Good Morning Wednesday (4 July)


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G'day, all. Hope the Independence Day stuff is going well for you all. Enjoy your break.

We've got howling winds at the moment, it's got a major wind-chill effect. The thermometer says it's actually quite warm, but I'm colder than when we were in the snow in New Zealand. The howling wind outside is broken by the sound of hacking coughs, sniffing and some disgusting, unmentionable sounds from difficult child 1's sinuses. I'm about to head to the kitchen and create something for dinner - easy child 2/difficult child 2 wanted teriyaki chicken wraps (that's what the kids lived on while we were away) but I can't face the thought of anything with salad, in this weather. Chicken curry, maybe, plus some leftover pumpkin soup.

The two brushtail possums were back in our yard last night. They don't seem to feel the wind. And, thankfully, they don't seem to have found my lettuce seedlings either.

I've not got the washing in and it's already dark. Three loads today, I ran out of time and line space to do more. Just about broken the back of the holiday washing, though.

The drought - not officially over, but some great news. The regional city of Goulburn, which was having to truck in water because their reservoir was bone dry - their dam is now full! Plus their fields have been well watered. I don't think they've been flood damaged, either. They've been very lucky. We pass Goulburn when we drive to visit easy child & BF1 in Canberra. They're getting rain there, too, which they need. New Zealand was so beautifully green - from the air the fields were the colour of moss. Our fields have been dusty brown, or at best sparsely layered with broken straw. As the floods recede we'll see more green. Sydney's dams are at 50% now, which gives us several years.

Despite all these hassles, husband & I have been daydreaming about the ideal farm we want to run. Alpacas and luxury merino sheep. But first we'd have to find a region that already has the spinning mill to take the fleece and value-enhance it. Selling your primary produce without secondary improvement is not sound economics. And I also want a herb farm, plus an orchard.

It will never happen, but we can dream...

OK, off to get dinner cooking. Back to reality.

Enjoy your holiday, those of you in the US!



This is the first year ever that I won't be going to the fireworks at the lake front. Working tonight, won't get off until noon. easy child is taking difficult child to a concert out of town..outdoors, and it is suppose to rain. easy child has to work on Thursday morning, very early so I will be meeting them a a park and ride location so easy child doesn't have to drive 30 miles south to drop off difficult child and turn around and drive the 120 north. easy child drives home every Thursday or Friday for work in our area and back on Sunday evening. easy child came home yesterday and took difficult child to the amusement park for the afternoon. difficult child has a season pass, and a free ticket that was going to expire today. difficult child told me he didn't want to go he had a bad dream about the amusement park the previous night. I went to bed and when I woke up, they had gone and come back already. Said the lines were short and they were able to get on all the rides they wanted in 3 hours. On a busy day you wait for one ride over an hour. difficult child said he was really glad he went. He appreciates easy child so much, and appreciates all the places easy child takes him.
husband took the dogs to the dog park (not officially a dog park) it is a wooded area with many paths surrounded by the lake and a swamp. Everyone goes there with there dogs so they can run and swim. husband said he ran into a man who said he was with the DNR and too many people are letting their dogs run unleashed, so don't be surprised if this area will be sealed off. That would be awful. Some Saturday or Sunday mornings I walk with a group of people with sometimes as many as a dozen dogs. All get along well. Everyone is respectful of others, if someone comes with a dog on a leash, everyone leashes up their dogs until we are past them, if a walker or jogger come through we do the same.

Hope the rain holds off for everyone having holiday picnic's.
Have a good 4th!


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Good Morning. Not sure what we are doing. I have a busy weekend going to a concert with my mom and surrogate gma. Not my knid of concert, but it will be fun to have an outing with the "girls". We will go on Fri and ocme back Sat.

No fireworks from the city this year. The rain has everything waterlogged and the parking would destroy the park around hte lake. We may set some off or go to the church picnic. Not really sure.

Happy 4th to all.



Happy 4th of July from the Nation's Capital!

Marg, hope everyone in your household is on the mend soon.

Kjs, sorry you can't see the fireworks tonight. Glad difficult child and easy child can take in a concert.

Susie, hope you find something fun to do today.

While husband and J were at the Nationals game last night, M and I saw some early fireworks. A country club near our house puts on a show every year, and the people in our neighborhood watch from outside the fence. It was spectacular. Today we will probably take in a neighborhood parade we've gone to for years and then fireworks tonight if it doesn't rain. We're considering the Mall, but security may be extra tight because of all the problems in Great Britain. So it may be the suburbs instead.

Wishing you a Happy 4th of July. Hi to anyone who snuck in.


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Good morning and Happy Independence Day to our US members! :coffee:
Marg- I hope you get ahead of the laundry soon. I truly think that's the worst part of traveling, lol! :hammer:
Kjs- It may be time to rally/petition for an official dog park, or at least "doggie hours". :devil:
Susie- I sure hope your neck of the woods dries up a lot very soon! :smile: Enjoy the concert.
SW- Our fireworks may be rained out also, it's all about timing. :crazy:
Today is husband's birthday, Duckie woke him up bright & early to give him gifts and homemade cards. It was cute. :thumb:I have some quick altar guild duties later and a bbq at a friend's house. It may rain intermittently throughout the day. I don't mind, though, because our area has been really parched. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/hot.gif
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:
*yawn* good morning. I think.

Marg, I missed you. Welcome back.

Kjs, I hope your boys enjoy the concert and do not get rained out.

Susie, enjoy your girl time.

Smallworld, you tell those Nationals that they better start beating the Cubs. I'm a Sox fan and I can't stand the smarmy Cubs fans around here. They win a game and they act like they won the world series.

Well, I feel like absolute doo doo today. The weather is kicking my behind. Thankfully, my neighbors are keeping Tink busy. Last night she went to the Taste of Lombard with the twins around the corner and their family. Looks like fireworks may be rained out tonight, but Tink is probably going to a cookout with another neighbor. there will be plenty of kids and a trampoline. I am very blessed to have such caring neighbors.

In the meantime, I am trying to stay grateful. It is tough because I am getting bored of laying around all day. I did apply for a couple of those work from home jobs that some of you wonderful ladies suggested. Baby steps, right?

I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday. Happy Birthday, America! May God bless the USA.

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Good Morning and Happy July 4th,

Marguerite-Glad to hear the dam is full! Chicken curry sounds like a delicious choice! :smile:

Kjs-Glad difficult child had fun at the amusement park. easy child and difficult child sound like they have a great relationship!

SusieStar-Sounds like a fun weekend planned. I hope you enjoy the day no matter what you choose!

SW-Enjoy your day-sounds like it will be a fun one!

TM-Happy Birthday to husband! The bbq sounds like fun!

BBK-I'm sorry your not feeling well. It sounds like you are indeed blessed with good neighbors.

Weatherwise today I think we'll be o.k. It may rain some this morning but most of ours came last night. I almost had to pull off the side of the road it was raining so hard and so windy.

In a bit we have to go drop off easy child. She is going to spend the day with her boy friend. (It's a whole other post-I'm a bit nervous about it-only because she is so young-long story). husband and I are planning a workout and if the sun comes out I'll take difficult child to the pool.

I hope everyone enjoys a great 4th! Hi to anyone who snuck in. :dance:


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:thumb: Good Morning Everyone!

I know it's late to say good morning but.....

I woke up this morning at 7 and just lay there for a minute, thinking about everything I had to do for the day. Then, the next thing I knew, I woke up and it was five to ten :surprise:!!!!!!!!!!!! easy child and I were supposed to be at the gym in a class at 9:30. Guess we won't be doing that today.

Wishing everyone who celebrates a fabulous and patriotic 4th of July!


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Good morning friends,

Cannot believe it - I slept until 10:15. husband & kt kept the house quiet & let me sleep.

It promises to be a beautiful (& hot) day today. husband & kt are in charge of figuring out dinner; afterward as we're not attending fireworks husband has set up the fire pit & we gonna hang out & do s'mores.

Have a good day all.