Good Morning Wednesday


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G'day. It's Wednesday night and I'm pooped.

I was late to bed last night (mea culpa - talking to you guys) and we had an early start (left home 6.30 am). We got to the film set for what we thought was an 8 am call, to find that we should have been rung to tell us not to come in. But here, have breakfast anyway, the catering truck has leftovers.

While we were eating, someone important (hey, I don't know these people) came over and said, "Sorry about the mix-up. You can hang around and watch if you like, or go home and we'll see you tomorrow. Or if you want to stick around, there is a scene coming up where we could use the kids."

We stuck around. On our various treks to the loo we passed various main cast in costume, including Zoe Carides (Anthony LaPaglia's sister-in-law) and later during the scene with the kids, Toni Collette was involved. Our kids were really just a foil for her scene - fair enough. Extras are just portable scenery. So my brush with fame - Zoe Carides told me where the loo was. But I already knew.

difficult child 3 thoroughly embarrassed me by stressing out over the uncertainty of it all, but fortunately they're used to working with autistic kids by now. So if you ever see the film, when the other kids are rehearsing the conga line, difficult child 3 is sitting on the edge of the stage in the background, just watching. You'll probably need to freeze-frame it to see them. We hung around for six hours for it, but at least difficult child 3 has a bit more of an idea what to expect tomorrow, when he is *the star* (for 30 seconds). let's hope he doesn't freak out again, with the lights and gear everywhere.

After that we got back to get easy child 2/difficult child 2 enrolled in her college course, then had our routine doctor's appointment.

I'm cooking a bought, frozen, caterer's pack lasagne and going to bed now.

Good night. Tomorrow is a 7 am call (leaving home 5.30 am!) and after that, it's over. School next week, normality (well, as normal as it gets).



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Good Morning Marguerite. Sounds like an exciting day. Your brush with fame is more than most of us get. Enjoy all the hustle and bustle. I will be excited to see the film and look for difficult child 3. You are going to be an exhausted warrior mom.

Unfortunately, I'm not sleeping well. Too early for :smile:
and too late to do any housework.
difficult child hasn't checked in. He wanted to do his job search himself. :smile: He hasn't ask for gas for the car or any money for necessities! Who knows. I'll give him a ring today to make sure all is well. I hope he finds himself a job he loves.
Have a good day my friends.
:smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile:
Can you tell I'm enjoying the new emoticons? :smile:

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Good morning friends,

Marg, what a busy day - we never see that kind of activity around our area. Of course, MN isn't great for filming much of anything unless you need a cold spot! :rofl:

Fran, I'm in the same sleeping pattern tonight. I'm giving it another half hour & I'm putting on the coffee. :smile: With difficult children, isn't no news, good news? Keeping fingers crossed that difficult child finds a job soon. :laugh:

I got through 2 rather intense tweedle appts yesterday (attachment therapist for kt & wm's quarterly staffing). I'm struggling as it becomes harder & harder to find something, anything, positive to encourage wm. He's scrapping the bottom of the barrel behaviorwise - it's gotten to the point where co-mom & I thank wm for eating with a fork. :smile:

Today is kt's monthly staffing at Residential Treatment Center (RTC). I'm not sure whether I plan on attending or not yet. It's kind of a moot point; psychiatrist will get up & pontificate on his subject of the month. Everyone else will nod & agree (suck ups! :rofl:). I, on the other hand will point out any flaws that are particular to kt & how they need to be addressed. He gets huffy, pontificates some more & then realizes I am right. At least the man is smart. :rofl:

Same stuff - different month, quarter - whatever.

Enjoy your day all. I plan on it.


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I hope you al have a nice day!

Our cat smokey, he's the one with asthma has been sick. The last two days difficult child had to stay home and be with him, and take him to the vets. His stepmom works their and it comes in handy. She dropped smokey off last night, he looks better but now has to take his prednazone twice a day for the rest of the week, and also another medicine for six days, so difficult child is back to school today, and i have a staff meeting tonight how boring. Have a good one guys!

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Good Morning,

Marguerite-Your day made me tired just reading it but the filming stuff is very interesting. I plan to see th movie if it is released here.

Fran-I'm sorry you're not sleeping well. I hope a nap is in your future and that difficult child is doing well in his search.

Linda-Your busy day sounds draining. I'm sorry wm isn't doing better. If you decide to go I hope kt's staffing goes better than you expect.

Razzle-I'm glad your cat is doing better. I hope you find some fun in your day.

I went to bed before 9 last night-can you tell I was a bit tired? It felt good to get some sleep. Today after work I have my class and easy child has a concert I'm going to miss. We never take difficult child to the concerts but husband has no choice tonight. After my class I have to stop at the grocery store. One of my coworkers had surgery and I'm helping with a meal for tomorrow.

I hope everyone has an awesome day! Hi to anyone who snuck in. :smile:


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Good Wednesday Morning Everyone :smile:

Marg, everyone seems to think its glamour and excitement - glad you have all had the experience - I'm sure it will be remembered.

Fran, love the new emoticons :smile: Hope all is well with difficult child. Hope difficult child is surviving tech week with the play and you went back to bed and are sleeping.

Linda, two meetings yesterday and the same ole today - understandable why you would not want to attend - hope your day is as good as planned :princess:!

Jen, glad the kitty is donig better - have a great day :cool:.

Sharon, little early for the wine don't you think????!!!! Wishing you a good day and hope you get your :smile: in.

It's cold here this morning * but no snow. Supposedly we may get some flurries - I think just a flurry or two will make me smile :smile:

difficult child had a rough patch at school yesterday when he thought some of the kids were laughing at him while he was giving an oral report. 1:1 took 1/2 his recess and said that he brough himself back pretty quickly but was still upset about the recess. As we were driving home I told difficult child that we wouldn't do a lot of talking about it since he had paid the consequence for his behavior at school. However, I just wanted to remind you that controlling your anger is better than allowing your anger to control you. When anger is in control, bad things happen - like loosing recess. End of of discussion........

Some errands and some prep for my next mediation meeting. Our divorce mediator is preparing our agreement for us to look at next Saturday. I have a few more things I want to check into regarding my tax liablities. Want to do that ahead so I make sure I understand :hammer:!!!

Wishing everyone a great day - remember that sometimes the little things are the most meaningful!



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Good Morning Marg, Fran, Linda, Jen, Sharon & Sharon,
This is me so far this morning: :smile: (at least the hair is accurate, lol!)
This will be me after a little more HMJ: :smile:
I don't have much to say so far because I haven't successfully shaken the cobwebs from my brain yet. :blush:
Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :smile:

I also love the emoticons, especially :smile: !!! I've already had my moring coffee
:smile: but am considering another cup...

Marg, I haven't followed all the posts regarding the movie - What is the name of it? I definitely want to see it!!! I'll have to find your old posts and read about it!!!
My claim to fame happened when I was 5 yrs old. I got to be on a local kids' show and dance with one of the lead characters. I would love to be able to see that episode now...

Fran, Sorry you aren't able to sleep. Hope you get more rest tonight. I think its wonderful that difficult child is doing so well!!! I'm eagerly waiting an update telling us he has found a fantastic job!!!

Linda, Glad you made it through yesterdays meetings. Hope things get better with Wm. You and Fran both need a good night's rest!!! Hopefully, it'll be tonight. At least you can find humor in Kts monthly staffing meetings. :rofl: Keep your sense of humor!!!

Jen, Glad Smokey is doing better!!! How do you get Smokey to take pills??? It's nearly impossible to get them down my cat. Good luck at the meeting tonight.

Sharon, I'm glad you got a good night's sleep. It's nice your're helping your co-worker out. Hope your co-worker is feeling better and your class goes well.

Sharon, I like the way you handled the situation with difficult child. Hope you get everything in order for the divorce mediator - Way To Go Knowledge is POWER!!! Hang in there...

Today is the day I have to do all the things I've been putting off... Some house cleaning, appointment. making, etc... Also I want to check in on my husband's elderly aunt...

Hope everyone has a great day!!! :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: (enough playing with new emoticons). WFEN


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Good Morning All.
Got to bed at 10:30 last night slept until 7am, not counting my numerous bathroom breaks I need throughout the night. Sleep was pretty peaceful though, thankfully. Although last night difficult child called using the videophone at school he was very weepy, he's been talking about becoming a day student and not a dorm student and becoming obsessed about that subject. Anyway, I've been up for over an hour and still only one cup of :smile:. Trying to catch up on forum reading and not anywhere near the :smile:.
Have a great day all.