Good Morning Thursday

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    G'day, people.

    I knew I had a busy day coming up. Normally I take my various pills (vitamins plus whatever medications I'm currently on) over the day. But because I was heading out for a dental appointment, I took all the pills this morning before I left, rather than have to take pill containers with me. Trouble was, something in the mix caused a problem and to put it kindly, my dental appointment had to be re-scheduled. I've been waiting since before Christmas to get this broken filling fixed. I got to the dental surgery, he took one look at me, got a cloth for my forehead and found me a rubbish bin. Lost all my medications. Or an indeterminate amount of them, anyway. This is a problem for me if I can't replace some of them. Looking back, it was like that scene from Flying High with Peter Graves (as the pilot) losing all control at the joystick. Very embarrassing.

    I had two other things to do - get difficult child 3 to the bank to set up his new account (we can only do it when we go "to the mainland" and making such a trip is tiring). The bank was literally next door to the dentist, so we went in there while I sat and slowly recovered. OK, that got dealt with. Then sis-in-law & mother in law wanted to meet up with me (in the mall - a few more steps) and once they'd gone (took difficult child 3 home for me) I crawled into the car to catnap until my surgeon appointment (task no 3 - possible need to drain fluid from surgery wounds).

    By this stage I was able to roughly guess how much pain medications to take, to replace what I lost in the dentist's bin. My antibiotics went the same place (along with the anti-emetic pill, ironically) so I took my spare pain medications and snoozed for 90 minutes. Then headed over to see the surgeon. Over the road from the mall.

    Thankfully, she said there was no need to drain the wounds. The lumps are not fluid build up, but scar tissue trying to form. All the puffiness I've had since the surgery is easing, so I have less padding now - that's why I've been more uncomfortable. Good news.

    I finally got home OK, still feeling better. My GP rang as I walked in the door, between her and the surgeon, we've worked out a plan. Looks like the problem this morning was - I took my antibiotic at the same time as my calcium pill. OK, I won't do that again!

    We've done the hard work of setting up difficult child 3's new bank account. Now we have to finish the job from home, over the internet.

    I'm posting this early (for me) because when husband gets home in about half an hour, we're going to mother in law's for dinner. She's insisting on cooking dinner for us and I have the perfect excuse to not eat much. I have some home-made chicken stock in my fridge, I might take down enough to make a fast batch of "Chinese penicillin" (this batch was made to an Asian recipe instead of the European one) so I can avoid mother in law's creamy stroganoff.

    Early to bed tonight, hopefully.

    So I'm posting now, so I can crawl back into my hole when we come back from mother in law's. I need to go, so she knows I'm OK. Otherwise she will pester me and worry. Trust me - this is the lesser of two evils!

    Enjoy your Thursday. May it be better and more productive (in a better way) than mine.

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    :bbq: Good Morning!

    My little bbq man is there because I'm having my first grilling out gathering on Saturday night!

    Marg, glad to hear that you and the doctor figured out the combo of medications is what did you in and nothing more serious. Both my kids got their bank accounts when they were in elementary school so they could begin to put gift or allowance money in there. easy child got a debit card about a year and half ago and she is almost at the point of doing away with it because it's too easy to get to money!!!! I love stroganoff, but I totally understand it being a little too heavy after your stomach issues of the day. Hope you crawled in bed early tonight.

    Heading out to the office this morning and then back to my second home of the week, the book fair. I'll go in at 1 and remain in place until p/t conferences are over at 7:30 tonight. It will be a long day.....

    I woke up this morning thinking it was Friday! Oh well, have a great Thursday ;)!

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    Good Morning!

    Marg-Sorry about your dentist appointment. and that you were so sick-no fun at all. Sleep well tonight!

    Sharon-On Tuesday, I could have sworn it was Wednesday all day long. This morning I got up wishing it was Friday-lol! After this week you definitely deserve a bbq this weekend!

    We did hit 50 degrees yesterday!! It rained much of the day but then the sun tried to peek out. It didn't quite make it. It has been very foggy here lately. Last night when I was driving easy child/difficult child to a store it was very eerie looking-felt like I was in a movie. Today's forecast includes possible thunderstorms-sounds like spring is early this year!

    Tonight after work husband has a class and I have a therapist appointment. Our times overlap by about 30 minutes so I will need to drop difficult child off at husband's classroom and then head to my appointment. He can play on the computers in husband's room.

    Hoping for the club but thinking realistically that it probably won't happen because by the time I get home it will be 6:30 and I'll still need to make dinner (although husband may make it ).

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful: