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    G'day, people.

    I've had a challenging day. A challenging couple of days. I'm trying to sort out medication issues for difficult child 1 and easy child 2/difficult child 2. They each see a psychiatrist in the same practice, but different docs. And due to a range of problems, both kids have now run out of medications. And I am NOT happy that this has happened.

    I got a phone call yesterday afternoon from daughter in law, asking me to help because difficult child 1 was getting aggressive and she couldn't cope with him. So this afternoon (after making some phone calls and getting advice) I took difficult child 1 to a mental health clinic as a crisis walk-in, and asked for help. They were not able to prescribe medications, but they did get on the phone to difficult child 1's shrink and yell loudly. It was one time when an emergency mental health team's word is a lot more effective than a parent whingeing.

    I'm also trying to sort out things for easy child 2/difficult child 2. We've been told, after spending $1400 on her shrink fees in a month, that the doctor wants a neuropsychologist assessment before prescribing. But we can't get a neuropsychologist appointment until the end of the year. And in the meantime, the girl is unmedicated. Not acceptable. I was sent a copy of the law governing this, to check if the doctor's statement ("I can't prescribe without the neuropsychologist assessment, I'm not allowed to by law") was true. It is not. I didn't think so.

    So today I've been nagging, big-time. But I do feel I've been getting results. I'll know tomorrow when I field the calls from two shrinks who are likely to be very angry with me. I'll have my notepad with me, I think these calls will definitely need to be minuted!

    It's almost midnight here, time for me to get my beauty sleep. Or at least enough rest to charge my batteries, after all the driving I did today.

    Enjoy your Tuesday, people.

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    Marg, Sorry you are having so many problems with psychiatrists. GO GET 'EM!!

    We have a largely unscheduled day today. difficult child 1 is going with his Big Brother this afternoon. difficult child 2 works tonight 5-8. I know I need to run some bills and at least the sun is shining so that alone should brighten spirits.

    Enjoy your day everyone!
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    Good Gravyboats, Marg. psychiatrist can't prescribe? Diddly-fiddly. When we started into crises mode with difficult child, even the GP could prescribe based on a couple of phone calls to available psychiatrists... while we waited to get into the psychiatrist we were referred to... Grrrrr.....

    Hope you get a good night's sleep!
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