Good morning Tuesday

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    G'day, people.

    Crikey, it's flamin' hot here! It's heading for midnight and still over 30 C (86 F). Temperatures here hit 43 C (109.4 F) in mid-afternoon. I went outside in the heat and saw a Rainbow Lorikeet perched on our recycling bin in the shade by our back door. Poor thing was hunched over, beak open and panting. I got it some water, and a fresh (and very wet) bowl of gruel. I hope it survived. When we get really hot days like this, we get birds dropping dead from the sky.

    husband & I went for a night swim at our little beach. No lights other than the distant city. Tide a long way out but thankfully gentle. Water warm but refreshing. And now we're hot again, I want to go for another swim.

    The entire state (and neighbouring states) under fire watch and Total Fire Ban. We are currently free of fires in our area, the fire crews are working through the night.

    Cooler winds are forecast in a few hours, we're heading for bed with doors and windows open, we figure the winds will wake us when they hit.

    I love summer, but I do have my limits with heat. We don't have air conditioning at all in our house. Instead, we batten down the hatches on hot days. I managed to keep the inside temperature 20 degrees C cooler today, just by closing the place up, closing curtains and awnings. But once the house gets opened up, that's it. Heat flows in and now we're feeling it.

    Sleeping naked tonight. Sorry if that's too much information.

    Enjoy your Tuesday.

    Marg (and Marg's Man, just hitting the cold showers!)
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    Good Morning, everyone.

    Marg- Wow, I guess I don't envy you the extreme heat, but I sure wish it would warm up around here. The ice in my driveway is getting precarious! (Snow keeps melting and then freezing.) So you could send a little sunshine our way and I wouldn't be mad.