Good Morning Thursday

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    G'day, all.

    difficult child 3 had his friend visiting today for a few hours - friend is also high-functioning autistic and a few years younger, the boys are close like brothers. Mum was working so we babysat (for free) rather than her have to send him to school holiday care (which costs, and puts him among the bullies). Instead, they played on the Nintendo Wii for the whole time.

    difficult child 1 had a phone call from his employment agent and drove out to two apprenticeship interviews. He's got high hopes for one of them. On the way he was able to drop off easy child 2/difficult child 2's ultrasound scans and report (yes, she forgot to take it with her for today's appointment).

    We had a big washing day today - three loads. The line was full. The boys just helped me get it all in before sunset. There were storms forecast for late today but no sign of them. Tomorrow is supposed to rain - a continuation of the storms - but I'll believe it when I see it. Even the storms - very little water in them and restricted to the coastal fringe.

    I just checked the online radar image - there IS a very large, heavy storm well inland, just beyond the Great Dividing Range on the Western Slopes. This is VERY good news (providing it's not hailing onto what few crops they've been able to sow). It looks like the storm has passed over Bathurst, where the big race was last weekend (and where a kangaroo narrowly missed being hit by thirty race cars driving at breakneck speed - Fran posted in Watercooler). So I'll stop whining now, they need the rain. A tiny cloud is heading our way, it should get here in another two hours or so.

    I love the online radar!

    We offloaded the rat tooth today, the Food Authority inspector came out to collect it as well as the product label from the lasagne we had bought. The company we bought the two lasagnes from said they would reimburse us the $21, but they sent us a credit voucher for $20 and told us to go buy more of their product! Not impressed... the last thing I feel like, after finding a rat molar in my lasagne, is more of their rat-infested lasagne. "Our quality control is beyond reproach..." their letter said. Then why was there a rat in it?

    Enjoy your Thursday.

  2. LittleDudesMom

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    :coffee: Good Morning Marg and all to Follow!

    Just got up this morning so I am running late!

    Marg, good to hear that difficult child 3 had a buddy over and that they had a good time. Don't blame you for not wanting any more of that company's product :spaghetti:! I saw a video of those tennis ball size hail balls that fell is Lismore (was it yesterday?). Tremedous damage.

    Office Thursday for me today. Shouldn't be a full day. Can't decide whether I should go ahead and hit the grocer, instead of tomorrow, or hit the mall. easy child needs some black jewel things for her hair (homecoming is next weekend and she is having her hair done in a 60's style twist - she's wearing and black and cream 60ish trapeze dress). I also wanted to pick up a couple winter nighties for me :lipstick: I love nighties but haven't gotten any new winter ones in a couple years.

    difficult child seems to be settling in a little in middle school. I haven't heard the "life is so tough" speech in a few days and he is doing about 90 minutes of homework a night without compliant. He does take a break and lately I have been sitting on the back porch while he rides his bike or scooter for a mid-way break. I think though, that there is a level or organization and maturity needed for 6th grade and he's not there yet. His 1:1 is a godsend and we are both extrememly pleased with the new one.

    Wishing everyone a great Thursday :autumn: - that's because our temps have dropped a whole 12 degrees from this time yesterday. I know, I know, I should be happy they are at least going down! But I am so looking forward to our first Canadian blast of cold air - I'm looking forward to the day when Cheryl adds some snowman and some little freezing gremlins :smile:

  3. timer lady

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    Good day friends,

    Marg, I'm not impressed either - didn't reimburse you full price & then ask you to continue to use their product. Gross.

    Oops, Sharon - you snuck in. Have a good day at the office.

    Boy, it's cold here this morning - our thermometer reports 39 degrees - a full 40 degrees colder than this past Sunday. No wonder people are getting so sick.

    husband is heading into the office today; kt off to school/day treatment. kt keeps imitating symptoms of whatever is going on with me. Her in home therapist comes in Friday & is in contact with our attachment therapist.

    What I thought was my appointment for GP yesterday turns out to be next
    Wednesday; I was so looking forward to getting off this steroid. I'm trying to get "fit" in to GP's schedule today or tomorrow. Otherwise I might as well wait until next week.

    Have a good day all - keep it calm. Hug your loved ones & greet them with a smile as they come home.
  4. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Marguerite-Playing Wii for the kids sounds like fun. I want one too! Glad more rain is headed where they need it. I wouldn't be buying anymore of the product!

    Sharon-I vote for the mall rather than the grocer! Glad to hear difficult child is settling in.

    Linda-I'm sorry it looks like your appointment. might be put off another week. It's cooler here too and I love it!

    We went from having our ac on Sun and Mon to turning our furnace on last night. Unbelievable!

    I already have my workout in for the day! After work we are headed out of town for my niece's wedding. husband is walking her down the aisle. I finally found a skirt and top that I really like-just picked it up last night-nothing like waiting til the last moment.

    Tonight and Saturday night the kids will stay with grandparents. We'll stay at sister in law's. Tomorrow night we'll all stay together at a hotel so we're not in the way getting ready for the wedding.

    I hope everyone enjoys a fun weekend and finds many reasons to smile! :dance:
  5. Fran

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    Good Morning all from a cooler Texas. Yay! A bit of a reprieve.

    Marguerite, I'm not too impressed with the compensation the company offered you for the wonderful experience of finding animal parts in your food. It's really a gross experience.
    Good luck to difficult child 1 and the apprentice ship.

    LDM, go for the new nighties. They make you feel good. I'm impressed with difficult child and 90 min. of homework. I don't believe my difficult child has ever spent 90 min doing anything school related. He has read, and attended to projects of his own choosing but not school.

    Linda, glad to hear you are getting some cooler weather. Hope you get in to see the GP soon.

    Wiped out, congrats on finding an outfit for the wedding. It's nice that your husband is walking niece down the aisle. What a great honor. My husband walked my baby sis down the aisle when she remarried her ex husband. LOL. I was tickled he chose her.

    Today is the last day in this old house. 12 yrs is a long time but we are headed towards a new adventure. The boxes are everywhere and the truck is getting loaded today. It's a little nostalgic and a little sad. I'll leave texas early tomorrow after the moving van leaves and I do a final check through the house.

    difficult child's friend left on Wed. Seems like they did ok although the pups seem to be unhappy with just the guys to dog sit. Guess I'll have to go back into very structured living for them when I get back.

    Hope your day is a good one.
  6. SearchingForRainbows

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    Good Morning Everyone :coffee:,

    Marg, I would NEVER buy lasagne from that company again!!! I can't imagine finding something so disguisting in my dinner - I know I would have a hard time eating lasagne again after that experience...

    Sharon, I'm glad difficult child is doing well in school. Hit the mall instead of the grocer today. I love helping easy child shop for fun occasions and it sounds like you really could use some new winter

    Linda, I hope the GP can fit you into the schedule today or tomorrow so you can get off of those steroids. It sounds like a quiet day for you - a good day for painting :painter:?

    Sharon, I'm glad you found a skirt and top that you like. I'm even happier you don't have to go in a potato sack!!! The wedding sounds like fun.

    Fran, I know what you mean about moving out of your old house and into a new one. When we sold our first house, almost ten years ago (time really does fly!!!), I cried even though I was happy about the move. I still remember closing the kitchen door for the final time... Now it is time for you to begin new adventures and make new memories... It sounds like a very exciting time as well...

    Today I'm getting my haircut and highlighted - It really needs it. I also want to check on husband's aunt. She isn't doing too well. She just got out of the hospital and has congestive heart failure as well as other health problems. This afternoon is going to be BUSY driving the kids all over the place. I'm hoping for an hour or so of peace and quiet this evening. I just began a book and would like a chance to read some more of it.

    Hi to anyone I missed. I hope everyone has at least one reason to laugh or at least smile today... :flower: :autumn: WFEN :autumn: