Good Morning Tuesday!How r u today?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Rabbit, Feb 2, 2010.

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    Good Morning Friends> Hope U have a Great day! Nothing new here.
    I am on a diet. difficult child 3 has her period. Need I say more.
    Sending hugs to all Rabbit :D
    P>S> I hate snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    G'day, Rabbit (and all to follow). Winter is a difficult time to diet. You're a lot more housebound, can't get away from food so easily.

    We had a busy day today. We were just about to leave for difficult child 3's therapist appointment when I got phoned - there had been a cancellation, we had a later time-slot, so we didn't have to leave quite so early. I used the time to get the welfare paperwork completed - when we took the Disability Pension forms in on Friday, I found out about another few welfare payments I've never known about, which we're apparently eligible for.

    Finally headed off with papers sorted. Stopped outside the pediatrician's, sent difficult child 3 in with the bundle for the doctor to fill out (he then sends them straight to welfare) then kept on driving to the school. It's in the heart of Sydney, an hour's drive from our home. Thankfully we don't do this trip too often. I realised I would miss difficult child 3's SpEd so I rang husband, asked him to contact her and email the papers to him.

    We got in to the school earlier than I expected, only missed SpEd by a minute. Oh well... I asked for the Electronics teacher (we'd not yet met him) and amazingly, he was in and available, so he came right down and talked to us. He had difficult child 3's file with him so we worked out where the lessons need to begin, to fit in with what he's already done. He gave us some work to go on with while difficult child 3 handed in the worksheet he's already completed. Then we had a query concerning difficult child 3's 'free' computer (Aussie government is supplying all Aussie schoolchildren with their own laptop over a number of years; difficult child 3's grade was in the first roll-out). difficult child 3 was wanting to remove one internet browser and replace it with another; the one he has, he's concerned because husband's work sent out an email claiming it's a bit permeable. Turns out, one aspect of the free computers - they come loaded with all the software that can ever be installed. Even the school techies can't make changes. Updates are not only possible, they're mandatory, but ANY attempt to load software will fail. Any attempt to try to get around this will lead to the computer permanently "turning into a brick," explained the school computer tech. "It's Blue Screen of Death time. Not even we can do it."
    These guys (technicians, not teachers) LOVE our difficult child 3. They are on the same technical wavelength. But they were able to reassure him - the main problems difficult child 3 was concerned about with the permeability, is the ease of penetration by viruses. And just as we can't instal software, a virus would be unable to instal itself. Clever. The aim is - these free computers are for doing schoolwork on, not for playing games. It's been thought out very carefully indeed.

    The techies headed off to finish their lunch, I gave difficult child 3 some money to go to the nearby hamburger shop, then signed us out and headed back to the car. Time to head to the therapist. One the way we dropped in on husband. We had some stuff to hand over to him, he in turn gave me the papers from SpEd. We got to therapist right on time. The day was coming back on track.

    After the therapist, we had another rush - to get back to our district and the welfare office, before they shut. And we did it, with half an hour to spare. That's not necessarily "plenty of time", either - first we had to queue, which took us 25 minutes. And difficult child 3's drama class was scheduled to begin 5 minutes later.

    Well, we did it. We'd done the bulk of the work when we were there last Friday, so we were out of there quickly, once we finally saw someone. Drama class was literally around the corner, plus they were running a few minutes late. We got there neatly in time. I sat and chatted to the other mums for a little while, then headed off to do some shopping. Bumped into difficult child 3's Speech Therapist in the store (also good friend) so as I shopped we had a quick professional update. We don't have a formal appointment with her, she calls when she has a gap and comes over for a quick therapy session. In turn, she charges us only what the insurance pays. I also tutor her daughter at times.

    Headed back to Drama class, just as they finished. Took difficult child 3 for his regular post-drama burger/pizza. Grabbed some Indian food for me, then we headed home. For some reason I was very tired and didn't go to mother in law's tonight as I had planned. husband had gone tonight to cook dinner for just the two of them.

    Tomorrow I have to see my physiotherapist again. husband is off work tomorrow, he will take mother in law to her appointment with the physio tomorrow afternoon. I have some phone calls to make (trying to fire my cleaner diplomatically). I've got some cooking to do as well, feeding people. I'll be glad of a day (mostly) at home. Even the physio is only a few minutes away, still in the village.

    Enjoy your Tuesday, everyone.

  3. Good Morning Everyone!

    Today looks like it's turning out to be a gray, rainy day - but I'll take that over snow any day! I have to trek out in it to take the train downtown on what is my usual telecommute day - but I guess I'll survive... No sweats for me today.

    We're in renovation mode once again at our house (with a 110 year old house it never stops). We're hoping to get it in shape to sell once the market gets a little better (and also to enjoy ourselves before then). We talk about downsizing - but easy child and difficult child are still firmly here with us ....LOL. Our contractor is a real character. He's fun, but he likes lots of attention. We're patching and painting most of the interior and we've decided to fill in the pool that we never use anymore and make it into a pond. Everyone working with us seems to think that will make the house more desirable to buyers , so we're trusting their judgement.

    easy child is waiting to hear if he makes it to the second level on a contract job he recently bid on. The waiting is so very hard for him, but he's hanging in there. Meanwhile, he's helping difficult child get about. difficult child has classes until 10:00 pm on Tuesdays - so Tuesdays are long days for us all. Thus far, fingers crossed, difficult child appears to really be stepping up to the plate. He needs lots of support and guidance and is a long way from independence, but we welcome the gains that he has made with his schoolwork.

    Have a good day, and find some quiet moments for yourselves!

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    Good morning everyone. It is a chilly Tuesday morning here. I had plans on going to breakfast with friends and seeing an absolutely adorable 1 month old baby, but woke up last night all congested. Not going to breakfast now. difficult child has Occupational Therapist (OT), husband has a psychiatrist appointment--good thing as his sleep has been really off lately, only sleeping 2-5hrs per night, last night tried to go to sleep early and just laid there in the dark. Not good, but at least we have a psychiatrist appointment.

    Hope you all have a good Tuesday!
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    Good morning everyone~

    I have a cold but can't call out sick to work because my assistant is out on bereavement.

    School has been overwhelming and I have a ton of homework to do today (yes, at work!).

    Hope everyone has a stress-free and happy day. *Rabbit - I hate winter! And that darned Punxatawny Phil saw his shadow this morning!!! Agh!
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    Good Morning All!

    Coming in a little late this morning - difficult child out another day due to snow.....makes everything off kilter!

    Gotta get out to the office so no chance to greet you each individually - have a great Tuesday!

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    Sugar!! :tongue: