Good Morning Wednesday

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, May 6, 2009.

  1. Marguerite

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    G'day, folks.

    I'm still not fully back on deck, still very tired and trying to get to bed earlier for a while.

    We're back home after the wedding, sis-in-law is staying with mother in law. Her girls flew home on Sunday (a couple of hours after easy child & new son-in-law flew out to Bangkok). brother in law has been visiting friends in Canberra, is heading off in the morning to spend a couple of days with an old mate in the Northern Beaches. I've cooked a large pot of Sri Lankan curry for dinner tonight, it's his favourite and I want to do my utmost to butter him up. He's very abrasive, he qalso has avoided visiting with us in Sydney for a few years because he says we don't like him and he feels unweolcome. He's got his daughters convinced we're mean to him as well, not healthy.
    I wont be there for dinner, I have choir practice (I'm the conductor/music director). However, I won't be away for more than an hour or so, husband can serve it all up down at mother in law's & I'll get a lift back to there after practice.

    easy child & sister in law have been emailing us from their hotel, it's been lovely to stay in touch. They're having a wonderful time exploring off the tourist tracks.

    brother in law borrowed difficult child 3's bike and the tyre flattened. husband & difficult child 3 are out in the garage right now, repairing the flat. No hard feelnigs, we think the tyre already had a slow leak. When brother in law gets back from his beach visit the bike should be rideable again.

    I had a huge day yesterday, in the city from early morning until well after close of school. Then fighting our way south in peak hour traffic to collect husband, then rushing to get to difficult child 3's evening drama class. mother in law had dinner for us but I had to head home early afterwards, to go to bed.

    Tomorrow is my cleaning day, it's been two weeks. husband did some washing today so there shouldn't be too much to do. After cleaning, we're heading off to do some mall shopping. Sis-in-law is going in to the city with her husband, she's meeting old friends while he continues on to stay with his friends. So we'll be out shopping etc and ready to collect sis-in-law from the station when she gets back from the city.

    So tomorrow is going to be another tiring day. difficult child 3 saw the doctor today, he's on an inhaler to try to shift the nasty cough he's had for over two weeks. Here's hoping!

    I've started writing some notes to post in Watyercooler, about the wedding. At my current rate of time available, it will still be a few days before I can post anything. But I WILL get there...

    Enjoy your Wednesday.

  2. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning!

    Marg-Wow-you must be exhausted! I hope soon you are able to start catching up on your rest!

    This annoying cold is still hanging on, my fault probably as I didn't double my cortisone right away. Will do that today and hopefully that will kick this cold to the curb!

    After work today husband is going to take difficult child to his first tutoring lesson. Hopefully this will be what he needs to start being a reader.

    After dinner at some point husband and I will make it to the health club. Last night we didn't get there til almost 8:30.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
  3. LittleDudesMom

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    Good Wednesday Morning!!!

    Marg, just reading your good morning post makes me tired! However, it's times like these - after family events when there are staggering family members still around, that we remember in the years to come.

    Sharon, is difficult child being tutored privately or by a student? I know when my difficult child wasn't reading it was not an issue so much of "can't" but "won't" (there were some slight issues which could be overcome with hard work). I used to buy him mangas and such (everything from SpongeBob to Full Metal Alchamist) to get him reading. It definately helped. But even today, he's not a big "Oh, I'm going to read a book", kinda kid. easy child and I are going to the gym after she gets out of school today. She saw some interested new "moves" for class using a noodle (which the gym has tons of) and she wants me to go with her and try them out before she teaches again tomorrow am! Hope your day is great.

    It's a home day today. Little bit of laundry, little bit of upstairs cleaning, dying my hair in the middle of that.

    Wishing everyone a good Wednesday - it's all downhill from here!

  4. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Marg - I hope you are able to catch up on rest tonight.

    Wiped Out - Gotta get rid of that cold!

    Little Dude's Mom - Enjoy the "noodles".

    I am getting my Wednesdays mixed up. I told co-workers yesterday that I would not be in this morning. That is NEXT Wed so if anyone paid attention to me they will be surprised to see me. Shucks, and here I was looking forward to a morning off of work.

    difficult child has a therapist appointment this afternoon. I got one for next Wed morning so that he can go weekly until school is out and then we will see from there.

    Yesterday was much better for difficult child. He stated he had all the same symptoms as the morning before with one other thing added but did not cry or whine to be taken back home. Much much calmer morning!

    Tonight is Pony League tryouts so we will only have an hour in Fargo after the appointment. We are going to go to Scheels and get baseball pants.

    Diva puppy just got loose and started barking and chasing a morning walker. I had to run out and capture her. Fortunately she still had one of the "ropes" still connected so I could grab that. Unfortunately she is very wet so tub time before letting her loose in the house.

    I can not find difficult child's school pictures. I found Diva's and the packet of the two together but can not find difficult child's. I provided a 7 month baby picture for a year end board of 6th graders but may be asked to give something older (like PK). I will check my scrapbook containers again since those were the last pictures I have worked on.

    Everyone have a great day and find a way to make your kids laugh!
  5. artana

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    Good morning all,
    I'm mentally drained. I don't think I've had more than three days off of work since Christmas. Next week, the kids and I will be going to El Salvador for my brother's wedding, so I will finally get to rest.:) The only bad part is that my SO can't go. He didn't want to put the dogs in a kennel for that long.
  6. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Yeah! I just found difficult child's pictures. I pulled one of each year from 1 year old to 7 yrs old (1st grade) for my friend to choose from. With only four kids, she would like all to use close to the same age frame. I suggested that once the girl brings in her picture, the rest of us can work around that one. (we don't see her mom - she is a bus rider - and the other two moms and I see each other every day)

    I had given her one of difficult child at 7 months old. The third mom has one of her son about that same age she would like to use and my friend is trying to find a baby picture of her son. Hopefully we can get this all to work out for her.

    I sent difficult child back to bed 1/2 hour ago. Now he has to get up and get going. He feels like he is going blind and his head is shaky inside. Let's hope the ride to school isn't too torturous for me!