Good morning Thursday

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    G'day, people.

    I spoke too soon about the drop in rainfall. We got deluged over the last 24 hours, they're saying we got a month's rainfall in one day. At our place we filled the rain gauge at 150mm. Most of that, 100 mm, was in 9 hours. Hang on, husband just got home. He says he emptied the rain gauge this morning at 6 am. So when I read it as 120mm at 8.30 am, that was ANOTHER 120mm, not just on top of the overnight rainfall. So in less than one day (rain began last night at about 9 pm, it's currently 7.30 pm) we've had 250mm rain, not 150! That's 10" of rain. I think the Sydney annual average is about 48" in old numbers.

    husband did get to work though. Had to drive the long way, the radio said the north road was flooded. The south road used to flood but we now have a high bridge. The old road is still there but husband said this morning you couldn't see there was anything there at all, just a huge brown torrent over the old road.

    The sun came out after lunch so I took mother in law for a drive to look at the floods for ourselves. I filmed it on my mobile phone. I'll try and put it up for people.

    I have seen it worse than this, but not often. mother in law & I stopped for coffee at the kiosk near the weir (north road). Figured we'd give them some business. There were a couple of other people there too, locals like us who were stranded.

    I got my washing hung up. Inside, of course.

    We're about to head to mother in law's with the curry I cooked today. Luckily I had just turned it off (all-day slow cooking) when the power went out. The whole town. Our Uninterruptible Power Supply failed to switch on, so everything went down except for the laptops. No internet. difficult child 3 investigated the UPS and found the batteries have leaked sulfuric acid everywhere (including over his jeans) so I got him to eutralise it with some bicarb soda. difficult child 3 & I went to the local shops to find out what was happening - the shops were closing, they had no power either. Turned out the whole town was out. And the next village too (we're connected). Then difficult child 3 saw the footbridge onto the beach - it spans the creek, which has been running a banker. The bridge now ends in mid-air. difficult child 3 came back, soaked, having fallen in. Amazingly, the 3DS in his jeans pocket did not get damaged. He doesn't deserve his luck.

    At least it washed the acid out of his jeans though.

    We have our annual village fair on Sunday, and the village green is currently underwater. They have forecast a break in the rain over the weekend, but I have to go into the city very early on Monday, and the rain is forecast to be back. And when it rains on waterlogged ground...

    Heading off for dinner now. Enjoy your Thursday.

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    Good Morning Marg and all to follow! It's nice to see a morning thread now and then again. I remember a time when there was a morning thread every morning with tons of posts! It was a place on general to connect a little more personally since there is so much difficult child angst posted here.

    Marg, that's a tremendous amount of rain! I remember about 8 years ago when we had 12" in a few hours! That's when I had 36" of water in my basement and our downtown area had floating cars! Glad difficult child 3 only got a little wet with the bridge loss - rain like that can make creeks dangerous raging rivers....Hope the power returns quickly and things dry out for the weekend events.

    Today will be a shorter work day for me - yesterday was 7:30-6:50! Although I stopped at easy child's apartment on the way home to see two new pieces of furniture she recently purchased and she treated me to a drink and a little snack. That brightened me up! She's been haunting the antique, used, and junk stores trying to add mid-century pieces. She recently found a period coffee table at a local "junk" shop and paid $100 for it -- she found the exact table, same maker and all, on etsy for $1500!!!!!!

    I'll leave work early today because difficult child has a psychiatrist appointment. His vyvanse was upped to 50 mg last appointment upon his and my request. Rather than write me a 90-day mail-in rx, psychiatrist wanted to just do 30 days and then check back to make sure all was well before doing the 90 day. It's really helped difficult child focus more. So he and I will have an extra hour or two of "play" time this afternoon!

    Hope you get some "play" time today!!


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    Good Morning,

    Marg-That is a lot of rain! I only remember one time when we got around that much and it wasn't in 1 day but we had 17 inches over 2 or 3 days. Stay as dry as you can!

    Sharon-Glad your day will be a bit shorter and includes some "play" time!! I love hearing how your easy child is doing; good for her at getting such a great deal on her coffee table!

    Again I am fortunate to have a day with no appointments after school! Tonight's menu is pork marsala! The recipe looks very easy and I'm excited to try it out!

    The last two days we had beautiful temps in the 60s!! Today I have recess duty and the high is only to get to 42. Much colder but still can't complain for the beginning of March.

    Wishing all a beautiful day!