Good morning Wednesday

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    G'day, folks.

    It's been a quiet day here today. difficult child 3 is dog-sitting for neighbours but I also got him to do some schoolwork today (in the holidays). He seemed to work OK today (not too badly, he was able to focus once he got going) so I'm not sure about calling the doctor about his medications. We're getting him back to using a pill container so we can check if he's taking them or not. He is compliant but he sometimes forgets.

    difficult child 1 & girlfriend are here for dinner tonight. I have a roast chook and vegetables in the oven as I type this. husband is going to be a little late home tonight, I might need to start feeding people before he gets home.

    Tomorrow is my cleaning day, then I have an afternoon to get a bit more work done. Then tomorrow night the family are on their own, I have a long meeting with a client, brainstorming his book.

    Despite some very hot summery days, our weather is back to early spring again. Cool, sometimes damp, but signs of spring are unmistakeable. I think the cockatoos are nesting again, every year we get one particular pair that visit us for extra feeding. it's generally a bad idea to feed the cockies, they eat houses for a hobby. They also will destroy a garden on the way, they especially love to bite off flower buds and stems as well as destroying fruit and vegetables. Charming. We have two peach trees and never get any fruit off them, ever.

    Enjoy your Wednesday, everyone.

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    Good morning Marg, & all who follow,

    Marg, chook & roasted vegies sounds wonderful for dinner. What time should I show up? ;) We use the pill boxes for kt ~ she's learning with supervision to set it up. However, she needs constant reminders to take her medications. She, like your difficult child, is compliant, just forgetful. :bag:

    My calendar is empty today! After a day & a half of intense stormy weather it will be good to see the sun shine (or so the forecast tells me). After a few morning chores & a bit of laundry, I intend to finish up a painting I've been working on for a week or so. I'm anxious to start a monthly challenge that the leader of my art group (forum) has assigned. I'm also waiting for an order from my art supplier (a new hand bridge & graphite pencils). It takes little to amuse me of late. :nerd:

    A new PCA is to start today, but I'm not sure if the Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) worker that used to be scheduled for Wednesday's has been rescheduled for Friday's. Have to check that out or I'm toast. I cannot have 2 workers in the home at the same time. AND I don't know how to utilize the Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) worker at this point. Usually they come with a plan - this one didn't.

    Oh well, onto bigger & better things. I hope you day is calm & that you find a reason to laugh outloud today. We all need a good belly laugh once in a while. :bigsmile::coffee::flowers:

  3. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning!

    Marg-I'm glad you had a quiet day, it seems you have been very busy lately. Enjoy your dinner!

    Linda-An empty calendar day-how cool is that? Enjoy your painting!

    After work today, I have a therapist appointment. difficult child has to sit in the waiting room as husband had to take easy child to her therapist appointment. Last time we did this difficult child only interuppted once because after the first interupption I promised him an extra snack if he didn't interrupt.

    Hopefully, I'll make it to the health club. I did make it yesterday and am hoping it helped with my cold but we'll see.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day.:peaceful:
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    :beautiful-female: Good Morning Friends - we are just about halfway there!

    Marg, glad you had a quiet day today - the dinner sounds delish :hungry:!

    Linda, you have a quiet day today as well - enjoy your art :proud:.

    Sharon, your day is not so quiet - hope you fit the health club in :sweating:.

    I've a not too busy day. Gym and household stuff. difficult child is beginning to have some trouble in language arts. I met with the IEP team about this last year and expressed my concern over the demands of 7th grade English vs his LA Learning Disability (LD). I believe I will be calling his case manager at school today.

    Wishing everyone a smooth Wednesday :peaceful:

  5. Andy

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    Marg - I am glad your difficult child 3 is doing better with school work. Yesterday my difficult child forgot his medications. I didn't notice to the evening but didn't say anything because he will freak out about it because he gets scared about what will happen if he forgets. At bed time he noticed and come to me upset about it. I asked how he felt and since he was fine all day, I told him that is a good sign that going off is working and hopefully wont be a problem with each step down.

    Timer - Sounds like a peaceful day if you can get the worker situation figured out.

    Wiped Out - Have a great day. I hope your cold is on the way out.

    Little Dudes Mom - I hope you do have a smooth day and can help difficult child's language arts class without conflict from the school.

    As I mentione to Marg, my difficult child didn't get his flouxetine yesterday. He had no effects of not taking it which gives me promise that we may not have issues with the next few step downs. My neighbor who was on it stated that if she missed a dose, she would feel it within an hour, sometimes feeling the need just before taking it.

    Yesterday was my first day of helping the 2nd grade Social Study class. I loved it. We talked about maps so I borrowed them glass rocks to put on whatever they were suppose to point to. They wanted to keep the stones but I told them I would give them some at the end of the year.

    Last night at the Board of Education for our church, members talked about setting up a parent's meeting to find more teachers. Some members think we should have separate classes for each age group. They asked if I had materials and I said we could get some if we get teachers. However, at this point we should wait until December 1st for the new quarter to start since I have to purchase 3 months at a time. Wait, we usually end up without classes in December with program practice so I can order Winter quarter and have them teach the December lessons in November! Any way, I am loving teaching the PK - 6 in one group and don't see a problem if we do not get more teachers but next year they will need more teachers.

    Tommorrow is early out for difficult child and no school on Friday so I am taking Friday off. We have a therapist appointment in Fargo so will spend the day up there. I need to go to a party store to get table decorations for an upcoming trivia night. I don't know many answers but I sure treat my team good. I might have two tables this year so may call them The Pampered Ones (original team) and Pampered Too (extended team). I am the only one in the last few years to bring in table cloth and table decorations. I provide each member with a small pad of paper and a pen. I also do snacks and this year I want to do more in the food dept - maybe have a pizza delivered? It's fun to watch the other teams be envious but I figured they can also do what I am doing. It is a fundraiser for our youth group so I am considering "buying" one or two of the kids to be our private caterers. This person can refill drinks, pass around the food, and take our answers up to the front between rounds. Might be another level of pampering?

    Well, I better get going. I am sure someone snuck in on me - Hi to that person. Everyone have a great day and find a way to make your difficult child laugh.