Good Morning Tuesday

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    G'day, folks.

    difficult child 3 had his second state exam today. He did a lot better, not so anxious. The exam supervisor (external; doesn't know him) was concerned about how he would cope today because the procedure for this exam is much more complex. Thankfully she did print out the routine for me so I went through it with difficult child 3 so he would know what to expect. He said he felt he did a lot better and even the supervisor came to me afterwards and said that he seemed to be much more on task. Normally the kids arrive on their own, there were no other parents on the premises that I could see (maybe one or two; none hanging around like me) but the school were fine with me being there, even the supervisor saw yesterday how having me there to settle him to begin with, was useful.

    I sat in the computer room (it's a separate room off the school library where the exams are being held, I had to go in and out through the library at the back of te main exam room; difficult child 3 and the other three computer users were in another small room at the other end of the library). difficult child 3 had insisted on setting up my laptop with his computer lock. THis time I made sure we were there half an hour before the other students, to help him settle in. Normally this would not be permitted, but there seemed to be no problem. And as soon as he was settled I left them to it and made it clear to him - I was nearby, but he now had to manage on his own until after the exam.

    I got a fair bit of my work done and whenever I was tiptoeing in and out, I could glimpse him and he was always working (not like yesterday). On one of my trips out of the library, I dropped in to the offie to ask for some paperwork for husband and the receptionist asked how difficult child 3 was going today. I said I was hoping he did OK, not sure if he would pass. She said, "Of course he will pass. If they've put in work all year, done all the assessment tasks and turned up to the exams, they will pass." I hope she's right, that will be a relief.

    Tomorrow he has his final exam, computing studies. His marks so far this year for this subject are very high indeed. The room I was sitting in won't be available, that is where the kids do the exam. The supervisor was talking about putting difficult child 3 on a computer further away from the other students but I said it probably wouldn't matter for this subject - anything to do with computers, he simply tunes out the rest of the world. Unlike the last two exams, when even a dog barking outside, the ceiling fans blowing the exam papers and someone outside with a lawn trimmer, was causing difficult child 3 real distress.

    No wonder I'm going grey!

    As for the problems with yesterday's exam and difficult child 3 not being supported with his special provisions - we can't ask for the exam to be re-sat. If there are problems, they base the mark on the school's assessment mark. I already had a call in to the school's Special Education teacher, I'll talk to her about it. There are problems we have to sort out at least for next year's special provisions for him (when he has to do the remaining subjects he should have done this year - he's doing his schooling at half-pace).

    So tomorrow husband gets to take difficult child 3 to school while I sit with easy child for her telephone conference mediation session with her former employers. It's all to do with her claim for wrongful dismissal. She's entitled to have me there for support and I think she may well need it, but I know more about it than husband.

    For all of us, the stress should be over by midday. husband & difficult child 3 are travelling in by train then coming back to meet up with me. After that, we head home. If we have the energy (and it's hot enough) I will suggest difficult child 3 & I go to the beach. Then he has tennis, then I have choir practice.

    No wonder I'm so tired tonight!

    Enjoy your Tuesday, everyone.

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    Good Morning All! Hope everyone has a great day!
    Sending Hugs! Rabbit
    Marg- hope everything goes well !
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    Good Morning,

    Marg-I'm so glad things went so well today and that the supervisor was so accommodating. Will be saying a prayer all goes well for easy child tomorrow. It makes me happy to hear you are starting to go to the beach:beach:

    Last night was nice because I was able to see a couple of my cousins and an aunt I hadn't seen in a couple of years. They were in the city for a serious but good reason. My one cousin's daughter received a kidney transplant on Sunday. So far everything is going well and my cousin's daughter will be 25 on Saturday!

    We are suppose to have a beautiful Fall day here with the high hitting 60 degrees. It is going to be a long day today. I have to work and then am holding conferences until 6:15 so it will be dark by the time I get home tonight.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
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    Rabbit-You snuck in on me-enjoy your day!
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    Good morning all,

    Marg, fingers crossed for difficult child & his exam scores.

    Sharon, I'm so glad you got to visit with your relatives - prayers being said for your cousin.

    Good morning Rabbit.

    I had my last PT appointment yesterday - Friday I start warm pool therapy ~ far less painful & stress on my joints & muscles.

    I'm in the process of trying to figure out my health insurance policy for this year - what's changed & how. Photographer in my home this morning to take pictures of the remodel then I'm off to Occupational Therapist (OT).

    Have a good day all.
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    Good morning everyone,
    Have not even had an extra moment to get on the board but wanted to pop in and tell everyone to have a good day.

  7. Happy Tuesday Everyone,


    I'm so glad to hear that the second day of testing went better for difficult child. Here's hoping that he's on a roll! I also hope that the mediation session for easy child has a good outcome. Conducting mediation and arbitration sessions in our Workers' Compensation system here is a major portion of my job. I've started using telephonic sessions more frequently due to transportation costs for the participants. They work, but they definitely require more effort on the part of the participants. It's difficult to negotiate when you can't see people's faces!

    Rabbit, I hope that your day goes well. Sharon, I know it's no fun to drive home in the dark. Hopefully the conferences will go well. Linda, I hear you about the insurance policy! husband and I have been studying our new choices for a month now. I was on the phone late last night with my friend, who is also struggling. Like everyone else, we have less coverage for more cost. But, the worst of it is we are losing all of our docs- some of whom we have seen for over 20 years. This is no fun... TPaul, have a great day! Maybe things will slow down, just a little.

    We're experiencing the tail end of tropical storm Ida here. I am nervous on every windy, rainy day here as I am terrified that more trees may fall. We've lost or taken down 8 so far - one fell on our house - another on the neighbors. I used to be such a tree lover but now I fear their power. Our neighbor has two gigantic Oak trees that are aimed right at difficult child's bedroom. We've asked him to have them looked at, but no action thus far!

    I'm meeting with the "liquidator" of the bankrupt insurance company today at 2:00. Wish me luck... my hope to negotiate the best outcome possible for my clients - to encourage their employers to step up to the plate to pay for their rehabilitation needs. That's not an easy sell these days.

    Enjoy a few peaceful moments for yourselves today!

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    Morning Friends,

    I slept in a little late this morning and I feel so off......

    Marg, glad the exam seemed to go well today - good luck to him this morning.

    Rabbit, good day to you as well.

    Sharon, glad you got to see family and hope all continues well with your cousin. Enjoy the weather - do you still walk with the other teachers at lunchtime?

    Linda, think how nice the warm water is going to feel!! On my list for the office today - looking at the health insurance renewal. Last year our policy went up $725 a month! Wondering what supises the envelope holds this year......

    tpaul, wishing you a good day.

    I'm off to the office for a few hours, then the grocer, then to my cousin's house as she has a wedding this weekend and needs help choosing an outfit!

    Have a great day all!