Good Morning Wednesday

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    G'day, people.

    We had a day in at school today. difficult child 3 had a study day for Chemistry, there would have been about ten kids in the group today. It was a long day for them; a study day usually finishes at lunchtime, this one had a short lunch break (with the kids staying in the classroom while the teachers idled online via the Smartboard) then more work after lunch. difficult child 3 said his brain felt burned out, but he did manage to stay on task for the last session. I let him drive home from the city, he did quite well.

    Today was the hottest August day on record, apparently. It's still winter here but we're having a sudden heatwave. We just had the wettest July for about 60 years plus it was really cold, and we've gone right into summer temperatures. They will only last another couple of days though, and it's back to winter. But the jasmine is flowering, so are the peach trees. While the kids had their lunch break today, I walked down to the Harbour and bought a pie from the pie cart there (outside Russell Crowe's place). I stripped off my cardigan and just had my t-shirt on with my jeans. Still feeling hot!

    I'm so tired tonight - I got home and made a large lasagne for dinner, I'd pre-made a batch of bolognese sauce from some kangaroo mince. You really couldn't taste the difference, but the roo meat is richer in iron and also a lot leaner. About the same price as beef. It's farmed roo - a more environmentally sound product for Australia than farming beef.

    Tomorrow - no need to go anywhere, but difficult child 3 has a lot of schoolwork to do. He has an important exam on Monday, another one coming up in a couple of weeks. The end of the year is looming; for one subject, the end of his school education, if he can demonstrate mastery in the subject. A big "if" at the moment, he's lost half a year or more thanks to medication problems.

    Enjoy your Wednesday.

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    It's 5 am California time, and I got up early because my mind is spinning. We're celebrating Miss KT's 20th birthday on Sunday with Hubby's family, since my mother refused to have everyone over to her house this year. She had various excuses, but I call BS on all of them.
    So, Friday we're ordering the deli trays, the cake (My Little Pony - no kidding!), and basically scampering all over town running errands.

    My general list of things to do is full as well; just the little things that will bug me to no end when we get back from settling Miss KT in at school (21 days - woo hoo!), and then she needs to sort her stuff to see what needs to go, what needs to stay, and what needs to hit Freecycle. And she remembered yesterday that she has homework due for her online class.

    Since I was up so darn early, I made banana muffins and jelly muffins for Hubby to take to work. The jelly did not sink into the batter, it just slid off the top and burned to the pan. Guess I did something wrong. They smell pretty good though.

    Hope everyone had a fabulous day - stay cool!
  3. hearts and roses

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    Good morning!

    Mary, those muffins sound delish right now, wish I had one to go with my coffee. Enjoy the preparations for MissKT's birthday celebration - fun!

    At work today - full day, ugh. Later my nephew and his family will have left for loco sister's house till Friday. H gave me the task of finding his mom a room to stay in for the dad's memorial in Sept - I am so not happy about that because it's one of those fail/fail situations - no matter what I choose it won't be right. But I will try nonetheless.

    Today is H and my 15 year anniversary. We have no plans as of yet. I was hoping H would offer to take me out to dinner tonight, I am so sick of cooking for company!! And hopefully, easy child will make us our wedding cake as she does most years.

    Have a swell day!
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    We seem to have doubled up on the Wednesday morning thread. An embarrassment of riches! Mods, could you merge please?

    Mary, I have trouble picturing a My Little Pony cake for a 20 year old!

    Jo, I hope you have a good evening celebrating your anniversary.

  5. KTMom91

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    She just discovered the cartoon...and makes me sit through it nearly every afternoon. I'll post pictures of the cake.