Good Morning Thursday

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  1. Marguerite

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    G'day, people.

    My, it was hot today! My home helper got the washing out for me, then helped me cook. He does the heavy lifting and stirribf while I throw ingredients together. We had two pots on the boil, I then leave them to simmer for a few more hours.

    After he left, difficult child 3 & I headed for the beach. We don't normally go to the beach in the worst heat of the day (it's asking for trouble, and sunburn) but first, we didn't have the time to plan to go later, and second, we're fairly tanned now and as a result, fairly safe from a sunburn if we're careful to not overdo our exposure.

    I've been wearing contact lenses to swim, but forgot - I had been cutting up fresh chillies for the curry I cooked. You know what happens when you handle contact lenses when you still have chilli on your hands?

    It wasn't too bad, and washing my face in the ocean helped. We were there for about an hour, I talked to a young woman who was trying to set up her new beach tent, with a toddler and infant out in the blazing sun. I do wonder at the sanity of some people - why go to the beach in a blazing Australian summer, at midday, with a baby? And THIS beach especially, it's potentially dangerous especially if you don't know it. It's not a beach for non-swimmers. I talked to her, discovered they have just moved into the area, I helped her put up her tent (and kept the baby shaded in the process). She slathered the kids with sunscreen and seemed to think that would be 100% protection for the rest of the day. But she wasn't alone - another three people arrived with babies, plus a handful of other people.
    difficult child 3 was playing with his skim board, he was learning the benefits of applying a good board wax to it.

    We were there for about an hour and it was great to cool off, but on such a hot day we were already sweating by the time we got back home. A quick shower, some lunch and then time to head back out. By this time we could see the clouds forming for the expected storms. I was glad I'd taken the (now dry) washing off the line. We collected mother in law and headed city-wards for the appointment with the optometrist.

    We'd planned to stop along the way at a store that sells nuts and dried fruit, mother in law wanted supplies to make easy child's wedding cake. But we knew we wouldn't have time on the way there, we hoped we could do it on the way back.

    All the way in, we got cloudbursts, sometimes heavy, with huge raindrops. Because it had ben such a hot day this meant tat the first rains evaporated quickly and we drove through swirling mists as the steam rose from the roads.

    The appointments took the rest of the afternoon. I hadn't expected it to take two hours! The optometrist wanted to do more, but we were out of time. We have to go back for a nuber of reasons. rather worryingly, difficult child 3's intra-ocular pressure is high, they need to examine him further to make sure there is no damage in his eyes. I have to ring them in the morning to make appointments for next week. They want to do a dilation on my eyes also, to check for retinal detachment (I've had symptoms for 30 years, slowly getting worse). I'm supposed to have this test done every year, and it's been nearly two (I'm naughty, I ignored my reminder letter).

    We got away with minutes to spare, got to the fruit and nut place just in time. mother in law bought her cake ingredients, I stocked up on my magic muesli ingredients.

    We tried to have the windows down to cool off, but the rain kept breaking out again. Things were still hot but now steamy, it's a time when your clothes cling damply to you and you can't get cool. But by the time we got home, back to the mild ocean breeze, the breeze had strengthened to a gale and the rain had blown away for a time.

    The temperatures today in our area hit 37 C (body heat - 98.6 F) but more than 1 km from the ocean, the temperatiures climbed much higher, to over 43 C (nearly 110 F).

    Tomorrow will be dry mostly, much cooler (24 C, or 75 F). We're discussing the possibility of going up to visit easy child & BF1 over the weekend. Very much spur of the moment. We've got a lot of wdding planning to do, but it's a bit too late to call easy child now, it's after 9.30 pm.

    Oh well... difficult child 1 & daughter in law are visiting tomorrow, to work on their thank you cards. It will be good to see them.

    Enjoy your Thursday.

  2. Kjs

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    Ohhhh, Marg - I should be visiting YOU. Schools closed today. they closed yesterday afternoon already. At this time it is -10, -28 wind chill. Expected wind chills -40.

    The science fair that difficult child was to be in was cancelled as well. Quarter ends next week, sure hope they re-schedule.

    appointment's today, then bed. I am on my 7 day stretch of 12 hour days.
  3. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Marg-Our weather is quite the opposite here! I'll trade!:) Glad you made it to the beach!

    Kjs-You must be exhausted-stay warm!

    School is closed here today due to the windchill warnings. I don't ever remember a year when we closed three times and now here we are with the possibility of a 4th day tomorrow. The windchill is predicted to be as low as 45 below at times. Tonight's temp with-o windchill is to be in the -20s, I hate to think what the windchill will be.

    I do plan on heading out to the health club today. It's only about 1 1/2 miles from our house. We'll be bundled up and hopefully get a good parking spot.

    Wishing everyone warmth and peace:peaceful:
  4. timer lady

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    Good morning all,

    Marg, getting out to the beach sounds absolutely wonderful.

    Kjs, stay warm during your journeys today.

    Sharon, our schools have yet to shut down & we're having the same type of weather.

    It's currently 18 below zero according to my backyard thermometer. After a certain point, it's just plain cold. That's all I can say. Our schools close for nothing - the only way St. Paul will close is if Minneapolis says "uncle" first. The same goes for a snow emergency. It's quite amusing to watch - if you don't live here.

    I have some small chores I plan on doing today; many phone calls & 1 errand to run. I'll get home & change right back into warm jammies with my fuzzy bathrobe & slippers.

    Have a good day all.
  5. Wiped Out

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    Linda-Heading home to pajamas is something I do almost every day in the winter. Our school district is known for not closing schools. We had two snow days in December-lots of snow both times and now this cold day. Stay warm!
  6. LittleDudesMom

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    Good Morning Ladies!!!

    Marg, the daily beachgoing sounds great!

    Kjs, hopefully they will reschedule that science fair - we love the science fair here.

    Sharon, a nice unexpected holiday for you and husband!

    Linda, great to see you back on the morning post! Stay warm today. Wishing you quick work and errands so you can get back into the jamies!

    I'm passing on the weight training this morning and heading right to the office. Lots of work to do. I'm hoping to also get to Lowes before picking up difficult child. I need more birdseed and some weatherstripping for my back door.

    I hope everyone has safe day.

  7. Janna

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    Good morning, gals!

    Marg, the beach?! Ohhhhhhhh, I miss summer. I am so jealous I could cry.
    Kjs, stay in the house! Good luck with all that cold. It's not that bad here...yet.
    Sharon, have fun at the gym!
    Linda, enjoy your fuzzy robe & slippers and stay warm too. Our schools are open as well.
    Sharon, don't work too hard. Be safe running your errands.

    It's cold here, but a toasty 19 degrees compared to some of you. SO is on his way home, no work today (he works outdoors). J has a 2 hr delay, but D is already long gone to school (nope, wouldn't brush his teeth - see thread lol - so he's stricken here instead, whatever!).

    Hope everyone has a safe, warm day. Stay inside if you don't have to go out.

  8. Andy

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    Ugh - I just spent a very long time with a very long post and it is gone!

    Good morning all!

    It is so cold here. -32 degrees F temp with up to -48 degree F windchill.

    Schools are 2 hours late. difficult child was up at 7:00. I am trying to get him to do some of his math. He missed school with doctor appts on Tuesday, was late yesterday morning, needed to go to bed early last night, has a school ski trip tomorrow, and a holiday Monday, so his math teacher is giving him until Tuesday to get the work done. He is feeling stronger again today!

    A wonder what catching up on sleep means for him. Yesterday morning scared him so much, I think he will work harder on getting enough sleep. His morning yesterday was so hard that he asked to go back on medications. I told him that once he got caught up on sleep, he will feel stronger. I will need to talk to him again today to see where he stands on the medications now he worked through this.

    I did get both kids to laugh yesterday. After supper at Perkins, I sent them out to start the van while I paid the bill. When I got in the van, I could feel the warmth. I remarked how warm it was in the van and both kids who where still shivering laughed. "What? What are you talking about?" I explained that they were still cold because they got in the van while it was still cold and are warming up with the van. Good to hear that laughter from both of them at the same time.

    Everyone have a great day! Find a way to make your kids laugh (don't send them to a cold vehicle to do so though!).
  9. Good morning, all! Not much to report here. I'm taking a vacation day tomorrow so have to work extra hard to get everything done today that I need done. It would make it a four-day weekend but I do have to run into work on Sunday for a bit to move some lab samples. difficult child's light was on in his bedroom when I got up, but he was still in his bed (facing the wrong way) with only his toes sticking out. I don't even ask anymore. Hope everyone has a good day!
  10. TerryJ2

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    Owiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee, Marg! I'm glad you were able to take a dip in the ocean. Salt water can sometimes help soothe eyes, as long as you don't get hit in the face with-a wave.

    Kjs, good luck with-your 12-hr days. Whew.

    SharonWiped, wow, I don't remember our schools closing in MN when the windchill was -45. What do you know. I don't know if that's a good thing or not. They still have to heat the bldgs, right? (If it was that cold, we got a ride, but at -20, we still had to walk. I'm one of those miserable parents who says, "When I was your age ... ")

    Linda Timer: the only way St. Paul will close is if Minneapolis says "uncle" first.
    ROFL! Too true.

    SharonLDM, good luck at the ofc and getting birdseed. I love putting out birdseed and watching the birds.

    Janna, maybe you can have lunch with-your SO? Or does he go back to bed?

    Andy, I see you're up north, too. I don't miss those days. I could never get my toes warm.

    difficult child is home today, dizzy and with-a headache. We have been taking all the controllers away at night so he won't get up, but this a.m., his bed was surrounded by sports magazines. Clearly, he stayed up half the night, reading. I turned out the light and was convinced he was down for the night at 9:45. Sigh. I don't know what else to do to get him to sleep through the night.
    I am having him shower now and making him go to school, even though it's late. If I have to do carpool with-o him, he can force himself to go in late.
    Not much logic there, just thought I'd spout off!
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