Good Morning Thursday

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    G'day, people.

    The sun finally came out here today. We still got an afternoon storm, but after the heat of the middle of the day, the bitumen on the road was hot so the small amount of rain we got evapoarted off in drifts of steam, like machine-made mist in a bad Scottish Highlands movie.

    I had to leave difficult child 3 at home today to work on his own. I got home just as he finished for the day. I'd had two doctor's appointments. The first specialist was the pain bloke, he wanted me to see my rheumatologist as soon as possible to discuss the increase in major joint pain. The second appointment was the rheumatologist, who tried to tell me that there's nothing he specifically cando for me. I told him that every other specialist keeps referring me to him, so he's tried one last things - two weeks on prednisone. I haven't started it yet, I probably should. He said if the prednisone makes a dramatic improvement in the pain then we will know that it has an inflammatory component. Otherwise... I go back to all the other specialists and it's back to the drawing board.

    With all the hassles they're going through, we have difficult child 1 & daughter in law here for dinner tonight. We've already done letters etc on the computer, they've emailed the solicitor acting for the Other Party explaining yet again that
    1) they won't pay ANY amounts without evidence of what is needed;
    2) they haven't got an unlimited store of funds, they have even less income now that difficult child 1 has lost his job.

    I've had difficult child 1 agree to my broadening the search for another job and also looking into getting him enrolled into a vocational course at college (although enrolments should have already closed). Because of his disability, he is entitled to one free college course a year, so we're grabbing onto that now.

    Tomorrow we leave at midday to go visit easy child & BF1 for the weekend. My brother lives up there too, he's offered his yacht as "wedding car" to easy child so we'll try and meet up with him too, to iron that out. We ned to work out practicalities, such as how we get easy child onto the boat, as well as whether the boat has a shallow enough draft to be able to moor at the jetty.

    So difficult child 3 has to see the GP at lunchtime, to get some paperwork filled in, reports etc for the Dept of Ed for his exams later this year. The education board is the problem here - the school are really supportive, but these exams are public ones for the whole state and we have to apply for special provisions to people who haven't aclue and who care even less.

    After the GP it's off to the therapist for CBT. That is around the corner from husband's work, so he'll hang around at work until we get there. Then it's across the Sydney Harbour Bridge (or more likely, the tunnel) and heading north for two hours to easy child's place in Newcastle.

    And we still need to pack! We'll get onto it after difficult child 1 & daughter in law head home.

    easy child has a useful weekend planned. First thing Saturday morning, husband is heading out to play trains with the model engineering club in Newcastle. easy child & I will go to her wedding dress fitting, then continue on to meet up with husband. difficult child 3 will probably be with husband, he's a junior associate of husband's club.

    After that - maybe visit my brother, maybe visit BF1's mother. Then in the evening, dinner at the wedding reception place so we can check out the menu and make some decisions.

    It sounds busy but there should be plenty of chance for me to rest, plenty of chance for difficult child 3 to take some great photos. I'm packing the swimsuits too, because easy child & BF1 live right on the lake (my brother does too, on the other side of the lake) and if it's hot, I want to swim. Getting everybody into either the lake or the pool for a relaxing swim should be lovely.

    I hopefully will be able to log on from easy child's place, we've done it before. I'll let you know how the weekend goes!

    Enjoy your Thursday.

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    Good morning

    Wow Marg - you just amaze me. Where do you get all the energy. You are one busy lady. I hope you have a peaceful, restful weekend to enjoy.

    Well, the boys are gone. The limo I ordered to drive them to the airport (was suppose to be a 6pak limo) ended up being a SUV. Bad weather I expect is the reason it is a truck. Snowing and icy and strong winds. An hour drive. The ride was here by 2:45am, and wasn't suppose to be until 3:15. difficult child was confused. Wanted to know who's truck and who was that guy. He would of been happier if it was actually a limo. Anyway, they should be at the airport by now. I asked them to call before they board. I asked for a call when they land so I know how difficult child was. He told me yesterday that he is going to cry the entire time. At ER they gave him xanax. They said to give him one to help him sleep. Also I wanted him to take it so he knew how it made him feel so he didn't freak out if he felt funny. Guess what. He won't take it. He is afraid it will cause a bad reaction and he might die!!!! So he has an anxiety attack and ends up in ER because he can't breathe and is tingly and looks like a zombie...and he refuses to take it. He actually took the pill into the computer and googled what was imprinted on the pill to ensure it was actually xanax. I was ticked off. So now what. If he is really scared and decides to actually take one before the flight, will he freak out if it makes him feel funny? Or will he just feel better knowing that he has it if he needs it. OH...husband, he hugged me and said "Thank you. I know you went through a lot of work to put this together for me". And, it really WAS for him. He has no family and maybe seeing his friends and the family that raised him will make a difference.

    So, I am now alone with my two dog's for the next 4 days. Yippee.
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    Greeting to you too Marguerite

    When I read your posts I am transported into another world!!

    It all sounds so idyllic there. Surely some kinda winter must be on its way LOL!

    Definitely a weather thing. Hope you enjoy the wedding dress shopping and the whoile weekend
  4. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Marg-You do sound incredibly busy but I'm glad you'll be fitting in rest time as well as time at the lake! Enjoy your visit!

    Another work day here and after work tonight difficult child has wrestling practice. I'm getting to the point where I'll be really glad when wrestling practice ends although I think we'll be starting some reading tutoring for difficult child at that time so we'll just be trading one thing for another. The reading tutoring he desparately needs.

    It's a cold day here today. Last night was the type of night where it was so windy the house felt like it was shaking. Perfect weather to watch a horror movie but I was so tired I didn't even try!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
  5. Wiped Out

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    Kjs and Lizzie you snuck in on me. Kjs-enjoy your alone time! Lizzie-have a great day!
  6. timer lady

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    Good morning friends,

    Marg, as usual your agenda for the day is exhausting to read ~ knowing you, as you said, there will be time to rest. The time at the lake sounds wonderful. Enjoy!

    kjs, enjoy your respite time. You've gone thru he!! & high water to coordinate this trip ~ Spa time.

    lizzie, haven't seen you on the gm thread in a long while. Have a good day.

    Sharon (with-o), hope difficult child enjoys his last wrestling practice. It sure sounds a heck of a lot more fun than reading tutoring (sorry).

    It's a cold chilly morning - snowed here yesterday. This winter just seems to be dragging though I know it's still February.

    Trying to drag ms kt's butt out of bed this morning. She's fighting it & complaining. Of course, there's bit quite a bit of whining out of ktbug the last couple of days. Amazing how 2 days ago I was a hero & this morning I've ruined her life.

    I have a therapist appointment this morning; home to clean the kitchen (appliances, polish wood, do a treatment on the butcher block on my island). kt will be mopping the kitchen floor & wiping down bathroom after school. Trying to get her to be a part of this cleaning agenda I've put together.

    Stay warm & have a good day.

  7. Andy

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    Marg - I am always amazed at how you always have everything under control.

    Kjs - I am glad they made it to the airport safely. I am sure the SUV limo showing up 1/2 hour early really did put an extra spin on the out the door earlier than early stress events. I am so sorry difficult child's anxiety is heightened to the point where everything is questioned by him. I hope he is able to calm down once he lands.

    Lizzie - Good Morning - Have a great day!

    Wiped Out - Enjoy what is left with wrestling. It does get to be busy doesn't it?

    Timer - I am with KT this morning. Way too cold to even attempt to get out of bed - but out of bed we must and on to a day of learning. Come on KT, let's get going! Have a great day!

    Last night I went out shopping for the food workshop we are having tomorrow at school. Wal-Mart's prices were higher then I expected so I am going to check prices at the grocery store. Should have gotten brownie mix when it was on sale last month. It was so cold out that I decided to come home instead of making another stop. So, that is on my agenda for today. Plus talking to the painting workshop leader to see what she decided to do with those kids so I can purchase those tonight.

    I am so happy, I found 97 cent games in tins to give to the kids who are doing the board game workshop (I also have to figure out what game to take in for that) and with only 2 kids doing K'Nex decided to splurge on a small set of K'Nex for each to take home.

    Oh, I called the person I thought was leading the food workshop and she is not available. My friend D can help and I will see if either easy child or a teacher can also help. I can set it up. I figured we can pre-measure the water and oil in plastic cups and even dump the dry mix in a bowl. That should save time. My main goal was to give the kids the opportunity to crack open an egg and I am nervous about the 2nd group's brownies being cooked and cool in time for school to get out.

    I SHOULD be able to lead the food session if needed but would rather walk around and check on the workshops to see if the leaders need anything and the kids are behaving. I can do the food workshop and assign someone else to "float".

    I think I better make a to-do list for tomorrow's set up. I am sure I will forget something (like make one pan of bars ahead of time so the kids can have a brownie while theirs are cooking).

    The weather is way too cold. I hope it warms up tomorrow so the horses can come for the horse drawn wagon ride. I have two hour sessions. The kids signed up for that will get a short ride and the leader will share his work with the horses the rest of the hour. If it is too cold for the ride, he will bring his equipment. He is a young man (early 20's) who shoes horses and is very interested in sharing what he does, "The kids have to learn some how" he says. Which reminds me, this will be what I forget to do, get him a gift certificate as a thank you from the school.

    Everyone have a great day today! Stay warm and find a way to make your kids laugh.
  8. Janna

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    Good morning, ladies ~

    Marg - I'm sorry you're having so much discomfort. Doctors aren't the brightest bulbs in the box. I hope you find some relief soon.

    Kjs - I take Xanex. It won't make him feel funny. How much is the pill? I take a .25 mg tab and all it does is make me not give a cr*p about anything LOL! It's quite the mellower. I love it.

    Lizzie - have a great day over there!

    Sharon - I love horror movies! The new ones just aren't as exciting as when I was a teenager, though. Maybe you can take some time for you and watch one tonight.

    Linda - so glad kt is helping out. B complains and whines, too. He should have been a girl. I just ignore it and keep on. I bought an MP3 player with small earphones. When the boys decide they want to whine about things like chores, I've started popping the earphones in! The MP3 is small enough to fit in my pocket :)

    Andy - you sound CRAZY busy - the list is probably a good idea. When are you going to take a minute for yourself? LOL! Find some if you can.

    I have the house to myself today. I'm so happy I can't sit still. J and D are in school - B is off doing things to prepare for the Army, and I'm ALONE! :) :)

    Basic cleaning, some phone calls and my 3 miles today will get done. I have a tour with the Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) for D on Monday, so I have a questionnaire of my own to prepare for that. They're gonna just love me LMAO!

    Between D's Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) placement, J's academic placement (we toured the learning center, it's nice, he's going to go - short term 4-6 mos then back to mainstream/regular ed), and B's Army recruitment, I'm tired. Added on our landlord died, the house is going up for auction April 4th and I'm probably going to have to move. Trying to find a place that allows all of us, plus dogs and a cat - virtually impossible, and in such short time. Need a house, but can only afford an apartment LOL! I want to move closer to the city - SO further away. Compromise will be hard. I'd prefer to stay in our school district, for J's sake.

    Oh, yeah, plus SO's car didn't start today. So, I'm stuck home with no vehicle.


    Have a good day everyone.