Good Morning Tuesday

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Jul 27, 2010.

  1. Marguerite

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    G'day people.

    A busy day today but not too tiring.

    Choir performance this morning went off well, despite a couple of mobile phones going off mid-performance (including mine - difficult child 3 had forgotten where I was!).

    Then difficult child 3 drove the car (with his Ls on) to my eye doctor appointment. The eye doctor said he could see nothing new; we need ideas on what the white thing is in my eye. I don't think it's a floater. But at least it's not a detaching retina.

    Again the eye doctor was efficient and thorough, as well as quick (for an eye doctor). Right next door was difficult child 3's hand therapy appointment, they made his soft wrist splint while we waited. Then it was time to drive back to our district for difficult child 3's drama class.
    As we drove away (again, difficult child 3 driving with his Ls prominently displayed) some idiot behind us honked the horn at difficult child 3, who was doing nothing wrong, but waiting for the chance to safely make the turn against the traffic. he got spooked and drove into the path of oncoming traffic, then changed course and went straight to get out of the traffic path, and then nearly drove into someone else (I think our mirrors touched). difficult child 3 tried to pull ovr, but it was "no stopping" all along there, so I got him to turn left. While stopped at the lights waiting to turn left (so e could pull over) the driver of the car we almost hit knocked on the window (which meant he left his car in the traffic lane, behind us). He said something like, "When you do something like that you should pull over and apologise."
    I said, "We're trying to, but it's no stopping."
    Then the guy began to get offensive and said, "When you're learning to drive, go find a quieter road and stay out of the heavier traffic."
    difficult child 3 CAN handle quite heavy traffic, as long as people don't hassle him; this bloke was getting more wound up so when the light turned green I ordered difficult child 3 to make the turn NOW and get away from the creep. We found a couple of back lanes and by the time I had navigated difficult child 3 back to where we were, he had calmed down. And there was no sign of either of the vehicles that hassled him. The rest of the drive (in heavy traffic on major roads) was without incident.

    I also fielded a phone call from the counselling clinic, I had been trying to get an appointment for easy child 2/difficult child 2. So we got a lot done today.

    Tomorrow is a quieter day, we stay home and get some bookwork done.

    Enjoy your Tuesday, everyone.

  2. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning Friends,

    Marg-Sounds like your day would have tired me out! I feel bad for difficult child 3 having to deal with those rude drivers!!

    Last night I had a nice dinner with my two friends from high school. We each drove about and hour to meet. They really knew I needed that girlfriend time and are great friends. Wish we all lived closer but one lives out in San Francisco. She wants us all to do the breast cancer walk out there in a couple of years.

    This morning one of us will take easy child/difficult child to school and the other will take difficult child to a therapist appointment and then to camp. Later this morning I'm meeting a friend for lunch. Her mom is in town and watching her son this week so she can get out some.

    We are due for a hot one today so I turned the ac back on!

    Hope everyone stays cool and enjoys a peaceful day:peaceful:
  3. hearts and roses

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    Good morning everyone!

    Marg, I cannot stand people who go out of their way like that. Having another driver walk up to your car can be very frightening. Around here, I've read more and more reports of road rage incidents. I'm glad difficult child was able to keep a cool head and pull off as directed. Enjoy your calmer day today~

    Sharon, your dinner with friends sounds so great. It's wonderful that you're all able to make the time to stay in touch and get out once in a while. Nice. Enjoy your day and stay cool.

    We are still enjoying some cooler temps and lower humidity. I have a feeling that's all going to end this evening. Seems with the night sweats and hot flashes I have less tolerance for even the slightest rise in humidity.

    easy child has packed up a majority of her room. I told her she could use the bed from her room at home until the end of August when she buys or acquires her own from my neice. I would love to just give it to her, but it's the second bed I've bought for her (the first was back at her college apt) and I really don't have the money to replace another. So, it's a loaner for now.

    difficult child looks like a lopsided chipmunk. They only pulled one wisdom yesterday - the other one wasn't present and they don't think it will ever show. The dental sugeon did ask difficult child is she had sleep apnea. I wasn't there, so I have no idea why that question was asked. I will be there with her for her follow up and find out. I know that difficult child does have some snoring and occasional apnea, but she had a sleep study done and it was not bad enough to require the cpap machine, thank goodness. Anyway, she's recovering well.

    I'm in the office today, desk loaded up.

    Have a sparkling day everyone!