Good Morning Thursday!


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Good morning. :crazy:
I woke up with some back pain & have had trouble getting back down. This isn't good as we leave in the morning for three days in Toronto. Ugh! We've decided to go to the zoo all three days. Duckie will love it. They have a dino "exhibit", the splash park & all the animals (of course). We will supposedly have internet access at the hotel, so I hope to check in.
Have a great day! :coffee:


Good Thursday morning!

TM, hope your back feels better soon so you can enjoy your trip to Toronto.

We celebrated a traditional 4th of July with a neighborhood parade in the morning and fireworks at a local high school in the evening. Even though the fireworks are amazing on the Mall in Washington, Difficult Child, we decided not to risk it because security was reportedly a nightmare.

M goes back to art camp this morning. J is hanging out. I'm packing and running errands for our trip to New England on Sunday. I finally got to talk to A last night from Maine, and she's having a wonderful time at overnight camp. She said her age group had a dance with a neighboring boys camp, and her friends pushed her out on the dance floor to dance with a boy. When I asked her if she minded, she said it was fun. She's growing up . . .

Keep it cool. Hi to anyone who snuck in.


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Good morning everyone,

TM - I saw the "real" dinosaurs commercial last night, looks really neat. You'll have to let us know. I'm sorry about your back but I hope the trip goes well.

SW - Glad to hear your 4th was nice. I hope your trip goes well too! As for the growing up little girl, I'm there too, it's scary to say the least.

As for us, it will be a quieter day, not as many kids. easy child is going tonight to try out cheerleading which I think will be great for her self-confidence. difficult child has been handling the medication-free fairly well. His tics have not gone away yet so I am afraid they may not at all. We have some difficulties but some positives, so we'll keep at it and see how things go.

Morning to anyone who snuck in! I am off to maybe clean the house today, but we'll see.


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G'day, all.

TM, I hope your back feels better in time for the trip. We've got some of those 'real' dinosaurs in Sydney right now, at our Australian Museum. I'm going to find out how much it costs and maybe take difficult child 3 into the city. After the museum we could go to Hyde Park (nearby) and have a game on their giant chess set.
by the way, we have a suburb of Newcastle, north of Sydney, called Toronto. BF1 went to school there - he assures me that the local Aussie pronunciation is "Tronna".

SW, glad you had a fun July 4. The New England trip sounds lovely.

Christine, I hope easy child does well with the cheerleading tryouts. Has she seen "Bring It On"? My girls love that film.

It's cold and windy again today, the clothes on my line were tangled badly, several lines wrapped round each other. easy child 2/difficult child 2 went to work but looks and sounds sick still, from this cold. BF2 is fighting it off, difficult child 1 sounds ghastly but has left to visit girlfriend. I told him to take himself to a doctor - I hope he remembers.
I may have to go out tomorrow for more food supplies - I'm running out of MEAT and with so many growing males in the place, I won't have much luck turning them vegetarian.
husband ordered a new Akubra hat - his old one is falling apart. These are the classic Aussie bushman's hat but they're made from rabbit felt and the city store that used to stock these rang me to apologise; they now have a "no fur" policy. I asked them if this policy applied to fur from feral pests, which is WHY Akubras are made from rabbit fur. They said they'd make more enquiries and get back to me. Maybe I should have brought a brushtail possum skin Davey Crockett hat back from New Zealand! Several hundred NZ dollars, though... and no brim.
I had a solid talk to difficult child 1 about the problems of "channelling" girlfriend, adopting her views, her belief system etc without question or reasoned thought, then inflicting it on us. While I won't challenge girlfriend's views, I won't stand for it in the son I taught to THINK. I'm hoping some of it sunk in - there's another chapter and verse of this talk needing to be done next time I see him. Getting religion is one thing; insisting that everyone else agree with every other minor viewpoint, plus see him as a perfect and virtuous human being is quite something else. I'm going to look up a few verses on the value of humility... besides, he has to follow what HE believes, not what he thinks someone else does.



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Good Morning,

TM-A sore back-OUCH! I hope you quickly recover! Toronto sounds like a lot of fun.

SW-Your celebration of the 4th sounds like a nice one. I'm glad A is enjoying her camp! They sure do grow up fast.

Christine-Enjoy the quiet day. Glad to hear that difficult child is doing well with the medication break. I hope the tics do go away. I hope easy child's tryouts go well.

Marguerite-I hope everyone is feeling better soon. Sounds like a nasty cold making the rounds. I hope difficult child 1 listens to what you have to say.

I'm glad the 4th is over as difficult child did not have a spectacular day yesterday at all! easy child had fun at her boyfriend's. He lives in a small town and there was a parade. She thought it was weird how everyone knew everyone.

Today easy child is back at class and difficult child back at camp! The usual nap and visit to the health club are on my agenda. Not sure after that but I should probably do some cleaning.

Wishing everyone a peaceful day-hi to anyone who snuck in. :flower:


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Good Morning all and Happy post 4th holiday. It was a traditional but quieter holiday. Of course, it rained at lunchtime but the sun was out by the time we went to the barbeque. This morning.... you guessed it. Another very dark threatening sky. I suppose it's good that not all the areas are hit with big rains at the same time. The worst of it seems to move around the map. All I can tell you is the water restrictions are now over. Lots of standing water and a lot of wading birds that you don't usually see are everywhere. The mosquitos are vicious though. So that's the climate report from the drenched northeastern part of Texas.

TM, ouch about the back. Hope you feel better soon. The three days at the zoo sounds like fun. Hope you can enjoy it.

smallworld, I don't blame you for avoiding all the security. It's virtually strangling us nowdays isn't it?

mom2JK&TH good luck with the medication wash. It's always worrisome but sometimes hopeful that difficult child won't need as much. I always thought it was good to see baseline if it didn't destabilize our difficult children.

Marguerite, it seems so odd to have you on the opposite season as us but refreshing. Too bad about the hat for husband. It's always one extreme to another doesn't it?
Good for you for talking to difficult child about using his own mind. There are friends that can be negative influences but that's for all kids. I dislike herd mentality and being a somewhat oppositional person has served my kids well. They refuse to do what the crowd does. On the other hand both my son's(and myself) could probably ease up in the stubborn area. :wink:

Sharon, a day with some uninterrupted time to be productive and do good stuff for yourself.

Today is more decluttering, sorting and hauling for the move. In addition we leave tomorrow evening for a trip to N.Mexico where my sibs, mom, baby sis's in laws(from England and Florida) will all meet up for a week of vacation in my favorite place. I figure if we don't make those shared memories and bond we will lose touch. 3 of my sibs live in other parts of the states. Unfortunately, my sons both have to work. difficult child had his vacation in May to Virginia Beach so he will stay behind to work. I must say it gives me a little tug of the heart but it was his choice.

I'm looking into acquiring 2 rescue dogs. husband and I are going to visit them tonight. They are brother and sister. I'm excited but I can't really take them until after my house sells and we are ready to move to N. Carolina. I keep telling myself that I am adding too much to the chaos with adopting but I seem to be driven. I haven't even chosen another house yet. :hammer: I don't think I am but I may have become an adrenalin junkie. At least I'm not bungee jumping off bridges.

So that's the update on me. Hope your day is relaxing. Look for us Texans on the evening news rowing our cars down the streets. The rain has to stop soon doesn't it? </span>


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:coffee: Good Thursday Morning :coffee:

I need lots of coffee this morning!!!!

TM, geeze, I hope your back is ok - terrible time for it to go out. I hope you are able to rest today so you are "good to go" tomorrow :doctor:.

SW, definately sounds like a traditional holiday for you guys :smile:. Glad you were finally able to talk to A.

Christine, good luck to easy child in her tryouts. Glad difficult child seems to be doing well without medications. Have a great day :thumb:.

Marg, hard to think about the cold there when it's on it's way to high summer here. I like these words "besides, he has to follow what HE believes, not what he thinks someone else does." Hope he is able to "absorb" your wisdom :reading:.

Sharon, :faint: easy child has a boyfriend already at 13!!!!!!!! Where have the years gone???????? How are you all handling that? Sorry yesterday was not a good one - sounds like today will be better :whew:

Well, our 4th was pretty darn good. I was sitting on the patio last night - looking over at this long table set up in the yard with 8 teens (plus my difficult child) and I thought about how quickly time goes by. When I started having these big 4th celebrations, I used to have all the family (and some friends) with 18 little cousins plus a handful of little friends running around for a total of about 40 people. Now, I look out and I see difficult child sitting at the table with all the teens while the four of us adults relaxed with beer and wine and let them do the work!

We went through a tremendous amount of meat! But, everyone had a great time! Bonehead had told difficult child that he would be over to help him with the fireworks but did he show???? Of course not :nonono:. So, with safety precautions in place, difficult child put on the show. He did a great job, obeyed the rules and was extremely proud that he was "the man of the house". Stupid bonehead - he just doesn't realize that it's better to say "no, I can't be here" than "yes" and not show - dummy :grrr:

I've got to run to the office today to finish the payroll. I started on Tuesday since it was such a quiet day and noone worked yesterday. Just have to run my reports and print off the checks. Should be a done deal in two hours.

Then, I have to start all over because my sister and her girls are coming tomorrow and we are cooking out! I think I'll send easy child to the grocer!!!!

Have a great day everyone!