Good Morning Tuesday!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by tiredmommy, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. tiredmommy

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    Good morning sleepyheads! :coffee:

    We still have school up here and I'm about to head in to wake Duckie. She's really excited about summer vacation. That could be because I have a big pool party planned for the first day of break.

    Just house/yard work on the agenda today. But I may not be able to work in the yard yet because we received so much rain yesterday. Then I head out for a volunteer training session for Girl Scouts this evening.

    Have a great day! :salute:
  2. Wiped Out

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    TM-I'm always amazed how late in the year schools go in New York. I have a cousin who teaches there and I always think we go late until I hear how late he goes. Is this the last week? Enjoy the girl scout training session.

    difficult child has been up since 5-why was it during the school year he was never up this early? I think part of it is he is so excited about his pierced ear he got yesterday for his birthday(I did a separate post last night). He made me help him clean his ear at 5:00 sharp because I told him he needed to do it when he got up.

    husband got up with him first (after I helped with the ear) and is now back in bed. We were up till after 1:00 watching a movie last night so a nap will definitely be in order this afternoon.

    Now that it is finally starting to dry out a bit I need to try and get the lawn mowed today. The other plan is to visit the health club as well. :treadmill:

    Wishing everyone a day filled with laughter and smiles.:flower:
  3. tiredmommy

    tiredmommy Site Moderator

    Her last day in the 26th... I really wish we wouldn't have had that week off in February!
  4. SearchingForRainbows

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    Good Morning Everyone!!!

    I'm in a major RUSH and don't have time to address each of you individually. I need to leave very soon for physical therapy.

    I hope everyone has at least one reason to laugh or at least smile today... WFEN
  5. busywend

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    TM, my difficult child was done with classes on Friday. She has exams, Weds, Thurs & Fri this week in the mornings only. Then she is done and will be a senior!!! :anxious:

    Anyway! Good morning! I usually do not get to this thread. I am home this morning as I have a funeral to attend. So, I am taking my time getting ready. I am supposed to attend a local professional baseball game with work today, not sure I will make it due to the funeral.

    TM, how about that rain yesterday? Did you get a rainbow after the dinner time storm?

    WO, enjoy your day. Sounds like it is not filled up yet - keep it that way! And enjoy! Glad to hear about difficult children piercing and how cute he is about it!
  6. timer lady

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    Good morning friends,

    Sharon, I saw your thread late last night on difficult children pierced ear! How cool is that for difficult child? I hope your yard dries out enough for you to go out & play (or at least mow) today.

    TM, I thought our SD ended late.....didn't know NY's school year lasted so long. kt has already started extended school year. Have fun at Girl Scout's tonight.

    Well, I'm back to the real world after our trip down to visit my father over this past weekend. It was wonderful to get out of town & see all of my family. My niece who is attending cosmetology school cut & styled kt's & my hair on Saturday. kt was delighted to see the school because she wants to go into cosmetology. I was once more amazed at how these children we watched grow up turn into such adult. K went from this giggly goofy girl into a professional young woman serious about her profession. It was delightful to watch her work.

    I have a doctor's appointment this morning & then have to drive kt to her therapist appointment. It's a bit of a dilemma because therapist is in a historic bldg & I can't get up the stairs. husband has a mtg at work he cannot miss. I may have to reschedule as I don't like attachment therapy with-o one parent there.

    Enjoy your Tuesday friends.
  7. LittleDudesMom

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    :cool_dog:Good Morning Friends! Wow! We haven't had this many folks on the morning thread in a long time! It's great to hear what everyone is up to today!!

    TM, you all definately have a long school year. I don't know, I kinda like the idea of a week off in February. We had some storms last night too. It's the first rain we've had in over week! My plants are so happy ;).

    Sharon, difficult child with an earing :angrydude:! What kind of stud did he choose for the first one? I'm guessing that is what he wanted for his birthday yesterday?

    WFEN, thanks for popping in to say good morning. Have a good therapy. It's good to hear that you are getting stronger :teethy:.

    Busy, been a while since we've heard from you in the morning :flirting:. I hope the funeral is meaningful and a celebration of a life well-lived - she sounded like a remarkable woman.

    TM, I'm so glad that you had a nice visit with your father. I thought about you over the weekend. It's been awhile since you've been able to travel for the pleasure of seeing loved ones. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip :beautiful-female:.

    Gearing up for a busy day today. I'm heading to the office this morning, then to the gym (I'll be out of town tomorrow on one of my regular days and want to get some extra cardio in). After that I'll hit the grocer for some things I'm taking to my sister's tomorrow for lunch, then my nails. After that, difficult child and I will hit the pool at the gym tonight. A full day, but good stuff!

    Have a great Tuesday everyone :entertaining:,
  8. Marguerite

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    G'day, folks.

    TM, I hope the pool party goes off well. The yard work is always needed after a heavy downpour.

    Sharon/Wiped, I hope difficult child's ear is not too sore. He's not making too much fuss about the cleaning process? I remember having to make myself twiddle the earring, it hurt every time it got stuck.

    WFEN, all the best with the physical therapy.

    Busywend, good to see you on the morning thread! Sorry about the funeral, though.

    Linda, I'm glad you enjoyed your visit with your father. I hope you can sort out the problem of kt's appointment. I really hate it when buildings are not accessible. And a doctor's office!??!? Not accessible? Seems a bit of a contradiction.

    Sharon/LDM, your day sounds very hectic. A session in the pool at the end sounds like good therapy.

    I've had a fairly productive day, for someone stuck mostly in bed (the leg - I'm resting it as ordered). My phone was ringing hot this morning with profuse apologies from Centrelink (our welfare office) and the news that difficult child 1's pension has been reinstated (payment still suspended, but that's what we wanted) and he is again back with the disability employment agency. We have two weeks to get difficult child 1's income details or the midden hits the windmill again.

    difficult child 3 worked fairly well today plus his half-yearly report came in - he's done better than I thought. girlfriend came to dinner tonight and we just got back from visiting my friend, where I also ran a load of washing through her dryer while we talked. OK, I shouldn't have gone out with a torn muscle, but I walked carefully. I see the doctor tomorrow, hopefully she can help me with this leg so I can get back to exercising again. Plus I'm going out on Friday night with my friend - seeing a stage show for our combined birthdays - and I'm not missing it. After the couple of weeks I've had, I need it.

    Enjoy your Tuesday, everyone.

  9. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good Morning all. It's been a busy morning already.

    TM, hope you dry out soon. Maybe you can send some real rain down my way. Lots of thunder and lightening but not much in terms of real water. I'm doing a lot of hand watering of my plants. It's supposed to be a bit cooler. Yesterday was a scorcher. 10 degrees means a lot.

    Wiped out, very cool about the earring. I had hoped one of my boys would get an ear pierced but it's not to be. easy child did get a tat2 for his 18th birthday. I think he was shocked I agreed to it. LOL. Mom can still surprise them once in a while.

    Wendy, good thoughts going out to you and your family. Hope the service is meaningful.

    WFEN, good luck with the therapy. I know it's been a long time.

    Timer, It's great that you saw your dad. I'm sure it did you a world of good. Hope the dr. appointment goes well.

    LDM, good for you for getting to the gym. A little compulsiveness is needed when exercising. It's so easy to let it go if you don't plan to fit it into your life.

    Marguerite, hope the leg isn't giving you too much discomfort. Glad difficult child 3 did well on his exams and difficult child 1 got his pension reinstated.

    It has been too hot to get out in mid day. Certainly the pups enjoy staying inside with the a/c. Nothing like wearing a fur coat in such high temps and humidity. I have been tending to the garden in the evening but I am being bitten to death. Not on arms and legs where I spray but along my bra line,breast and along the groin where my underwear starts. I don't know if they are mosquito's but I have been using OTC hydrocortisone oint. The itch is horrid. I can't believe I'm being eaten through my clothes. At least they aren't ticks this time. There is a down side to living in the woods.

    difficult child seems like he is going through a contented spell. I'll take it.

    easy child loves, loves, loves what he is doing. I consistently want to say "go back to school" but I bite my tongue. I am going to have to work to get past it. He is happy and productive. He helped a family whose young son was melting down. easy child recognized that the little guy was similar to our difficult child when younger. easy child helped the family and redirected the little guy away from the stimulating lights and sounds. I was proud of him. He got to use his sign language skills too. It's perfect for him. I still want to say "go back to school".

    Hope you have a good day.