Good Morning Tuesday

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. Marguerite

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    G'day everyone.

    It's been weird today, tidying up clothes we were wearing last week and over the weekend, like a zip-up jacket, my warm padded coat and skivvies. Today it is so hot I'm in my summer cheesecloth rag of a dress, hiding from the heat. And only last weekend we were rugged up in scarves, hats and coats.

    Today the sky is a searing enamel blue, singed at the edges by fires. Yesterday was Day 1 of the bushfire season, and they were fighting fires from Sunday. A house has gone north of Sydney as well as other property and between us and the next village a lot of bushland has been burned. That patch seems to go up every time we have a hot summer long weekend, or school holidays. Almost certainly kids, trying to play house or having their own illegal bonfire.
    And the supertanker choppers aren't in the country yet.

    The bogong moths are getting in all over the place. Our house is fairly well sealed, but every time someone comes in a door, we get hitchhikers. They are worst in the afternoons and mornings, flying everywhere at sunset. Anyone riding a motorbike - keep your mouth closed and your visor down!

    The hot winds have been still today but will return tomorrow. Any fires not out are in danger of being whipped up again as we will have high summer temperatures tomorrow, close to 100F or more.

    I love summer, but I don't like fires. We have been very busy, we need to fireproof our property. I might light a small fire in the pizza oven tonight, to clear some of the larger sticks. And maybe cook a pizza - or something tasty. Why waste the fuel? I just need to make sure they haven't declared a Total Fire Ban, which they may have in our area, with the fire so close. They almost certainly will declare one tomorrow.

    Still, it is a beautiful day otherwise.

    Enjoy your Tuesday.

  2. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good morning Marguerite,
    You weather always sounds so severe. Hope you are safe from the fires. We are incredibly dry around here and I worry about a spark setting a fire. Fortunately, I have rarely seen what you call bush fires but I know the western US has had several years of fires in their forests. It must be terrifying. I think I'll stick with the threat of hurricanes. Go with what you know, I guess.
    My husband has a big birthday today. He hit the big 5-0! He still thinks he is 14. :slap: We are going to celebrate this weekend with friends.
    The weather remains pleasant and hopefully won't heat up again. I planted some flowers in the window boxes to get through the autumn. difficult child helps around the house with some chores but does a lovely job with our pups. I'm pleased to see him bond with them. He will dog sit for me this weekend. Hopefully they are smart enough to nudge difficult child if it gets too long between the times to feed or walk them.
    It's way too early to be up but here I sit. :sleeping: I think it will be a long day.
    Have a productive day.
  3. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Marguerite-Those weather shifts are amazing! The way you describe the sea sounds beautiful. Pizza sounds delicious! I hope they get the fires under control before the winds start again.

    Fran-Happy Birthday to your husband! We are celebrating my dad's 70th this weekend even though his birthday isn't until next week. It's neat that difficult child is bonding with the pups! Autumn flowers are so pretty. Our mums aren't doing well this year-the weather hasn't been good for them.

    We are due back up in the upper 70s today and 80s by Friday-this weather is really warm for this time of the year. I'm starting to get that really exhausted feeling from doing too much-I think a cold may be right around the corner. Unfortunately they are things that have to be done or I would just say no! Tonight's not too bad but easy child is staying after school for a club-while she does that I'll continue to dress shop-I'm having no luck! I also need to start shopping for a present for my dad's birthday. Tonight husband and I will go to the club for a workout. :treadmill: It's about the only thing I can skip but don't want to!

    I hope everyone has a peaceful day with reasons to smile! Hi if you snuck in! :painter:
  4. timer lady

    timer lady Queen of Hearts

    Good morning friends,

    Marg, I'll be there for dinner. Homemade pizza sounds wonderful!

    Fran, happy birthday to husband. Enjoy the celebration. What kind of flowers did you plant?

    Sharon, once again you're pushing yourself to the limit. And school has only been in session a couple of months. You know better than this. Take a weekend to yourself.

    "Hi" if you snuck in.

    I'm off to outpatient PT this morning; will probably be sent straight home because of the cold I caught from husband & kt. They love to share the joy. LOL

    Nothing else on my calendar today. Need to pay bills & have about 2 weeks of shredding to do. I hate these offers in my name for credit cards - end up having a shredding party. Need to find a place to keep my shredder out on a full time basis. Hmmmm.

    Enjoy your day - keep it calm. Hug your loved ones & find a reason to smile today.
  5. blb

    blb New Member

    Good morning everyone.

    Marg, not that I normally wish for rain for someone but in your case hope it pours temporarily to put those fires out.

    Happy birthday Fran's husband! Are you off to paint the town red this weekend? A little of this? :dance:

    WO- Yay for dress shopping! Have fun at the party!

    Linda, want to come over and shred some of our bills while you're at it? :smile:

    I'm off to return my machine of death, otherwise known as an aerator click here for torture machine that basically dragged me around my yard yesterday as I attempted to aerate and fertilize our one acre spread. Just imagine a 125 pound woman being dragged around by a 250 lb machine with one speed, kind of like this thing :treadmill: except it was moving at the bottom faster than I was walking it. Banking the corners was like being on that last car of the amusement ride "The Whip." Let's just say my oldest couldn't stop laughing each time Mommy came up the hill to turn.

    Hope everyone has a nice day!
  6. hearts and roses

    hearts and roses Mind Reader

    Good morning all,

    Marg, Pizza sounds wonderful, even at this hour! Yum

    Fran, Happy B'day to your H....50, wow, huh? That is very cool!

    Sharon, have fun working out with H at the gym. That actually sounds great to me too. H and I have been trying to join a gym together for a while now.

    Linda, I have a cold also - caugt it from H's "allergies", yeah right! Enjoy your easy day.

    blb, thanks for my morning laugh. I know the machine of which you speak and I can't believe you even attempted it. If I tried that, my back would look like a pretzel! Haha.

    I am off to LI this morning to pick up difficult child and take her to the PP clinic for a pelvic exam and possibly an abortion. We spoke late last night and she's a mess; one minute she's sounding okay and the next she's sounding totally lost. And I have to tell exh with her later in the afternoon. I hope that goes well. Not sure if she will come home with me and I feel a little ripped off by this. My mom finally left and this was supposed to be H and mine time to reconnect a little. There is still a part of me that hopes it's a false alarm and I can leave her with her dad. I know she's miserable, but jeesh, if she comes home now, I don't know that she won't just fall back into the old ways immediately and I am not up for that. Anyway, send me some strength if you think of it - thanks.

    Have a wonderful day everyone!
  7. mrscatinthehat

    mrscatinthehat Seussical


    Marg hope those fires get under control soon so you are not at risk.

    Fran hope you and husband have a good day on this his birthday.

    Sharon good luck in the hunt for the dress.

    Linda hope you find the opportunity to rest.

    blb be careful with those machines. ( I don't think there is a smiley with a wagging finger this will do :nonono:) You don't want to hurt yourself.

    Jo hope your day is not too stressful. I will be sending some positive thoughts.

    I have a stack of things so deep to do here that I am not sure I can ever catch up but try I will. I have some self study classes to take for Red Cross and I need one of them done by tonight so I can take the rest of the class. So that is priority today. Once that is done I will move down the pile of to dos. Sadly the pile is so large I put part of it in the other room so as not to make myself miserable.

    Yesterday while at gfg2s staffing got a call from easy child because someone had slammed her hand in her locker. So I let her come home (told her no computer :geek: as I didn't want her hurting it more.) She was laying down when we got home with ice on it. The fingers were movable (not comfortably but movable) so I told her that we would just watch them. By bedtime last night she had a purple middle finger (hmmmmmm wonder if she will show that off). Just a deep bruise so she will be okay. Ugh if not one thing it is another. Do you know that the whole reason she had to come home was because they can't give tylonal or ibuprofen anymore and she isn't allowed to carry it. Oh well. At least it wasn't broken.

  8. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    Sorry folks, I had to pass on the pizza. A total fire ban comes into force in just over an hour plus my next door neighbour gets paranoid if he smells smoke at this time of the year.

    Blb, I had to laugh at your description of the torture machine - it reminds me of a rather tetchy Hereford heifer we had when I was a kid; the time came to move our half-grown heifers out to the country paddock and my father INSISTED he would take the Hereford while my two husky brothers together walked one docile Friesian. The Hereford always was a stroppy beggar - she took off round the yard with my father trailing on the end of the rope. Up and down the embankment, round and round the Hills hoist, and no way did my brothers dare laugh. They finally got the beast cornered and loaded onto the trailer in total silence and my dad drove off with the younger brother while the older one took me and mum in his car. As soon as my brother's car turned the corner, my brother started to laugh and he didn't stop for well over half an hour.

    That heifer gave us a lot more trouble (almost always at the other end of the rope) until we finally managed to sell her.

    My father never bought another Hereford.

  9. LittleDudesMom

    LittleDudesMom Well-Known Member Staff Member

    :smile: Good Morning Everyone!

    Marg, hope there is enough pizza for both Linda and me....I love brick oven pizza :wink:

    Fran, we are dry a little north of you as well. Our Govorner requested our entire state be declared a disaster area so farmers can get access to low interest loans and such because the lack of rain has really impacted the state financially. I heard on the news this morning that a county not too far from here has only 200 days of fresh water in the "hops". Lets hope for some relief from the dry and the warmth - we'll hope for you to Marg! :hypnosis:

    Sharon, you are off and running this week! Hope you are mistaken and you are not getting sick :doctor:

    Jo, I know this is not how you planned to spend your time alone with husband - you were really forward to some together time. I hope this is a false alarm for difficult child and also a really scary wake up call. I'll be thinking about you too this afternoon :angel:.

    Linda, hope your pt goes well and you get some time to come home relax and take a nap before kt arrives :sleeping:

    blb, good to see you on the morning thread! I smile each time I envision you being pulled around the property by the monster :frankenstein:

    Beth, sure hope easy child's finger doesn't give her too much pain - glad it was just bruised and not broken. My only problem with moving the dos, is that I begin another pile where that one orginated from - then I have two piles :surprise:

    Little late start this morning, but wanted to take the time to say good morning. difficult child has a therapist appointment this afternoon. When I turned the page of my calander yesterday, I found a pretty filled week - plus, another visit from mom this weekend :faint:

    Have a great Tuesday,