Good Morning Wednesday

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Jun 1, 2011.

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    G'day, people.

    I'm grabbing a moment before finishing the Moroccan lamb casserole I crockpotted for dinner. We've been struggling with difficult child 3's assessment task, he's midweek into his second week of a one week task... and not coping too well, although he has just about finished half of it. He has tomorrow to finish it, we will be out at the school on Friday so it will have to be handed in then.

    We've got a lot happening for him over the next few days. Friday he sees therapist, then we drop in and look at the MRI machine to familiarise himself with it. Then on Monday he has the MRI, plus employment agency, plus a school-to-work employment expo for people with disabilities. he also has a school study day on Monday, we can't do both. I wish we could. He won't cope if we try to do it all.

    Meanwhile I'm trying to find a good lawyer for husband, over a traffic fine we think is unfair; he was allegedly speeding, only the time, place and circumstances - not possible. We reckon the speed camera is faulty, but the authorities won't hear of it. It will probably cost us over $2000 to fight it in court. What price justice, eh?

    So despite staying home (mostly - a quick trip to the local GP for test results) I've been busy. There is another disability agency that specialises in mentorships, the bloke emailed me asking for difficult child 3's CV this morning, so I got that done too.

    Enjoy your Wednesday.

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    :hot: Doesn't seem that long ago I was using the cold and chilly icons!!!!

    Marg, sorry difficult child 3 is struggling so lately. I read your other post specifically about him and I admire your tenacity in dealing with the school work, the tests, the docs, etc. It's warrior mom mode. Hope you enjoyed the lamb! It's one of my favorites.

    It was 98 here yesterday and 96 scheduled for today - Can you say "Smokin" :sweating: :sunny:

    It's the first of the month so I will be swamped today - but I will be in the air-conditioning - you can always find something positive!!!!

    Wishing everyone a great day - keep cool :cool-very:

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    Good Morning Everyone,

    Marg, As usual, you have way too much going on all at once! I agree with LDM - You're in warrior mom mode! I know that nothing will stop you from getting difficult child 3 the best possible services, etc... Just sorry it's such a difficult process!!! Keeping difficult child 3 in my thoughts...

    Sharon (LDM), "Smokin" is an understatement, lol...!!! It's been really humid here but the hottest it's been is in the 80's. This morning we're supposed to get thunderstorms. Glad you'll be in air-conditioning and hope your day goes quickly and smoothly!

    Yesterday I jogged in the heat and humidity. I was fried when I got home. Today I'm going to substitute housecleaning for my jog. Not looking forward to it. We got a phone message from difficult child 2's life coach yesterday. She is having some problems with him and is concerned by his extreme hoarding. This has always been a problem for him. She also said he is very lazy and it is getting more difficult to motivate him to do simple household tasks, etc... I'm going to call her this morning.

    Need more caffeine - Heading to the kitchen to get some more. Hope everyone has a good day! SFR
  4. Marguerite

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    I miss the summer heat. I'm jealous of you all.

    The lamb went down well, we have enough left over for dinner tomorrow night too. It was very tasty, and a lot more of it than I thought. But it might be the last time I use the crockpot - it just didn't cook it in the time allowed, it needed twice as long. I had left it on all day, from 10 am to 6 pm, some of that time on high. Then we left it on for another four hours and the meat was still not cooked. So we left it on overnight and into next morning - then it was done enough. I let it cool (while I went out to the specialist - we don't heat our house in winter, so it chilled off well in the kitchen) then I put it in the fridge. I got it out tonight, put it into a large pot on the stove and the final simmer did the trick, I was at last able to get the meat off the bones. Still in huge chunks, but that was what I wanted. All that cooking and it still had not turned to mush! Thank goodness!

    But a lovely warm one pot casserole - just what we need on a cold rainy winter's night. difficult child 3 liked it too, even though I had put in a lot of vegetables that he normally won't eat.