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  1. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    G'day, folks.

    A classic summer holiday day today. We went shopping, bought difficult child 3 a new pair of jeans (here's hoping he doesn't go through the knees too fast) then some grocery shopping, before heading home to get to the beach. We were a bit later getting to the beach that I like, it was almost 4 pm. However, it's safer from sunburn. I still got a bit more colour from the sun.

    It was lovely at the beach, although the water was a bit cool. Supposed to be 22 C (71 F) in the water, I think it was cooler. The temperature of the day was 29 C (84 F) and we have another one just like it coming up tomorrow. But no need to shop tomorrow - so we can go to the beach whenever we want! Yay!

    We're about to head to mother in law's for dinner again, I'm just grabbing a minute to check in. We're all showered and oiled to get the ravages of the beach and sun dealt with, so it's a classic summer evening with ocean breeze just starting up. Still very warm, but not unpleasantly hot. Just right.

    Gotta dash. Got some cooking to do.

    Enjoy your Tuesday, everyone.

  2. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Sounds like a lovely day, Marg!

    I'm still coming down from my Monday and have no idea what tomorrow will hold for me. :D Maybe we'll take some inspiration from you and head down to the beach, too. The weather is warming up here, too. It was in the low 70's today, mid- to high-50's tonight. Water will be chilly, though -- likely in the 50's as well -- but just fine for exploring tidepools and enjoying the sand and sun. Perhaps this is just the carrot I need to use to get difficult child 1 to spend some time on an assignment he has over winter break!
  3. LittleDudesMom

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    :snowman: Good Morning Friends!!!

    Marg, sounds like a great day for you guys. My problem with difficult child is that he doesn't get a chance to wear out the knees of his jeans - he is growing taller by the minute!!! The jeans I bought in the fall are now up over his ankle bone........ Sounds like lovely beach weather - I agree that the water is a little cool but I'm sure it feels good after being in the sun for awhile.

    Gcvmom, brrrrrr, with water temps in the 50's your toes will freeze!!!!! But I do love being on the beach no matter the weather too! Bummer that difficult child has a project to work on over break. Fortunately my difficult child has nothing - and he's taking advantage of it too!

    Spent 6.5 hours out looking at cars yesterday. Decided the best, and smartest, thing for me to do is keep my Mountaineer until the lease in up in July. Bonehead and I were hoping that a dealer might split the remaining balance with us and I could get my monthy payments halfed. But, great incentives out there for anyone looking to buy a new car - but I need to wait. It was productive in that I definately narrowed down what I will look at this summer (crossover vehicle).

    difficult child decided he didn't want to go to the movies because he was having a ball with a buddy he plays 360live with in Scotland! They have had fun over the holiday break because difficult child can be online at times that are good for both of them. They have a ball and laugh! Last night he had his 360 headset on and his easy child headset over top of that. I asked him what in the world? He and his buddy were talking on the 360 system while watching a gaming video on youtube! That way they could talk to each other about the Halo video while watching!

    I'll hit the office today and difficult child "says" he would like to go to the movies today - we'll see...... easy child returns home today and, when she called last night, had spent all but $35 of her New York wad! She got a bunch of Betsy Johnson deals (her favorite designer) so she is happy!

    Wishing you a great Tuesday!

  4. 4timmy

    4timmy New Member

    Good morning from Ohio....brrrrrrr..... I'm so jealous! It's 30 Degrees here this morning and that's actually pretty warm. It's supposed to hit 46!! Whooo whooo!

    My difficult child is off to daycare today while I work (bleh). They are taking them Roller Skating and he LOVES that. He works up a good sweat, really enjoys skating (by himself) and comes home pretty tired.

    Last night was rough - difficult child was head-banging again at the daycare :sad-very:

    Hope you all have a nice, relaxing Tuesday.
  5. Wiped Out

    Wiped Out Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Good Morning,

    Marg-A day at the beach sounds absolutely lovely!:beach: So wish I could be there too!

    GVCmom-You get to go to the beach too-how cool-o.k. I'm getting a bit jealous here!

    Sharon-difficult child sounds like he is having so much fun with his friend in Scotland-how cool! Glad to hear easy child is happy with her purchases! With the economy the way it is I'm surprised the dealer didn't do more to help make a sale. Enjoy your day!

    I'm feeling very lazy right now and haven't made it out of bed yet. I'm hoping to get to the club this morning (didn't want to go last night but fortunately husband did so we both went!) It feels good to be getting back into the swing of the club and I only hope I can keep it up when I head back to work next week.

    This afternoon we have a staffing for difficult child and right after that we are taking off for Ann Arbor, MI. husband and I have never been to a basketball game in MI and there is a game tomorrow with inexpensive tickets so we are taking the kids and going. easy child is excited because husband promised her a little shopping and I think difficult child is happy to be going especially since the hotel has a pool. difficult child's godfather and his sons are going to drive and meet us for lunch and the game-should be fun. We will drive back right after the game and get home around 10:00 on New Year's Eve.

    Keep your fingers crossed that we don't hit any bad weather and that the kids do o.k. on the drive-they can really get into it no matter what we bring along as diversions.

    Wishing everyone a happy day!:kisses:

  6. Wiped Out

    Wiped Out Well-Known Member Staff Member

    4timmy-You snuck in on me-hope difficult child has a good day rollerskating!
  7. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good Morning all.

    Marguerite, I hear you about the knees in jeans. I have been on difficult child to not be so rushed that he can't arrange pant legs to be free of tension. He has absolutely ruined many jeans. The idea of the beach appeals to me too but I prefer it when it's cool and cloudy or foggy. This time of year is a great time to get large shells.

    gvcmom, hope you get a chance to visit the beach.

    LDM, aren't kids and technology fun? I'm amazed at what they do nowa days.
    Glad easy child had fun. There are a lot of bargains to be had if one has a bit of holiday money. A crossover vehicle sounds like a good choice. I got a smaller car this time but drive the pick up most times because the dogs are with me. So I figure I'll drive that into the ground and keep the small car in better shape.

    Today difficult child goes to visit a friend outside of Philly for NYE and a few days. It will be a good break. He did a good job of minding the house and dog while husband and I were away overnight. Whew.

    easy child's appointment. had mixed results. Hopefully he will be back working in a reasonable position but his restrictions continue. The medical staff is willing to look at the new info but doubt they will change it.

    Mom is still here. She seems to be doing ok.

    Honeysue is starting radiation on her leg tumor. It has started to increase in size. The chemo will change and the radiation will help shrink it. :crying:There is something about seeing it get larger that makes it so much more real. I had hoped to continue to keep the growth very slow but it is not in our hands. She is still doing well but I am starting to have a bad feeling.
    When things are on a downward spiral in our house it seems everything goes downhill fast. Sigh.

    It's a busy day but I'm glad to be home.

    Hope your day is a good one.
  8. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Wiped out and 4timmy you snuck in on me.
    4timmy, brrrr is right. Skating sounds like a great energy release for a 10yr old.

    Wiped out, being lazy sounds like me today. I'm postponing acting on it until tomorrow. Hope the game is fun. Enjoy the health club.
  9. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Marg - I am glad you are having good days. Knees out in jeans is a challenge here also. That is my cue to find another size. Enjoy your warm temperatures (actually 84 is still a little too hot for me but a beach may make it tolerable)

    GCVmom - Have a great day today!

    Little - Fun to hear difficult child laugh!

    4Timmy - I hope your difficult child has a great day today! Sorry about the head banging.

    Wiped out - Have a great trip! I also hope this crazy weather doesn't interfer with your travels. You can have the unseasonably warm days for those few days.

    Fran - I hope difficult child has a great visit. I am sorry about Honeysue.

    I am taking so long in posting. I almost missed two of you! I am "conversing" with my nephew who is stationed in Tal Afar. Very boring for him. He shares a "chu" with one other person who works opposite hours. So, no lights on while the other sleeps. No common area for servicemen/women to meet when off duty so basically nothing to do.

    easy child just called. She is housesitting for a friend and asked that I call our snowremoval guy to shovel her out also. She is taking another friend who is staying there also to work. I hope she doesn't get stuck. I need to find the snowremoval guy's cell number or wait a little to call his home. He lives with his mom so I don't want to wake her up.

    I don't know how much snow we did get - husband took the truck to work. I am officially off until Jan 5th so am glad I don't have the stress of calling in to say I am not coming.

    Everyone have a great day - Find a way to make your difficult child laugh.

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