Good morning Thursday


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G'day, people.

Just a quick note - it's actually just ticked over to Friday here, but anyway...

easy child 2/difficult child 2 has her neuropsychologist appointment tomorrow. Three solid hours at the uni free clinic (except I don't think it's free - I guess we'll find out). Then on Monday she has EEG with the neurologist who I will be pressuring to write a script. Wednesday she has a phone interview with her uni disability people. Hopefully we'll know more by then, but she's threatening to drop out of uni if she can't get her medications. Can't say I blame her.

difficult child 1 - still no prescription for HIS medications. it's now been two months since the new shrink wrote a (dud) prescription. This new shrink again failed to fill in the paperwork properly, and now is ignoring repeated faxes from the pharmacy. Today I rang to put some pressure on, then I rang Dept of Health. THEY are gonig to ring the shrink tomorrow and put pressure on too. Different doctor, but same practice as the one where easy child 2/difficult child 2's new shrink (now ex-shrink) refused to prescribe until we'd got the neuropsychologist done. And back then we'd been told that we couldn't get an appointment for six months or more.

difficult child 3 - looks like he's failing school. He's intelligent enough, but he just can't get started. In a lot of ways he is performing like the other two difficult children when they are unmedicated. Only difficult child 3 is on the highest dose of the three of them. I've got a phone call in to his college teachers to find out if he's failing there, too. But it's looking like school will be dropped. This means he probably will not ever get to graduate high school. However, a college diploma will substitute for a high school matriculation here. IF he can hold it together for college!

I'd better get to bed, I've got to get up and get moving in six hours. I'm picking up easy child 2/difficult child 2 and taking her to the neuropsychologist - from here on in, I'm back as a hands-on mama, even though my older difficult children are married and living elsewhere.

On the plus side, easy child, SIL1 and Baby Grand stayed overnight last night. I got lots of cuddles, some kisses and hugs from Baby Grand who is looking more adorable than ever. Her long black hair is well below her shoulders at the back and is beginning to curl around her face. Yet her eyes are a clear, pale blue. No indication that her eyes will darken to hazel. She loves their puppy and he loves her. I watched this morning while the pup snuggled in to the baby and let her pull on his ears. If he'd been a cat he would have purred...

Life is hectic at the moment. I should post this other stuff into a proper thread and probably will when I catch up with life.

Enjoy your Thursday.


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Good Morning (afternoon now),

Marg-Sounds like you have a lot going on right now with all 3 difficult children. It has to be so frustrating to be going around about good medical help. I'm glad you got some time with your grandgirl!

I'm heading back to work tomorrow (even though my voice is mostly gone). I've never been out 4 days in a row before and refuse to make it a 5th! It's a sunny but cool day here-hate that I turned on the heat but it is going to freeze tonight!

Hope everyone is enjoying their day!


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As I sit here watching major files being moved and hoping the system doesn't crash... only 90,000 more files to move.

It's gotten so bad, husband told me to not bother coming to bed, because I'm coming in so late that it's too close to his get-up time, and then HE doesn't get enough sleep...

But at least it isn't difficult child problems!!!!