Good Morning Tuesday

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    G'day, friends.

    I've been a bit out of touch for the last day, I had a funny 'turn' last night while at the computer, my arms went weak and floppy very suddenly. Within a few minutes, my legs also. No doctor in town for another week or more. So after careful thought, we called the ambulance, in case it was going to progress further and to get things checked out (possible stroke, for example).

    By the time the ambos arrived I was having more trouble walking. They took me to hospital (mercifully quiet) with husband following in the car. Over the next few hours I had blood tests, neurological obs, and a CT of the head. They didn't say what they were looking for, but I know stroke was one possibility. Guillaine-Barré was another, but as things settled a bit and stopped getting worse, they let me go home at about 3 am.

    At 4 am the doctor I'd seen at the hospital rang. We'd only just arrived home; he wanted to make sure I asked my GP to ask for the CT report (which they had told me was clear at a superficial glance).

    We just got back from seeing the GP. She couldn't get the CT report ("still being typed up") and told me to make sure I speak to the neurologist FAST. I've been waiting all day for him to ring me back and he still hasn't. The GP said I'm now weaker on the right side but only a little; reflexes slower too. She still feels stroke hasn't been fully ruled out, although I don't think it's the problem. My blood pressure is back within normal range.

    So life has been interesting in the Marg household. And thanks to my foresight, we have had some curry in the freezer which we're defrosting for dinner - we're so tired!

    And I lent our brand new, top-of-the-range vacuum cleaner to mother in law today, so her cleaner (same as mine) could give her carpets a thorough workover. difficult child 3 had even assembled the thing. The cleaner has already used this twice at our house so he should know how it works. But he's a klutz, a ditz and a downright idiot sometimes. He told mother in law the light on the power head wasn't coming on (it has three switches, he knows how it works already) and when mother in law checked, the power head cable was unplugged. On checking closer, a pin was badly bent. The only thing possible is that at some stage, this cleaner (he's the only one to use this machine so far) had put the plug in the wrong way and tried to force it, hard! The thing is brand new, it's way too soon for repairs! I'm so angry with him, because this is exactly what happened to our old cleaner - the power head cable was damaged. With the old one it was the wiring being pulled loose from just yanking on the flex to unplug it, instead of gripping the plug with his fingers to do it. The plugs are a different design on the two machines and BOTH are moulded plugs, so the thing can't simply be re-wired.

    I know he didn't like using the power head on my old machine, he kept making excuses until I made him use it. And now the new one is damaged. Of course we've bent the pins back but now it falls out really easily and this guy is such an idiot, he 'won't notice'. I mean, he once cleaned my bathroom by hosing it all down with the shower extension - the walls, the ceiling, the mirrors, the floor - all were dripping. And of course the soap drawer was full of water and all the special ornamental guest soaps were a soggy mess.

    Honestly, some days...

    I hope your day is better.

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    Good Morning,

    Marguerite-How scary-I'm glad you decided to take the ambulance. I hope they have some answers for you soon and remember to not hesitate to go back to the hospital if needed. :doctor: How frustrating about the new vacuum. :crazy2: I hope tomorrow is a better day for you. :flower:

    I'm still feeling under the weather with this cold but hopefully once I'm up and moving around I'll feel better.

    Today after work I'm trying a spin class :smile: -the P.E. teacher from the middle school we're attached to is going to teach it. I'll probably keel over. It's been so long since I've done a spin class and from what I remember they are hard!

    I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day-remember to smile at those who are causing you grief-it'll make them wonder what's going on :smile: Hi if you snuck in. :flower:
  3. timer lady

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    Good morning friends,

    Marg, you take care of yourself. Guillian Barre' Syndrome still hasn't been ruled out for me & it's a tough recovery. Whatever it is, you make sure your family is watching out for you. :nurse: by the way, I can just see you leaving in the ambulance being more worried about the curry dinner for the family than yourself. Knock it off! :scared:

    Sharon, the new class sounds exhausting, um, I mean, fun! :smile: I hope you have fun trying out something new & fun for yourself.

    It's a chilly morning here (31 degrees) & the wind is blowing out of the north from Canada. :blizzard: I stepped outside to get the morning paper & I could feel the cold air blowing in.

    I've spent the night sketching a picture for wm. :painter: It's a baby screech owl. (I think it's cute as the dickens - it has to be mean & manly before he'll hang it in his room. I'll add a mouse to it's beak - that will work.)

    Nothing on the agenda today - a day to stay in & make a pot of chili, I believe.

    Enjoy your Tuesday - hug your loved ones. :sled:
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    Morning Ladies!

    Marg - How very scary. Hoping those results get in soon.

    Wiped out - I did a spin class once. Trust me - you'll really be wiped out. geesh.

    Linda - any snow yet? Spitting snow here ... chili sounds likes a great idea for dinner.

    Me? Fighting a nasty cold. To add insult to injury, my monthly came to visit in the night. And I have hurt my Achilles tendon. Need to go find that post by DammitJanet about falling apart.

    Blessings to all this Tuesday.

    RAZZLYNNE17 New Member


    Marg- that is awful, i am glad you took ambulance, as my mom suffered a stroke 10 years ago and it is nothing to mess with, here's hoping that nothing is seriously wrong.

    Sharon- enjoy your spin class

    Timer- yikes that is cold i did not know you lived in Canada, you guys have ketchup chips i am very jealous, something i can not get here have a good day

    golden- isn't that always the way hope you feel better.

    Well not much going on here, difficult child has no school today as it is a town wide day off, for teachers workshops. I changed hours so difficult child would not be alone as long as he would have, as i have cpr tonight, and will not be home until much later. I think his nana may come and visit. So quick warning to all, i ordered difficult child some early christmas presents, something i never do. Well it was shipped to my old address, i thought it was coming regular mail, turns out it came fed ex, well they just left it on the steps of a 32 unit apt. complex. difficult child and i raced down there sat. only to find out it was not there. So fed ex only said sorry, they want to know why i didn't ask for a signature, i have tried to explain how did i know it was coming fed ex. Now due to the fact i have very little money difficult child is out three expensive christmas presents. So if you ever use fed ex, ask for a signature because they are allowed to just leave it where ever they want,if not. Have a great day everyone!

  6. LittleDudesMom

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    :smile:Good Morning All!

    Marg, I do believe it is time to get a new cleaner!!!!! I will definately include you in my prayers - take it easy :sleeping:.

    Sharon, enjoy that spinning class :smile:

    Linda, we are in for your cold weather, or so they say. Right now it is 55 degrees! Fall seems to come and go around here :autumn:

    GG, I tell you, when it rains it pours :doctor: Seems like when one part of your body is hurting, another goes on strike. Getting older is a, well, you know. Take a nice long :bath: when you come home!

    Jen, that is awful about difficult child's gifts. I'm an early, online shopper as well. I've done the majority of the kids shopping already. Sorry about the loss. :sad:

    I'm a little late on the morning post since we are all off today. Told Bonehead :hammer: last night that since the kids were off for election day today (teacher workshop, whatever, they're off), I wouldn't be coming in today either!

    They are still sleeping but I have a treat in store. Our local grocer had a huge meat sale on Friday. Choose 5 for 18.99. You cold choose between pork tenderloin, ground sirloine, top round steaks, chicken, bacon, center cut chops, etc.... Of course I made sure I got the ones that were the most expensive - with the exception of the center cut bacon.

    We very rarely have breakfast meats but I thought the kids would enjoy some scrambled eggs and bacon this morning. I assure you that once the bacon starts sizzling, the kids will be magically led down the steps :future:!!

    Have a great day everyone :thumbsup:

  7. SearchingForRainbows

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    Good Morning Everyone:coffee:,

    Marg, How scary!!! I hope you're feeling alot better!!! I hope the doctors find out what is wrong ASAP!!!

    Sharon and Goldenguru, I hope you both feel better soon!!!

    Linda, I'm sure the mouse will definitely make a difference!!! LOL! The chili sounds like a great idea!!!

    Jen, I'm so sorry about difficult child's Christmas gifts!!! I thought Fed EX couldn't just leave something unless you left a signature that it was ok to do so. I think you should call the company!!! This doesn't seem right!!! :grrr: Thanks for the info though - I'm sure it will help others...

    Well, I'm late already - I've got a BUSY day ahead. Luckily, tonight, not too much on the agenda!!!

    I hope everyone has at least one reason to laugh or at least smile today... :autumn: WFEN