Good Morning Thursday

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    G'day, folks.

    A quiet-ish day today, getting the cleaning and cooking done. difficult child 3 has his major exams coming up in two weeks, he needs to get some study done in Maths especially. I've beeen wanting to get some shopping done all week, especially on Tuesday when we were out anyway, but I was just way too busy and ran out of time. So tomorrow I'm going out shopping with mother in law. She had intended to take the bus (it's almost an hour each way jolting along on a rutted bush road with bad bus suspension and gossipy village idiots) so I made her a better offer.

    easy child 2/difficult child 2 dropped in quickly this afternoon. It's her last day of prac tomorrow (pre-school teaching) and she needed a particular book, which we couldn't find. So we went online, finally found a copy in her own college library. There is also a copy in our village library but it's only open two nights a week and they're not tonight. She has to have it for tomorrow.

    Our two tame wild lorikeets visted us a couple of times today. They're very skittish, they took off twice just because another bird in the distance alarm-called. I now wonder - this pair are only about a year old, it's possible they're new releases from the nearby wildlife rescue lady, the ones I dropped some 5 day old lorikeet chicks in to last night, after that huge tree fell right at my feet. She raises or rescues wildlife then releases what she can back into the wild. And we do have a lot of wild lorikeets in our area - we hear them all the time, see flocks of them in all our native flowering trees.
    Our two visitors have learned to land near our back door and call for attention and food. We're not seeing as much of them lately, hopefully it means they're finding more wild food and not relying so much on humans. Unlike Europe & the US, our native birds and animals should have enough food in the wild year-long. Winter is not a problem for them. The riskiest time for them food-wise is nesting time (now).

    I've got a busy weekend coming up, but it should be enjoyable.

    Enjoy your Thursday.

  2. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning Friends,

    Marg-I'm glad you were able to enjoy a quieter day especially with your busier weekend you have coming up. I love that the birds came to visit today!

    I'm on a bit later than usual. The kids don't have school today because it is teacher conventions so we have a little more flexibility in our schedule. Later today I have a sports medicine appointment in regards to my knees which have been hurting quite a bit lately.

    We had planned on seeing a late movie last night for husband's birthday, easy child would have babysat after difficult child was asleep. He is usually out by 8:30 at the latest, last night it was well after 10:00 so we'll try again tonight.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
  3. TPaul

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    It must be wonderful living in such a beautiful place.

    Hope everyone has a good day!!!
  4. Marguerite

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    It is beautiful here. On a warm sunny day the sea is beautiful nd calm, dolphines often follow the boat which travels every hour and takes the kids to high school on the mainland. We have road access (although it is a long, windy bush road which sometimes floods). The birds are beautiful and always around. Out in the national park area that we drive through, there is a huge flock of black cockatoos, sometimes in the evenings we can see them in the distance, spiralling up from the trees like black smoke.

    The lorikeets love to play in water. When it begins to rain, we hear the birds first. They get noisy and excited as the first raindrops fall. The people next door put out bowls of water for the lorikeets and we can hear them splashing about. They're great fun to watch. I might see if I can put some water out for our friendly visiting pair. They need deep bowls, not the usual shallow bird baths. They get right in and under the water, get absolutely soaked. Then fly off, often right past our back door. If I'm just coming out the door I get wet from the spray as they fly past, often with a sudden hysterical screech.

    The kookaburras make a lot of noise, morning and evening. Across the road form us is a very high house, they love to sit on the ridge pole there, they can see a long way and make their noise to let other kookaburras know that it's THEIR territory. They sometimes bathe in our pond. I don't keep fish there because the kookaburras would get them all. But we do have tadpoles, I suspect that's what bringing the kookaburras in. They eat snakes too.

    We do have snakes, but although we often see them (and sometimes find dead ones, very venomous) I don't know anyone who's been bitten by a snake in our area. Or by one of our nasty spiders. We have the deadliest spiders in the world, but to my knowledge nobody has died since the early 80s.

    So yes, it is beautiful. And yes, we also have dangers (including an increase in shark numbers). But despite this, it is still a very safe place.

    Any time you want to visit, let us know. We'll meet you at the airport.

  5. Mattsmom277

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    Good morning everyone!!!

    Quiet day around here. It is dark and gloomy outside, although quite mild. I expect we'll see rain today but it beats snow which we've had a few times already.

    Home all day today with both kidlets sick still. They are both MUCH better (as am I!). They seem to have got this bug worse than I did. They have lingering coughs, and although normally I'd have them back to school I'm keeping them home given the worries so many have about the bugs going around.

    Went to see This Is It last night with S/O and easy child. We all enjoyed it but boy I'm tired today. If difficult child ever wakes up, I'm getting him to watch his sister so that I can head out to get finishing items for my halloween costume. I'm going out with easy child as pippy longstockings. Then S/O and I are going to a costume party so I'll transform my family friendly costume into something a bit less cartoonish if I can only figure out how on a tight budget!

    Hope everyone has a good day today. No difficult child's melting down etc!
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    Good morning all,

    Late as usual. Sounds like you all have busy days ahead. Marg, I believe you posted photos of the lorikeets over the last year. And you're right about nesting being the most dangerous time for birds.

    I feed my birds year round however I save seed during the spring summer months. It's fall & winter that they eat me out of house & home. My resident pigeon now has a name, Lenny. My brother in law named him after his dad who raised pigeons & belonged to a club for over 40 years. So Lenny is now a beloved member of my family flock.

    It's raining that cold fall rain this morning & is expected to last thru the day. I have a mtg with kt's psychiatrist this afternoon or I'd have a jammy day - perfect day for it.

    Have a good day friends. Hope all is calm in your world.