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Good morning everyone, i hope you all have a nice day! :smile:

Well i've decided to get up fifteen minutes earlier and ugh i don't think i like it 5:15 comes too fast. Today i have difficult children iep meeting, i'm not looking forward to it as i need to plead my case as to why i do not want difficult child to do two years of eighth grade. I guess it is a three year program and i was never told, so if it does not go my way, he'll have next year and the year after in 8th. Mothers day was so fun meeting up wiht his former teacher, she's just the nicest lady, who every kid should be able to have as a teacher. She's also the same age as me so we have always hit it off. Well have a great day, i'm in search of coffee. :coffee:

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Good Morning,

Razzle-Good luck at the IEP. I'm confused by why 8th grade would be a three year program. How nice that you met up with difficult child's former teacher on Mother's Day.

We ended up canceling our appointment. yesterday with difficult child's neuropsychologist-husband just wasn't feeling well enough and we were worred how difficult child would do at afterschool with the little sleep. I did get in a great workout-weights and cardio and mowed the lawn!

Today after work we have the 3rd meeting of difficult child's IEP-I'm beginning to worry if we'll ever finish.

After that it is a book club night-I didn't finish the book and am not sure yet if I'll have the energy to go but it is the last book club til sept. so we'll see.

Enjoy your day-find a reason to smile and hi to anyone who snuck in. :flower:

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Good morning friends,

Jen, good luck at the IEP today.

Sharon, same to you - glad you got your workout in.

kt has a psychiatrist appointment this afternoon after school. I'll sit & listen on how you cannot medicate Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD), I'll ask for a tweak in the zyprexa or seroquel; he will then pontificate for a while but in the end will get what is needed for kt.

Every month it's always the same dance.

Have a calm day all. Find a reason to smile.


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Good Tuesday Morning All!!

Jen, glad to hear you had a nice mother's day. I too am confused as to why 8th grade is a three-year program :confused:???? You are probably off to work already - hopefully you will check the post tonight or in the morning and let us know tomorrow am.

Sharon, I'm sure you made the right choice about not keeping the appointment. My difficult child would not do well either if he had been up several hours the night before. Good luck with the IEP meeting - hope this meeting finishes it up - fingers crossed.

Didn't get a chance to post yesterday since I was running late. Spent a lovely day with my mom Sunday. She was so happy when we rang the bell. We had presents and lunch and then she gave easy child and me presents too!!!!! It was a four hours of driving but it was worth it.

difficult child's mood appears to be on the upswing, but...... you just never know. He is just about done all that work for his VGLA notebook. I would say he has 3 things to complete. I spoke with his teacher yesterday after school since difficult child and I wanted to walk around the school and look at all the science fair stuff. Going to do that after school today too. I love doing that.

Office this morning then a few little things to do around the house this afternoon. Not too busy a day.

Wishing everyone a great Tuesday.



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Good morning friends.

Jen, I hope the IEP meeting goes well today and like others I've never heard of a 3 yr program. Please let us know how everything goes.

Sharon, good luck at your IEP meeting today as well and hopefully everything gets accomplished at this meeting.

Linda, hope the psychiatrist appointment goes the way you hope and the doctor does what's best to help kt and realize you know her best.

LDM, so happy to hear that mothers day went well. Hope the good mood your difficult child has been in continues, it's always so nice when that happens. Hope you're able to get some "me" time in today.

Nothing much going on here today. Diabetic appointment yesterday went as expected, minus she lowered his morning dose of the one insulin he takes, she said it may help him not eat as much, not sure how that works but she's diabetic as well so maybe she's right :smile: sister in law still here, I think hubby is taking her back where she stays tonight, she's been crashing on our couch the past 4 days.
difficult child still doing good. Every day is different but he's still been really trying to calm himself when the need arises.

Hi to everyone that sneaks in and hope all have a great day!


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Good morning! Sorry I can't address all, but I'm running late due to Duckie & a thunderstorm. Ugh. Don't forget your school budget vote if you have one today. :smile:


You are all so upbeat. I like reading the morning report. don't have anything to add. All I want is to sleep, but to sad to sleep.

Hope everyone gets the results / outcomes of the day the way they deserve. You are all so strong. I admire you all.
Good Morning :coffee:,

Jen, I hope everything goes well with the IEP meeting. :coffee: is always a good idea!!!

Sharon, I hope husband feels better today. I'm happy you got the workout in!!! I'm really glad you manage to get some "ME" time.

Linda, How frustrating!!! I hope psychiatrist doesn't ramble on for too long before you get what you want for kt!!! :warrior:

Sharon, I'm glad you enjoyed visiting with your mom on Sunday. Enjoy the science fair.

Joanne, I'm glad difficult child is doing well. It's nice that he is trying so hard to calm himself - I hope he continues doing well!!!

TM, It seems like I spend most of my time "running late!!!" Get in some "ME" time today!!!

kjs, I hope you manage to do something nice for yourself today :flower:!!! Sending cyber hugs to you...

Today I need to spend some time fine tuning my strategy for getting difficult child 2 help at school. :warrior: Unfortunately, it just seems like the same old, same old, etc...stuff over and over and over again...You get the point!!! :warrior: I also have to work. Then I have to pick up difficult child 1 at school.

Another sip of :coffee: and I'm ready to begin the day. Hi to anyone who snuck in...

I hope everyone finds at least one reason to smile or laugh :flower: WFEN


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G'day, everyone.

Jen, I'm not a morning person either. But then, I'm not a night person. I guess I'm pretty much useless 24 hours a day. Hope the IEP goes OK, I can't understand why they plan on 3 years at Grade 8. Sounds weird to me.

Sharon, I hope husband is feeling a bit better soon.

Linda, good luck with the psychiatrist. I hate it when we have to tell them everything.Sharon, I wish I could go to the science fair with you. It sounds great!

Joanne, I hope the new insulin dosage works better. Good luck with getting your couch back.

TM, take care in the storm.

Kjs, get some sleep. Think of all the good things you have achieved, the problems you have resolved. I know there are loads more, but think how many more there would be if you'd never got busy! You rock! Now stand in front of the mirror and say this with conviction...

WFEN, I hope you can get some action at the school. It's a hard battle for you. Just remember, putting it in writing scares the pants off school officials, especially when you request a response in writing.

I've had a busy evening since I last managed to post. I had no clue what to cook for dinner, so I whipped up some variations on thawed leftovers. It just took a bit longer than I expected, although it tasted pretty good.
I just made some chestnut mousse from a tin I bought a few years ago, to try. I like it, but I made a mountain of it and nobody else wants any. I put some hefty slugs of various alcoholic things (rum, butterscotch schnapps, Father O'Leary's) in it as well as a pint of cream, and I've got to eat the lot! Oh well, 24 hours in the fridge won't hurt it. I'd better not have any more, I've got to drive tomorrow. Legally. Our limit is 0.05.

Tomorrow. difficult child 3's Distance Ed Open Day. A bludge day (ie no work, just all PR and "isn't this a wonderful way to be educated?")
mother in law rang this evening, she asked if she can come too. And with easy child 2/difficult child 2 now driving BF2's car (he still hasn't got his licence) we're a three car family and will be able to each get home when we're ready to, and not have to wait around for hours for each other.

I'm looking forward to the school day tomorrow, but if I see a presentation on resiliency coming our way, I'll run the other direction. It was an appalling time waster, the last two times I had to endure hours of it. And my excuse this time - "difficult child 3 needs me to shadow him, after my absence last year due to this workshop."
Wish me luck that this works!

Have a good Tuesday, everybody!