Good morning Wednesday

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. Marguerite

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    G'day, people.

    Day 2 of the early April cold snap here. We put our down doona on the bed last night - bliss! Plus my new Peter Alexander winter pyjamas...

    We officially had one day of summer this year. One day when the temperatures got over 30C for Sydney. That's really poor. Plus we had more rain over summer than we usually get in years. So next summer is likely to be a serious fire hazard.

    Oh well...

    The wind chill is bad, we've had cold gale-force winds and my ears ache. I have to dress up like Nanook of the North just to prevent earache.

    Amazingly - the sea temperature is still 23C. It is wasn't so flamin' cold when you get out and the wind hits you, it would be really enjoyable. Plus the winds have whipped up the ocean to dangerous levels, only the hardened surfers are risking their necks. Looking across the bay, it's white water.

    Tomorrow I have my cleaner in (for what bit of the floor she can reach, after the boys had a Nerf battle over Easter) and then I see the neurologist. The day after that, I'm taking easy child 2/difficult child 2 to the same neurologist to see if he can help with her medications. I'll talk to him about it a bit tomorrow while he's beating me up (he calls it physical therapy).

    As for now - it's time to head down to mother in law's for dinner again. We're doing it easy tonight, eating leftovers.

    Enjoy your Wednesday. For those of you above the equator, enjoy your warming weather. I'm jealous. But at least I've got my knee-length uggs! Thongs/bare feet in summer, uggs in winter...

  2. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning:)

    Marg-Believe it or not we were down to 28 degrees here yesterday morning. I even wore my winter jacket! This morning we're starting off at 31. Brrrr.

    I'm off to boot camp, then work, and then difficult child's iep. Long day ahead!

    Wishing all a peaceful day!
  3. buddy

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    OH man we have had such the opposite experience, our summer last year was unbelievably hot in MN, then nearly NO winter...very little snow in a part of the country where people tease that we have winter all year. the apple trees have blossoms a month early and now with a few of those last of the season freezes at night, the whole crop of apples are at risk this year....Hope the apple growers and others do ok. Nothing cooler than apple season. (I guess they wont really even know how much damage has happened for a month or so)....

    You guys are welcome to come to MN any time! Would love to have you visit. (LOL I am sure husband would love to go to the country's largest mall, hahahahaha)

    Day two coming up in a few hours, I am really hopeful. He already has a schedule change because I have to pick him up for the social skills group he is trying out. I cancelled all other therapies though (this one is based on building relationships so couldn't really cancel) and will work out the new schedule and give him a week of just school for now. He really loves his therapies though and is a kid who likes to be on the go.
    So he asked me who was getting him last night and I confessed .... I would. He had no neg. reaction. Just asked if I could take him to eat before the group for a special treat (seems to be more routine than special lately but that's ok if it is what gets us thru this) so I will find a subway sandwich place, he loves to pile on all the veggies except black olives....even the hot peppers! (probably not good before a social group?????) I figure that will be an ok first supper then I will make him something at home later.

    His food budget is so significant compared to last year. We dont qualify for free/reduced lunches at school and he wants to eat breakfast there too.... I said no to breakfast (his peers dont eat it either) and of course yes to lunch. but they are $3.50/day inc. the milk and that is huge for our budget compared to if he would take cold lunch. Think I am going to fight that battle right now??? no way in heck.

    my job today is to write up all the appointments for dr. and therapies and have them signed off so I can get a little bit of gas reimbursement. The amount of driving..... I have a 2004 car with only 42,000 miles on it. I have put thousands on just this last seven months.... a huge shift for us.

    Have a good day, it is chilly here! I turned off the heat but I may turn it back on for a little bit, brrrrrr.
  4. llamafarm

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    Cold here too. Noticed difficult child put on his coat and long pants! I think there were socks today as well! Have a great one!
  5. SearchingForRainbows

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    Marg, No need to be jealous of our weather here, lol... It's more like winter then spring. We woke up to cold temps and thanks to our favorite sanity saver, found out that it was snowing early this morning. Luckily, it's mixed with rain and a bit too warm to stick!

    buddy, Keeping my fingers crossed day two goes well...

    Wiped Out, Hope the IEP meeting is as stress free as IEP meetings can be and you get the services you want for your difficult child.

    husband and I picked up easy child/difficult child 3 at the airport last night. Although she was away for a week, this morning it's back to the same old "garbage" - Screaming, door slamming, trying to argue even as I'm walking away, etc.,etc., etc. Can't wait until she graduates and moves in with difficult child 1 for the summer!! I'm so glad to have the apartment to myself right now!! I'm going for another cup of coffee and planning on an extra long workout this morning.

    Hope everyone has a good day or at least one reason to smile... SFR
  6. SearchingForRainbows

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    llamafarm, Didn't mean to miss you. Hope in spite of the cold, you have a good day! SFR
  7. lonelyroad

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    Good morning, my days are so mixed up with the long Grade 8 daughter finally returned to class yesterday after 3 weeks of "Can't go", sitting in the office in tears...

    Now we should have 3 good weeks, then the whole damn cycle starts over, unless he medications start their job...