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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by SuZir, Dec 19, 2012.

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    We are having sunny but chilly day today. But it is so good to see the sun after so long time, it really was a miserably rainy fall for us. Of course sun down is before 3 p. m. and it is twilight after that (snow makes it never getting that dark during the winter) so we can not enjoy the sun long. And it is -5 F, so you need to dress well to go out to enjoy the sun. But still, real and beautiful winter day. We will have this weather at least till Christmas and I'm really enjoying it. As much as I waited for snow, I have gotten enough of it during last days (or let's say I have gotten enough of moving it from one place to other, every morning have started with some heavy snow shovelling. And we have almost three feet of it at least in our garden so I could well do week or two without more of it. Two feet is enough for any winter activity.

    Today after work I'm planning wrapping presents. Not my favourite task, but with few glasses of mulled wine not so bad. And then it is done and I can again concentrate on more fun Christmas tasks especially when difficult child got creative with his Christmas gifts. He told me he is short on money so he haven't found any nice present for me, so his present is to use his Saturday to clean the house so we can decorate in Sunday. he is developing to neat freak (who would have believed that few years ago) and in fact likes cleaning. Me not having to do that cleaning will certainly be my best Christmas present, I can already tell you.

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    What a great idea! You know, in the end....I predict your difficult child will be a very successful guy, one with stories unending about how big a pita he was for many years. Bless his heart.

    I'm praying q has a good day at school. He is full of anxiety and worked up at school. Spent another whole afternoon and evening at my side which he has not done his whole life! He said let's go for a walk, I said why? He said ...the point is I need to learn to feel safe again. I have not let him know I could see his anxiety because he gets mad if I say something like that. It's such a bummer he is so scared from this weeks events. I think Christmas /birthday stress are enough! But as I said, my child is still here to deal with it. I know I can't truly be upset in comparison.
    Still, I'm hoping big time I don't get another yucky email from school!