Good Morning Wednesday

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. Marguerite

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    G'day, folks.

    Just as Punksatawney Phil has declared at least six more weeks of winter, so we in the Southern Hemisphere appear to be just reaching the hottest part of our summer. Sydney escaped from the really bad heat that affected Melbourne and Adelaide a week or so ago but we're heading for it to be bad this weekend. I just managed to get some of my garden watered tonight (I need to get some bucketsful of water onto other areas) but it is so very dry here.

    difficult child 3 got on with his schoolwork today moderately well (a bit distracted) although it was very hot. As soon as school hours finished, we headed off for the beach. Very pleasant, even though we had the beach entirely to ourselves for most of the time. This weekend it is likely to be crowded, however. They said it could even reach 45 C (113 F) or higher in the west of Sydney on Sunday, before the cool change comes through. Hopefully it won't get that hot where we are, but forewarned is forearmed - I'll fill some bottles with water, so we'll have something cool to drink. Last time we had such horribly hot weather, the water coming out of the tap was so hot you could have dunked a teabag into it to make a really strong cuppa. I actually measured the drinking water at about 65 C (149 F). Too hot to try to chill off in the fridge!

    Tomorrow is my cooking/cleaning day, then we'll probably go to the beach again. But on Friday difficult child 3 has an appointment in the city (university clinic) which means being out and about in the heat, no chance of a swim. Again, forewarned is forearmed; we freeze bottles of water and bring them with us along with some other water bottles. The frozen bottle gets topped up from the other bottles so we always have some drinkable, cool water. Then after difficult child 3'sappointment we'll meet up with husband and all come home together, with any large stuff he needs to being home. He bougt a tool cupboard from someone at work, he will be glad of my large car to fetch it home. It's rather difficult to tuck it under your arm on the train trip!

    Enjoy your Wednesday, everyone.

  2. LittleDudesMom

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    :grins: Good Middle of the Week!!!!

    Marg, glad you got in a good swim. How are the jellies this time of the year? We usually see a huge increase when the water reaches it warmest in the summer. Hope it's not too uncomfortable in the city tomorrow. Have a good evening.

    I got sooooo much accomplished yesterday! It was a very productive day and I'm hoping for the same today. The book fair begins on Friday and I will be busy with little or no down time at home until the book fair closes on the 13th. I am clearing lists, planning and precooking/freezing meals (that way I don't come home and make the mistake of eating unhealthy or picking up something on the run), making sure there are no areas of build up in the house - you know, piles of stuff that needs attention.

    I'm heading off to the gym in about 20 minutes for my water fitness class. Need it - easy child had a DECA officer's meeting here last night with pizza and homemade choc chip cookies and homemade lemon bars. I couldn't resist a little taste of the sweet :erm:.

    Hope your Wednesday is a good one!

  3. Janna

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    Good morning, ladies,

    Marg, I can't believe how hot it gets there LOL! Sheesh. Really, I dunno if that would bother me. Right now, with this cold (and SIX more weeks, grrrrrr) - I'd rather room with you.

    Sharon, YUM! The pizza and cookies sound yummy. No harm in a little :) Glad you got so much accomplished! Excellent.

    Another busy day today. B has been home a whole week from Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) and I'm wiped out. It's not that he's being "bad" per se, but it's like having another small child to watch over. I have to run him in town, he has community service to finish up at the food bank. Then, we continue pounding pavement looking for a job. This economy is horrible.

    D has an awards presentation today at school. Not sure how he'll make it through. I'm praying for him. I'll be there, which will increase stimulation I'm sure LOL. The awards, they do them after every marking period. Best reader, most improved in math, etc., etc. Plus, they give mile awards to all kids (they hike in partial), so everyone gets something.

    STILL waiting on a return call from psychiatrist. Lord, give me strength.....

    Have a good day everyone.
  4. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Marg-It sounds really hot by you, which sounds great to me right now as our temp is -2 with a windchill of -15. Glad you made it to the beach!

    Sharon-Glad yesterday was so productive! Glad you indulged a bit last night-enjoy your water class!

    Janna-Good luck with the job hunting for B. I hope D does well at the award ceremony!

    A different sort of day for me today which is good because yesterday was a really rough day at school. The spec. ed teacher and aide were both sick. Every child in my room with emotional difficulties had a hard time at one point or another yesterday!

    Today, I'm going to my intensive all day voice therapy. It's the one I was supposed to go to in December but ended up the hospital instead. I'm in appts. from 8-4 today. Sounds like a long day but different. I hope it helps-my voice has not been good lately at all!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day.:peaceful:
  5. Marguerite

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    Sharon/LDM, in Sydney we don't have too much trouble with jellyfish at the beach. In the rivers you get more of the brown jellyfish, they are the ones that sting. At the beach you get the clear jellies, they're not a problem. But the problem ones are the bluebottles (Portuguese Man 'O War, or Physalia).
    We do get more at this time of the year but it's because of the prevailing winds. If the wind comes from the north east, it blows the bluebottles onto our beach. Some people are braver than others, I will swim if there's only one or two, but if they're starting to wash into the beach in greater numbers, I'm out of there. One of these can inflict a nasty sting, but multiple stings (or one really bad one) can send you into shock. At least they're easy to spot when they wash into the beach. And although they're plentiful (episodically) I've only ever been stung two or three times.

    While we do have a lot of nasties in Aussie waters, most of them are only a problem if you really annoy them. We have blue-ringed octopusses in our area but I've only ever seen one in the wild, although they're common. They only kill if you really annoy them and actually put them on you at the same time. Sharks - all the regular ones around Sydney are fairly docile and well-fed (plenty of rubbish floating around). In the Barrier Reef area of Queensland there are more nasty denizens, the worst of these would be the box jellyfish. We don't get these anywhere near us (thank goodness). Up in box jelly territory the lifeguards stay safe by wearing pantyhose during box jelly season. I kid you not! But nobody would ever dare call these guys sissies! The Hoff at his best was a wimp compared to these guys... and our lifeguards are also volunteers, they do it for free.

    So any of you who want to join us for a (virtual) swim, feel free. No lifeguards on our little beach, though. But the sand is toasty-warm to lie on, it's clean and deep. The water is clear and clean, you can see to the bottom, so no taking your swimsuit off in deep water to rinse out the sand - the peoiple standing on the shore can see EVERYTHING. Mind you, if you want to swim naked, there is an area at the beach around the corner...

  6. timer lady

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    Good morning all,

    Marg, glad you got your swim in yesterday ~ your schedule is so very busy of late.

    Sharon (ldm), your schedule is non-stop as well. The home made cookies sound wonderful. Have fun at water fitness this morning.

    Janna, the economy is horrendous. It's so much harder for a teen to find a job at this time ~ especially when there are adults trying to support a family & will take whatever is out there.

    Sharon (with-o), sending good thoughts the voice therapy helps. Your body sounds like it's wearing down a bit.

    kt finally got up & got moving; she was pushing for a day home. Every excuse under the sun. Since she only has 3 hours of school I suggested she get her little butt moving. She took that suggestion.

    It's 4 below zero; this winter is holding on & dragging me down this year.

    I have a contractor coming in this morning to put a very strong ADA type hand rail going down into my basement so I can navigate the stairs on my stronger days. I'd like to get some laundry going & kt isn't doing the best of jobs knowing I can't get down there to supervise.

    This afternoon a financial planner is coming in to help me figure out what is what since husband died. There is life insurance that has to last a very long time as I cannot work.

    Have a good day all.
  7. Andy

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    Good Morning Everyone!

    Marg - Way too hot there for me. I can barely handle anything over 80 deg F. I hope there is a break in the heatwave for your errands tomorrow.

    Little Dude's Mom - I love book fairs. We have one the beginning of March for difficult child's school and I make sure it is open every time I am at church. I am allowed to open it for anyone interested in looking. I think it is a disappointment to walk past an unopen one. I love lemon bars and choc chip cookies and completely understand how you couldn't resist.

    Janna - Hang in there! What types of jobs are B looking at? Good luck to D for some fun awards.

    Wiped Out - The cold continues! When will it end? I am sorry your classroom was challenging yesterday and I hope the voice therapy will not be too hard.

    My computer and two file cabinets at work got moved to our new facility yesterday. Today I put four boxes of personal items in the van and take another four boxes of work items to the new facility. Then the job of unpacking! I hope my computer is workable - a staff member was setting it up yesterday as I left. I can do without my phone for a few days (have a number but not an actual phone) but don't think I can do without my computer. I need to redo some standard forms with my new address and phone numbers.

    This afternoon I also have to remember to go to a local pizza shop and ask for four medium uncooked crusts for Friday. One of the workshops for K - 6th grade is making individual pizzas using English muffins. The kids will spread the sauce and top with cheese and pepperoni to take home and bake. The leader wants one to make for each class so the kids have something to eat. She said in the past that Papa Murphys has had heartshaped pizzas so I will check into that. They would be perfect for our Valentine theme Friday.

    I am using "Post Quick Reply" to avoid getting that nasty thumbs down symbol. As posted in the WC, my computer has gone further downhill and I need to tab my way through EVERYTHING.

    Everyone have a great day and find a way to make your kids laugh!
  8. Andy

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    Timer - You snuck in on me. Way too cold there for me. Though I think we are having about the same - I am just to chicken to look at the actual numbers. Good luck with all your plans today.
  9. Good morning, everyone! In a rush, but wanted to check in with you folks. Hope everyone has a good day!