Good Morning Wednesday

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Jan 12, 2011.

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    G'day, people.

    Today's weather was like yesterday's and will be like tomorrow's - hot, humid, rain forecast but never actually happening (not here, anyway) except for an occasional misty warm shower, just enough to keep things damp.

    I persuaded difficult child 3 to come to the beach with me, even though it was cloudy. He said it was too cold outside but I said no, it is hot. Come outside and say that!

    So he reluctantly came. And loved it - the water is so warm, I think it must be close to 25 C (77 F)! I just checked the Internet, for the sea temperatures at Manly (a beach to the north of Sydney's CBD, just north of the Harbour) and it was 24 degrees C there earlier today. So I am probably very close. difficult child 3 stayed at the beach with me for nearly two hours, for which I am grateful. There were some bluebottles but only up one end of the little beach, so we went to the other end and also watched very carefully. Bluebottle stings are nasty - Portuguese Man O' War. But it has been decades since I was stung, because I am careful.

    While we were there I saw a sea eagle overhead, fishing. Lovely.

    More rain is forecast, very heavy rain, but all inland. Yep, over the river systems... watching the news about the floods is like watching a train wreck in slow motion. Only with this train wreck, people are getting time and help to get out of the way. But the wreck will still happen. Again, I updated in Watercooler. The peak of the flood in Brisbane will be about 4 am but already much of the city, including the CBD, is underwater. They went round shutting off the power all day today. It was eerie - blue skies today in Brisbane, but the damage has been done, the floodwaters are on their way and can't be stopped. One funny sight - a floating restaurant called "Drift" broke loose and sailed down the river. It hit the bridge (not enough clearance underneath) and difficult child 3 said, "Now it's driftwood."

    The death toll from the "inland tsunami" on Monday afternoon is now 12, but they expect many more, as waters recede. Very sad.

    I have a meeting to go to tonight, it could be stormy. Wish me luck!

    I hope your Wednesday is cheerier than mine (apart form the swim, and the eagle).

  2. LittleDudesMom

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    Good Morning!

    Marg, glad you are getting in more days for a swim!

    Running a tad late this morning and then see a 2 hour delay for difficult child's school - yippie! I was planning on getting to the grocer first thing this morning and I still will. I'll just take and extra 1/2 hour and go at 7:30 instead of leaving at 7!

    House stuff on the schedule for me today and then difficult child has a therapist appointment after school.

    Hope your day is a good one.

  3. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Marg-Love that you were able to get in more swimming!! It's nice that difficult child 3 came with you!

    Sharon-Drive safely in the snow! Enjoy your day!

    I'm heading back to work today! I really have missed the kids! So far my stomach is feeling fine but I didn't really eat much yesterday other than broth, crackers, and two apples so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

    Tonight I'm going to a NAMI class/group for parents with children who have mental illness. Should be interesting. difficult child has a therapist appointment and then his weekly blood draw. husband will take him to that.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day!
  4. Marguerite

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    I'm back form my meeting and waiting for the cops. On the way back I felt/heard something heavy hit the side of my car. It took me a second to realise some rock had been thrown, so I turned around (this little car has a tight turning circle) and aimed the headlights into the adjacent park, in time to see kids running away including one with a white t-shirt. I could see where they were going so I revved the car and headed round the other side of the park to head them off. But partway I changed direction and went in another driveway, in time to see them doubling back (if I had continued where I'm sure they thought I was going, I would not have seem them).

    So I went back to mother in law's place to collect husband, then called the police. There is a big crackdown happening on kids throwing rocks at cars. It's late and I'm too shaken to go to bed. Although they had better turn up soon, because husband has to get to bed even if I don't.

    Not impressed...