Good Morning Thursday


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G'day, folks.

Well, the first Catastrophic Bushfire Warning has reached our state for tomorrow. Most of our state will be under Total Fire Ban. Temperatures out west are reaching the high 40 C mark. Sydney near the coast is not so bad, it shouldn't go over 30 C, but in the western suburbs it won't be pleasant tomorrow. And it's not even summer yet!

We're not in Catastrophic rating, apparently that's south-west. It could affect easy child a bit though, the area outside Canberra is Catastrophic, I think. They live close enough to the centre to be safe. The warnings basically say that the centre of major cities are relatively safe, that's where people have been told to go if they haven't got a fire plan in place, or can't make their properties safe. Schools in Catastrophic areas have to close for the day.

THis is still a system in development, but the first major fire will show if it is working better or not. So far I tihnk it's a good idea, we now have a better gradation of fire alert. Until now, by the time we hit summer the fire warning signs all seem to be rusted on "Extreme". Now we have got these extra grades of alert, people will probably pay more attention.

I began my Vitamin D treatment today - I grabbed ten minutes at midday to sit out in the sun, hitched my dress up to tan my legs. I do pick up colour fast!
Then later on I got my swimsuit on and lay outside for 20 minutes. I was going to go to the beach but easy child got an email back about her pay claim, it looks like the fight goes on. husband is going to set up a spreadsheet of her backpay that we believe is owed. There are some complex calculations to do and every time the ex-employer comes back with their figures, they don't add up. This way we won't have to keep doing our figures as well, we'll be able to program in any changes and get an easier result.

I'm hoping to take difficult child 3 to the beach at some stage, hopefully tomorrow morning, for a quick swim and some sun. The sun here is now so powerful that we really can only be outside for about 20 minutes without risking sunburn. That's difficult child 3 & I, we're fairly sun-tolerant.

it's forecast to be a scorcher until the cool change comes through on Sunday. But so often the forecast change never turns up.

I'll keep you posted.

Enjoy your Thursday.



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:autumn: Good Thursday Morning!

Marg, I hope you and difficult child 3 make it to the beach - make sure to slather with sunscreen. Like you, I tan pretty quickly, but I will burn the beginning of the season if I don't take care.

I can't believe its Thursday already! This week is flying by and I haven't done 1/2 the things on my list! Oh well, it'll happen......

Hope everyone has a great Thusday :thanksgiving2:


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Good Morning,

Marg-I'm so glad you started your vitamin D treatment today:beach: I hope difficult child and you get to the beach tomorrow! I hope the fires stay far from you and all of your family.

Sharon-Enjoy your day-the weeks do at time seem to fly by!

Back to work today. No health club due to my sprained ankle. Good night of tv ahead, "Supernatural" followed by, "Project Runway".

Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:


Good morning everyone!

Not able to post much lately but still trying to pop in and read a few post and add a note or two when I can.

Wishing calm and peaceful days for all

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Morning all,

Marg, hope the Vitamin D treatment starts working soon. Have fun at the beach.

Sharon (ldm), life happens - the list is still there. You're right it will get done.

Sharon (with-o), take care of that ankle. I don't watch those programs - I like A&Es the First 48. Maybe I need to add variety to my entertainment.

I have piano lessons this morning around 10 or so. wm is coming to visit this afternoon at 2;30 with mental health care worker. I have absolutely nothing planned for his visit. I hope he can sit down & play a game of scrabble or something. Otherwise, he'll keep wanting to dig throughout the house to see if anyone (kt) has something better than he does.

I have time for naps & reading today.

Here's to a good day, friends. Have a calm day.