Good Morning Tuesday

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    G'day, folks.

    We've had a busy day today. Had a chance to sleep in, though.

    difficult child 3 had a therapist appointment today but we also had some paperwork to deal with, at our welfare office. So we left early to make sure we had plenty of time - and wouldn't you know, we didn't have to wait! So with loads of spare time, I decided on impulse to take difficult child 3 to get his Learners Permit. After all, thanks to the welfare paperwork, we had difficult child 3's proof of ID with us.

    Turns out, difficult child 3 has to take a computer test of basic road rule knowledge before he can get his L's. He did a practice test and almost passed it even though he'd had no study and no previous practice. If he'd done it again he'd have passed for sure, but we'd run out of time. So we headed into the city for the therapist appointment.

    The appointment went well, she's given us some useful things to go on with. From there we headed back to our favourite suburban Chinatown where I bought some fabric (costume material for the play) and some egg tarts for mother in law. Then we headed home, just in time to help mother in law put some vegetables on to go with the roast lamb for dinner.

    Tomorrow we'll have a quiet day at home, difficult child 3 practising the online Learner's Permit test, then we'll go out on Thursday and complete the paperwork. I'm planning on using driving lessons as rewards for difficult child 3 getting his work done. Here in NSW, Australia, a Leaner has to clock up 120 hours of driving in a wide range of conditions, before they are allowed to go for their licence. So we'll have a lot of mileage to cover, plenty of scope for lessons. We live in an isolated area so it doesn't take us long to get to empty stretches of road in the bush.

    I have choir tomorrow night, I had hoped to get some sheet music today, there is a shop near the place where we get the licenses. Oh well, maybe Thursday...

    Enjoy your Tuesday, everyone.