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  1. timer lady

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    Good morning friends & fellow warrior mums & dads. It's Tuesday (Wednesday or almost for Marg) & there have been no crisis's here - that's good.

    Sleep has not come easily the last couple of nights so I'm feeling a bit punchy; off my mark.

    Today is a therapist appointment for kt ~ across town. She's in her very hyper vigilant, hyper sexual, I'm going to fire therapist mood. Always a fun session for all concerned.

    My vacuum cleaner died yesterday - kind of sputtered & died. Most likely from loneliness as I haven't used it in a couple of weeks (thank goodness for carpet sweepers & the like). I got lost, buried in paperwork yesterday morning - went to empty my shredder & dropped the bin. I have shredded paper all over the place & the broom nor carpet sweeper is helping this one. So I head out this morning to purchase a new vacuum. Look! I'm supporting the economy while getting my house cleaned at the same time! :coffee2::help::rofl:

    Here's to a peaceful Tuesday - no meltdowns, tantrums, hissy fits, attitudes allowed this fine day. NONE. :talkhand: This will be a "happy day". :bigsmile::crazy2:
  2. Kjs

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    Good Morning

    Linda - Good luck on finding a vacuum. So many to choose from. Just not made like when I grew up. I think my mom had the same one forever. Good luck with therapist appointment.

    I hope that everyone has a good day. Those with the snow, enjoy and be safe.
  3. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    I'm in no sleep zone with you. I decided to jump on and do some work since I've been so unfocused lately. Its working. Maybe I just need to shift my hours to 4am. Hope not.

    Hope everyone has a great day. We're looking at a warmup starting today, with a sunny high of 71 on Thursday. WOOHOO! That's enuf to keep one going.
  4. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Linda-How nice of you to support the economy by buying a new vacuum! Good luck with the therapist appointment.

    Kjs-Enjoy your day. Did you get all that snow that Milwaukee got? Unbelievable what lake effect snow can do-we're only an hour away and got absolutely nothing.

    Shari-Seventy-one? I'm officially jealous! How great is 71? Enjoy! I'm sorry you are having trouble sleeping.

    I went to bed at 8:30 last night and think I may have been asleep before my head it the pillow.

    husband is sick today and staying home. I'm going into work but not feeling great. Not anything specific but something a bit weird. My neck is a bit sore by my glands but they aren't swollen. They are very sore to the touch.

    The good thing is no appts. after school although I have a lot of running around to do and difficult child has wrestling. I'll probably need to take him myself since husband isn't feeling well.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful: Hi if you snuck in.
  5. LittleDudesMom

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    :frozen: Good Tuesday Morning from Chilly Central Virginia :frozen:

    Linda, I actually bought a much-needed vacuum a few months ago. Fortunately I had time to make the decision. It actually took me several trips to discount stores and vac shops before I made up my mind! Good luck and thanks for doing your part in the bail out!

    Kjs, you are absolutely right - used to just be Hoover or Eureka and they lasted forever! Hope your day is a good one!

    Shari, good to see you so early this morning! Hope you get your internal clock cleaned!! Enjoy the warming temps!

    Sharon, sorry to hear both you and husband are feeling under the weather. Hope difficult child cooperates with you this evening.

    We are at 11 degrees this morning with a little over 6 inches of snow and ice. That's huge for us :frostbite:. The last time we were this cold in March was in the 1920's and the last time we had a snowfall higher than this, at any time, was in 1980! So, it is rare and we are enjoying the white stuff!! No school again and the kids are pretty darn happy!

    I'm going to slip and slide my way to the office for a few hours this morning. I hope your day is a good one.

  6. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    G'day, people.

    Linda, I'm glad things have been going smoothly lately. But you do need to try to get more sleep - I know it's been a long-term problem for you.

    Kjs, I agree, vacuum cleaners aren'twhat they used to be. We bought a new one about a year ago, the thing was supposed to be indestructible but it keeps breaking down. Very annoying!

    Shari, I hope your weather begins to warm up for you. It's been a long winter.

    Sharon/WO, I hope you and husband feel better soon.

    Sharon/LDM, enjoy your day off.

    It's not quite Wednesday here. We've had a moderately quiet and productive day here today. Tomorrow we had an afternoon appointment for difficult child 3 with one of his tdocs. difficult child 3 has been cracking his neck to get to the computer shop (on the way to the appointment) for a game he ordered. And tonight I was also 'told' that I previously bought the wrong toothpaste for him, so we do need to do a bit of grocery shopping on the way as well.

    The weather has been glorious, but schoolwork at the moment stops us from taking advantage of it. Having to go out tomorrow doesn't help. But if we can get some use out of it...

    Enjoy your Wednesday, everyone.

  7. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Timer - I am glad you have no crisis lately. You really are busy enough to not have to deal with one. Thank you for helping the economy! ;) My house could use more people like you! I bought a new vac several years ago. A friend was shocked that I didn't consult husband on the purchase! Why? It is a vacumm and I need it. I love my wind tunnel.

    Kjs and Shari - Have a great day - I am looking forward to when we get 71 degrees!

    Wiped Out - Take it easy today. Pamper yourself. I hope whatever is going on with your neck is just a fluke and will go away ASAP but if not, I hope it comes to light today so you can start to heal properly.

    Little Dude's Mom - Be extra careful out there. Many many people in your area not experienced with snow and ice driving. Start slowing at stop intersections about 1/2 block away and leave room to creep up when the car behind you can't stop.

    Marg - I hope tomorrow brings another beautiful day and a chance to enjoy it.

    My Avatar is one of the centerpieces I made for the meal on Sunday.

    I will work four hours this morning and meet the 2nd - 6th graders at the mall to package food for Kids Against Hunger - our community project for Lutheran Ed Week.

    The beach party was a huge success!

    We missed the deadline for a bowling tournament but found a small just for fun one that is only one hour away on major roads. I need to borrow Diva's phone to call before Friday (husband has our cell phone - we don't have long distance on the house phone). I ordered a bowling ball for difficult child yesterday. We go back tonight to get his finger holes measured. Has anyone found an inexpensive hobby for their kids? It is going to cost about $100 for bowl and bag and that is the bottom line of the serious balls. difficult child had better continue for a few years!

    The bowling tournament is the middle of March so I hope the weather behaves.

    Everyone have a great Tuesday! Find a way to make your kids laugh.
  8. artana

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    Good morning!
    Life has been soo much better since taking them off the bus. My stress has lifted tremendously. I know they will have bad days at school, but at school they work with me.:) Anyways, off to do project work.