but wonderfully tacky. I just hope I can find the place to show her.

    Hope everyone has a good Thursday!