Good Morning Tuesday

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, May 17, 2011.

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    G'day, people.

    We had a busy day today but not actually physically active. A young friend of ours from church was struggling with a uni assignment (due tomorrow) that required her to download and manipulate a film clip from the uni website. She had tried every other family and computer expert in our congregation, so I suggested she ask difficult child 3 (who is seen as just a problem kid by most of them). difficult child 3 had the problem cracked in ten minutes! She left, very grateful, to go spend the day working on the computer of another person in our church and I asked her in mid-afternoon how it was going. "I've got it done but now the files are too big. I'm stuck."
    I told her to come back up, so she did. Again difficult child 3 had those files shrunk for her in a few minutes.

    She's taken to calling him "boy wonder".

    Other than that, difficult child 3 did some schoolwork, I got some paperwork done. I also was up very early this morning to look at the conjunction of planets in the pre-dawn. It's flamin' cold here at 6 am!

    About to head for bed. Tomorrow we head in to school, difficult child 3 has a Maths lesson while I am sitting in on a job interview. Then shopping on the way home, and my leftover Moroccan casserole for dinner. The flavours have been blending nicely in the fridge for 24 hours now, it should be wonderful comfort food on a cold wintry night.

    Enjoy your Tuesday.

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    Good Morning Marg (and all who follow)!

    That Moroccan casserole sounds delicious - what is in it? Good for difficult child 3 for helping out another person in need - he shouldn't be seen as a problem child. I know people are often uncomfortable with those who are "different". I see it with my difficult child.

    husband is off on Tuesdays and I'm trying to convince him to stop playing video games and go golfing with me but he thinks it is too cold and windy. It's sunny and 55 that is good enough for me but apparently not for him.

    I will probably go to the gym and then do some cleaning unless husband comes up with something to do.

    Have a great day everyone!