Good Morning Wednesday

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    G'day, folks.

    I'm feeling tired today. I took mother in law out early to the doctor, we got there at about 8.30 am for her blood test. After that we took advantage of having gone to the mainland to get little things done. First we went to easy child 2/difficult child 2's place and I swapped over my good pots and pans for her fairly rough stuff, but hers will work on our new induction cooktop and mine won't.

    Then it was a quick trip to the providore's, only mother in law wanted to come in too and that at the moment automatically means a much longer stop, because she's so unsteady and moving so slowly. Not tat I begrudge it, but I'm trying to not tire her out so I'm always watching to be careful.

    After that I went to difficult child 1's & daughter in law's to drop off my spare crutches for daughter in law. I saw her X-rays - the report says the fracture is not displaced; I don't agree. The bone didn't penetrate the skin so technically it's not as complex as it could have been, but it does need to be reduced to a certain extent. Oh, well...

    I had to leave mother in law waiting in the car (no way could she negotiate the entrance to the "Hobbit Hole" where the kids live) so I had to be wary of her sitting in the sun, even with windows wound down and doors open. But I still managed to sort out difficult child 1's welfare problems (they cancelled his pension on him due to a glitch). daughter in law organised her physio appointment to get her foot set - her appointment was within the hour, so we all set off in different directions at about the same time.

    We were still heading homeward but going near our favourite butcher so mother in law could get some meat for dinner. I also stopped outside a large op-shop and picked up a couple of enamelled cast iron pans (OK for the cooktop). All these little stops were close, we parked right outside, I was quick getting in and out. At the butcher we took a little longer (OK, a lot longer) while mother in law got what she needed, but again we were parked right outside which was very useful.

    We got home just after midday and I helped her inside with her bags. Then I headed home and tried out the new/old frypan with some stir-fried vegetables for lunch for me and difficult child 3.

    Then I went to have a rest. mother in law told me later, she fell asleep in her chair and slept for two hours! I'm jealous!

    I had planned on getting some sun but the afternoon storm clouds gathered. No rain though, so I went back outside and did some more painting (chook house door). I'm going to use it to road test a paint finish I'm wanting to try out.

    I took the easy way out for dinner - roast chicken. Played an easy game on the Wii with difficult child 3 (a reward for him, for doing his chores quickly) and meanwhile all day I've fielded lots of text messages from sis-in-law about mother in law. Right up until late tonight. I also got a lot of other phone calls during the day - I find them more tiring than anything else right now, especially when people keep calling back to sort out "one more detail". But one of the callers has booked easy child 2/difficult child 2 (with me helping) for a kids party gig on Saturday arvo. I can use the opportunity being in the area of the party, to pick up a few grocery items from the specialty stores in that area.

    I've got a load of washing going overnight, my cleaner/housekeeper is here in the morning. I know it makes me sound very well-off, but it's a disability service we get, I was finding yesterday & today that I just haven't got the strength to do some fairly simple tasks. My hips & shoulders are increasingly painful and despite what I've described as my activities for the day, I don't think that's it. I wasn't that physically active today - not much walking (and not fast!), mostly sitting and waiting and then at home, resting (apart from phone calls and a bit of painting - a couple of square metres).

    After the cleaner goes tomorrow I'll be resting again. I might get to rest at the beach, but the weather doesn't look promising. It's still hot here though, despite the clouds. We're going through a lot of ice!

    Enjoy your Wednesday, everyone.

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    :skate: Good Morning Friends!

    Marg, sorry you are experiencing such pain. I'm sure it's frustrating to want to do, try to do, and suffer for doing. I love cast iron enamel cookware. I have a wonderful deep blue dutch oven that I use all the time! I use cast iron all the time though (non-enameled), I got a set of calphalon as a wedding gift waaaaayyyyy back in 1984 when it first went commercial. I've got quite a collection now! I love cooking with cast iron, but it is very heavy.

    Office this morning to do the payroll a day early. Things seem to be running smoothly with bonehead out of the country - although two of our tennants are driving our secretary batty! We've put her on a reduced day while bonehead is out and she is loving it - 9 to 2.

    After I finish up down there, lots and lots of little things since I pull out of here early tomorrow morning for my birthday jaunt south. I'm cooking a few meals so that easy child and difficult child don't feel the junk food need while I'm gone! I would love to get my car detailed, but we'll see....

    Hope your day is a productive AND peaceful - hey, it can happen!

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    Good Morning,

    Marg-You must be exhausted after your day! You need to learn the art of napping;) I am so sorry to hear you are in such pain and that it is getting worse. I hope it can be taken care of so you are pain free!

    Sharon-I can't wait to hear about your trip-it sounds like such fun! Enjoy!:D

    Another work day here. I hope to get back on track with my eating-lately I've been on the see food diet-you know the one-I see food I eat it! husband and I didn't make it to the club last night but I did use the Wii Fit plus for an hour. Tonight the plan is to get to the club. Our problem with that is he and easy child don't get home until after 6:30 and then we want to wait til difficult child falls asleep and then we're usually too tired to go!

    Wishing everyone a day filled with smiles:D
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    Morning all,

    Just woke up & am ready to face today.

    Marg, at least you're planning your day wisely. I'm not surprised at the amount of pain you are in. What you're not planning is rest time or saying "no" when you simply just cannot. Time to take care of you.

    Sharon (ldm), I'm so jealous that your birthday stretches out so long - enjoy your trip.

    Sharon (with-o), you're back on your usual nonstop routine. I'm glad that you have the Wii Fit Plus so you can get a work out in & not feel so very guilty. by the way, I like the see food diet ~ I just let it get out of control.

    I feel as though I'm somewhat back on routine. I finished the majority of my anti virals (have 2 left) yesterday; just in time for family therapy with kt today.

    It will feel good to get back in the shower & get my head shampooed. The blisters from the shingles seem healed. Just need to be gentle.

    I have a few errands to run & then therapy with kt; about that time the predicted snow will start but shouldn't be too bad getting home.

    Have a good day all. Keep it calm.
  5. AnnieO

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    How does everyone remember to comment on everyone else's posts on the daily threads? ...scratching head...

    Good morning everyone!

    Well, today has started out quiet, and calm. Noticed for the last couple of nights that I've been really sleepy-type tired. This morning, same thing. Was fine till I got to work, got really bad, and it's starting to fade now. So I did some research -turns out one of the side effects of my AD is drowsiness. Niiiiccccee. Oh well. Now that I know what it is, I can deal with it.

    Onyxx got up on time, and woke Jett for me. I just got ready for work, ignored husband sleeping. Driving to work not too bad as it did not snow much during the night. Tomorrow we're supposed to get dumped on - while I am at work. Again, oh well.

    I think I'm calm because I have made the decision that has been plaguing me for months. Had myself a good cry last night, which for the last week has been impossible on the ADs. Ya know, crying is underestimated - it's very therapeutic.

    So it IS a good Wednesday. Aside from the sleepiness, it's all good!