Good morning Thursday!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by hearts and roses, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. hearts and roses

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    Wow, good morning (mid morning!)!

    I'm at work today and have lots to get done before our bookkeeper arrives tomorrow. Visiting my mom at lunchtime.

    Later today, I will stop at the store for a few things. After dinner, I'm hoping to batten down the yard furniture or at least get started, in preparation of the hurricane. We are having a rainy day so I don't know how far I will get. Or if H will help me. He's a naysayer when it comes to this stuff so I'm usually on my own. difficult child's boyfriend helps me more than H in the yard these days!

    Anyway, everyone stay safe and enjoy the day!
  2. timer lady

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    Morning all,

    Jo, get that furniture secured then ride out the storm.

    It's a beautiful day here. While I want to spend time outside working around my yard I'll be dealing with a huge load of paperwork & phone calls before I can get out there. I've ignored my mail for too long & it's coming to bite me in the behind.

    Have a wonderful, safe day.