Good Morning Tuesday

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  1. Marguerite

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    G'day, people.

    We've had a big day today, but a very pleasant one. mother in law had an annual gathering of her old work colleagues and this time husband & I were invited too. She really needed at least one of us along to help her get in there, she is now so frail. We loaded her walking frame into the car and husband drove. Venue - the heart of Sydney. The Sheraton, right opposite Hyde Park. We had a lovely view form the window too, right over the park. It's been a lovely sunny day, the park looked beautiful. husband managed to find a parking station on the other side of the park and said the wind was so strong that he could feel the spray from the Archibald Fountain all the way across.
    Lunch was luxurious - five star buffet. So we didn't have our usual Tuesday night dinner, we have absolutely no room! I did buy some tomatoes after difficult child 3's drama class, maybe in a hour or two I'll have room for one slice of tomato on toast!

    I was also organising business while we were out. My friend's book is now ready to begin printing. It felt good to be sitting at a top Sydney restaurant and be able to say over the phone, "Let's go to press!" If I ever sell a major manuscript to a big-name publisher, I'm going to insist that lunch at the Sheraton is part of the deal... I'd like to be rich enough to eat there every day. Not that I would eat there every day, of course. I just want to be rich enough to afford to!

    So tomorrow I have another day at home (mostly) with some more business to organise. I have to begin the publicity for the book launch and contact the editor of the local paper with copy for an article. Somewhere in there I have to see my physiotherapist, and if it's not too windy, we might at last fit in some beach time.

    I LOVE summer!

    Enjoy your Tuesday.

  2. LittleDudesMom

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    Good Tuesday Morning!!!

    Marg, ooohhh the beach - haven't heard you mention the beach yet this summer! Hope you can get that in tomorrow!

    I've got a busy couple days here - just like the rest of us, I'm sure! I have to work both today and tomorrow. I think I will hit the grocer after school today - difficult child gets out at 11 tomorrow and I know they will be packed!!!! I am having a dinner party here Saturday and making a couple dishes to take on Thanksgiving - I want to preshop as much as I can for Saturday so that I just have a quick run for fresh crusty bread and salad supplies on Saturday - I'm making shrimp creole! I have entertained for dinner the last two Saturdays and this coming Saturday as well.......I'm going to take a week off next week!

    Enjoy your day.

  3. Fran

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    Good morning all. I am in sunny Orlando with easy child. It's a gorgeous view over the lagoon this morning. Makes drinking coffee on the balcony all the nicer.
    Marg, congratulations on getting your friends manuscript to press. Sounds like the get together of m i l's work friends was a huge success. Lunch buffet sounds wonderful.
    Don't you love taking a little taste of so many different things? What a great treat for you, husband and mother in law.

    LDM, you are a social butterfly lately. Enjoy. I know all the cooking is fun and then we crash. I don't blame you for a weekend off before the big push for Christmas.

    I drove to Orlando yesterday with the dogs. I know it's nuts but for some reason this time in my life, I end up with a lot of people who need me to be in other states. I don't want to leave the pups behind all the time. So they are here with me. : )
    Seeing easy child happy and engaged in life is a good thing. He is doing well building experience while in college, towards his career. When he graduates he will have a better chance at getting a job. I do however, miss not having him at home for a month at Christmas and home for the summer but it is far worse to have to prod him to get up and get going.
    husband and difficult child will arrive later today. The four of us will have a few days to just share each others company. easy child still has 2 days of class and works in the morning during the Thanksgiving break but I'm sure we will find more than enough to do. We are all looking forward to some time together.

    difficult child's program had a big open house. It was a huge success. It's just a fledgling non profit company that trains and eventually employs the young adults and needs all the donations and support it can get. husband and I are hoping they will be building a campus in the not too distant future.

    So that's it from this part of difficult child world. Hope you all have a fun day.
  4. SearchingForRainbows

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    Good Morning Everyone,

    Marg, What a perfect afternoon afternoon... Your friend's book now ready to print... Lunch at the Sheraton... Excellent food... A Gorgeous view... Summer... It's nice to hear you had such a special day:D... Now, HURRY UP AND GET TO THE BEACH! Swimming season will be over way too soon...

    Sharon (LDM), Hope you're able to avoid the long lines at the grocers! Those lines before the holidays are definitely NOT FUN. Shrimp creole sounds delicious!!! What time should I plan on arriving Saturday, lol...?

    It is a sunny unusually warm day for this time of year. I'm still being good and staying off of my foot as much as possible. I have to go to the grocery store this morning. Luckily I don't need many more things. The area I live in is so rural that we don't even have a traffic light in the center of town. During holidays there is always a police officer directing traffic in and out of the parking lot of the only grocery store in town. Lots of people who own summer homes here return for the holidays.

    There is only one gas station in the center of town. The lines get so long that they're backed up onto the street. Between the long lines of cars trying to get in and out of the parking lot to the grocery store and the long lines at the gas station, I always try to avoid having to go out for last minute items. Walking would be faster, lol...

    I'm definitely having at least one more cup of coffee before heading out...

    I hope everyone has a good day... SFR
  5. SearchingForRainbows

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    Good Morning Fran! Great minds must think alike, lol... We posted at exactly the same time. Enjoy the beautiful sunny weather in Florida and having both of your sons with you, husband, and the "pups" of course, lol...

    I don't think you're crazy for bringing them with you. I've taken my "favorite sanity saver" on long vacations with us - Once we spent 20 hours in the car because we refused to leave her alone when we went inside at the rest stops to eat. We ate in shifts, lol... After all, our "fur babies" are definitely part of our families! SFR
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  6. hearts and roses

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    Marg, oh my, the beach! I am so the beach! Good luck on the book launch!
    Sharon, enjoy your Saturday event, sounds delish!
    Fran, I don't think you're crazy for bringing the pups - if I could, I would bring them with me everywhere!
    SFR, your town sounds charming; I love little tiny towns like that. I suppose years ago, ours was much the same, but in the 15 years I've lived here it's grown quite a bit! Still has some of the charm in the older section, but it's a real town with traffic lights and everything, lol!

    I brought my Mom coffee this morning and we had a nice breakfast together. I am really enjoying my morning-time with her these past couple of days. I can't always make it to see her in the evenings, but the mornings are nice. She's more alert at that time also, which is a plus. easy child is going this evening as I will be in class and she wants to see gramma before she leaves for her dad's for Thanksgiving. I think difficult child is going to meet easy child there as well. Nice grandmother/granddaughter visit. They are going to bring her a tea and snack to share with her, maybe play dominos or cards.

    I'm in the office today, school later. Busily getting ready at work for the end of year stuff and at school for finals! Yikes!