Good Morning Wednesday

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. Marguerite

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    What a day - in some ways everything got blown out of the water but in other ways, I got a lot done that I hadn't expected.

    I had a list of phone calls to make before my early afternoon doctor's appointment followed by difficult child 3's last tennis class for the year. But mother in law rang - husband's cousin had invited herself and her husband over for lunch. I knew I wouldn't be able to do much but would be needed at some point, so I rang my doctor to try to bring my appointment forward. And I could! I had an hour to get there whien the phone rang - an important call from school discussing difficult child 3's subject options for next year, including the college course option. I need to talk to the college URGENTLY. By the time I got off the phone from the teacher (no time to call the college, maybe I would drop in) I had to get going fast.

    I got to the doctor right on time but of course she was running late. I needed to get my results from yesterday's ultrasound on my hips.
    And this time there was evidence found that I do have bursitis. So she wrote me a referral to get ultrasound-guided cortisone injections into both hips.

    The radiology place was only five inutes'drive away so I went there in person to make the appointment, thinking that Friday would work for me. But they said, "Hang round, we'll try and fit you in this afternoon."

    I was given an hour and a half to wait so I parked in the basement of the nearby mall (out of the sun there) and catnapped. I've not been sleeping, so the catnap was valued.

    They normally don't inject both hips in the one day (because government insurance only pays for one hip injection per day) but the doctor very kindly did both my hips, knowing he was only getting paid for one.

    Of course I am now very sore, this will take a few days to begin to work (if it does).

    I drove straight home. B*gg** dropping in on the college! Went to mother in law's, chatted there for half an hour with husband's cousin and her husband, then difficult child 3 rang - time to take him to tennis!
    Normally I stroll aroud the tennis court and kick the balls back to the coach, but not today - I went back to the car and stayed there.

    Back home in time to cook a quick dinner, then headed out to choir practice before husband got home (he'd had computer problems at work). Home again (hips really beginning to hurt) to cook a late night snack/small dinner and return a phone call about the organisation of the carols service.

    So I'm heading for bed, perchance to sleep.

    I cancelled my cleaner for tomorrow (I don't think I could cope with him - I'm going to be too sore and I work alongside him usually, I have to because he's so incompetent). easy child 2/difficult child 2 will be visiting plus difficult child 3 has another speech pathology session in the morning (unless she cancels - she does sometimes, her health isn't good).

    Depending on how I'm gonig (and how difficult child 3 goes with schoolwork) we might get to the beach briefly. I need my Vitamin D dose!

    Enjoy your Wendesday.

  2. Wiped Out

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    Marg-Ouch on the cortisone shots-I hope they really do begin to work so you can be in less pain. What a long day you had. Hugs.

    Snow day here. As much as I didn't want the snow day it is absolutely beautiful. I feel like woke up in a winter wonderland. Our blizzard warning goes until midnight tonight. Even our city buses aren't running-haven't seen that in years and years.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
  3. Fran

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    Marguerite, you put in an amazing amount energy in every day. You must be exhausted. Hope the beach ends up being on your priority list.

    We are getting a lot of rain which beats the mid section of the country's intense snow.

    difficult child and I worked side by side cleaning the garage then shopping. I treated him to dinner for his hard work.

    Today is so dark and dreary so I'm sure I will stay home and get some projects done. It's a soup sort of day.

    Have a good day everyone. :forchristmas:
  4. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Sharon, you snuck up on me.
    Have a lovely snow day. Put those kids to work so they are too tired to be triggers to each other.:snowing:

    I wouldn't mind having husband home and having a snow day.
  5. crazymama30

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    Marg--husband gets x-ray (could be ultrasound? he is not a reliable source of info) guided injections in his hips. Those are pretty painful for him, sometimes horrible other times not so bad, but they do help. I am impressed with your motivation.

    Sharon--Hope the kids behave for the snow day. Maybe difficult child will go make a snow fort? mine loves to do that, as long as it is not way too cold outside.

    Fran--It has been a soup sort of day here too. I have been contemplating doing a beef barley soup in the crock pot. Or a beef barley vegetable soup? Hope you get lots of projects done.

    I have a meeting at 6:45am! Ug and yuck. So I will get the kids as ready as I can and pry husband out of bed--his eve medications make him really tired so that can be fun. My grandfather has been in the hospital with pneumonia and we think he should be home by Friday, could be today as he was doing much better.

    Hope you all have a great over the hump wednesday
  6. timer lady

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    Morning all,

    I've been hitting the snooze for over an hour now. Just didn't want to get out of my warm bed.

    Sharon, our schools never ever close. Enjoy your snow day. You know if difficult child gets out of control you can throw him out in a drift. ;)

    Marg, honey, you have to slow down a bit or those hips will continue to cause you pain. Your body is tellin g you something - listen to it. Okay?

    Fran, what kind of soup are you going to make - sounds lovely.

    CM, glad to hear that your grandfather is doing better.

    We have a blizzard going on here in the middle of the city. I haven't seen drifts of this height in a very long time. AND our SD is still going strong.

    My therapist called me & canceled our morning session - she's hoping the weather will clear enough for a mtg this afternoon. I've always loved snow days if I didn't have to go out in them. In a way I'm hoping I get to stay here all day & watch the weather happen around me.

    Have a good day all. Be safe if you're in the midst of the blzzard.