Good Morning Wednesday

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Feb 9, 2011.

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    G'day, people.

    I had to go out this morning to see my GP. I've been mucked around with my medications and had some very awkward paperwork to sort out with the doctor, to unravel a mess we didn't make. I came home (having lost the entire morning) and drafted a complaint letter for the pharmacist who caused the trouble. Then I hand-delivered it this afternoon. The challenge for me in this - the guy is a friend, I feel bad for dumping on him when life has just hit him between the eyes, but it was his employee who mucked me around. I had the various government bodies supervising this medication, treating me as if I was a drug-seeling addict. Even my GP was mistrusting me to begin with. I hated feeling like that, when I had not done anything wrong.

    Tomorrow I hope to have a quieter day at home. I may hear from the pharmacist, I hope he understands. If nothing else, I hope it helps him set up a different procedure for handling problems. Step 1 - communicate with the patient!

    OK, I'll get off my soapbox now.

    Enjoy your Wednesday.

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    Good Morning Everyone,

    Marg, I don't blame you for being furious!!! I hope you hear from the pharmacist soon. I agree that he needs to know what happened in order to change the way his employees handle problems. Hope you get that quiet day at home!!! You've definitely earned it!!!

    husband let easy child/difficult child 3 drive to her driving class last night. She was behind the wheel for the first time on Super Bowl Sunday - Her first driving lesson. husband didn't realize she hadn't practiced backing up. It made the parking lot at the driving school an interesting adventure, lol... Anyway, the car is still in one piece!!! husband is going to spend some time with her this weekend. He'll take her on lots of back roads near the ocean. It's a scenic drive. Hopefully, uneventful..., lol...

    difficult child 2 was upset yesterday afternoon. His transportation home from his community college class was late picking him up - A whole 5 minutes, lol...! difficult child 2 called me from the cab telling me this and I knew he was one step away from a "melt-down." He is going to have to get used to things not going exactly as planned if he is ever going to be able to live independently. This is good practice for the "real" world.

    The weather changes so quickly around here - Today it's 12 degrees:2cold:. The good news is that it might hit 30 today:D... I'm dressing in lots of layers - Just can't seem to get warm this morning... More coffee sounds like a great idea...

    Hope everyone has a good day... SFR