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    G'day, people.

    For those who missed my saying a few days ago, we are even further ahead of you all time-wise today. husband & I are in Nouvelle Caledonie, have been for nearly a week. We head home Sunday. Our internet is unreliable so I'm limiting posts. I read more than I post at the moment.

    We are in a gorgeous spot at the moment, although it is well off the beaten track. It took us 3 hours' driving through mostly wilderness to get here. We have a deserted beach lapping at our deck (well, a few feet away), we're housed in a Melanesian-style bungalow with very important mosquito net over the bed. However, the mozzies do seem to be elsewhere on holiday at the moment. husband says they were all at the beach we stopped at for breakfast.

    Our internet at the moment is in the hotel lobby, via satellite dish. Other than us, and a mine in the next bay, there is nothing around us but wilderness and ocean, for as far as you could see from the nearest mountain top. The beach is a coconut throw away, literally. A big coconut. And we're sitting here in the semi-dark drinking various tropical cocktails.

    At home il pleut. Lots. And it's cold. I know it will be unpleasant to go home to, but I'm hoping to take a tan back with me.

    Enjoy your Thursday.

    Marg (and Marg's Man - he's holding the laptop steady for me as I type)
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    Marg~ It sounds like a beautiful and quiet place to be. :)

    I have to work today and Duckie has day camp. Our store is being remodeled so it adds a whole other dimension to the day-to-day chaos and stress there. Sigh. At least we have no activities this evening! Duckie had her first summer viola lesson yesterday and still did well despite her casted left wrist. They picked out a difficult level 3 song for her All-County audition in December, she's very psyched!

    Have a great day! :warrior: