Good Morning Wednesday


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G'day, all.

I stayed mostly in bed today with my bad cold. Yuk!

Right now I'm really pleased because I've got difficult child 3 to sit down and watch the new series of "Thank God You're Here!" Getting him to watch anything new is difficult, but the improv, the comedy and the whole thing is good for him to see. He's supposed to be back at drama class next week, I'm still not sure about forcing the issue.

easy child 2/difficult child 2 got a phone call today, she was shortlisted for camp (as was BF2 & difficult child 1) and her name was pulled out of the hat. She leaves tomorrow - 36 hours in Canberra, then several days down at the snow. And last night's minimum down there - minus 15!




Marg - hope you are feeling better soon.

No rain forecasted for today, cooler weather. At noon today I will officially be on switch over week. Getting the next seven days off then returning and working the end of the week for 6 months. I hope to get a lot of odd jobs done. Maybe get a chance to take difficult child to the waterpark.

Have a great middle of the week day.


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Good morning, ladies,

Marg, hope you get rid of that cold soon. Yuk is right. Glad you're getting difficult child to watch the show ~ sounds cool.

Kjs, the water park sounds fun. Enjoy yourselves.

I'm off work today ~ J has a dentist appointment. The nice thing about working so far away is if one of the kids has a late morning or early afternoon appointment, it's just not worth it to go in, so I take the whole day :smile:

Dylan and B are off on a field trip today with camp to Cunningham Falls State Park in Maryland. They'll be swimming and checking out sections of the park. Supposed to be a scorcher, I have Gatorade and water bottles in the freezer, ready.

Think I'll do some cleaning and computer playing today. J's birthday is tomorrow, so him and I are doing a private, just mommy and me, lunch today. He'll appreciate the others not being around.

Enjoy your day.

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Good Morning,

Marguerite-Take care of you-hope you are feeling better soon.

Kjs-We're expecting cooler weather today too! I may even shut down the ac for a few days! Enjoy the 7 days off.

Janna-Sounds like a nice day planned. B and Dylan should enjoy the field trip and you and J can have a nice lunch.

Later this morning I'm meeting my friend and her son (my godson) at a park. We'll play awhile and then head out for lunch! At some point I'll fit in the health club and I may even get in my nap!

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day-be sure to find reasons to smile. :kisses:


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/forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/hot.gif Another hot morning in Virgina /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/hot.gif

But, it's ok since it's summer - thus my late mmorning post - been sleeping in a little later lately. easy child and I have started a new class at the gym. It's an intense cardio auquatic class that lasts about 80 minutes altogether. I've been sleeping really well!!!!

Marg, sorry to hear your cold has been keeping you down - hope you feel better soon :ill:

K, great to hear you are off for the next week. I'm sure difficult child is going to love doing some special stuff with you :thumb:

Janna, good to hear from you this morning. Nice to hear that D and B are going to camp together! Enjoy you time off today :salute:

After the gym this morning, we are all going out to our local farmer's market. They have the most wonderful, sweet tomatoes - they are 99 cents a pound and folks around here wait all year for these tomatoes! The cantelope and vidallas are pretty good too!

Late this afternoon, we are taking a meal to our youth director and his wife. They just brought their baby home Saturday (little girl born Thursday) and we (parents of the youth at church) are bringing meals every other day. Yippee! Today is our day and I can't wait to see the baby. I'm making some brocolli and chicken stir fry, rice, angel food cake and fresh blueberries and strawberries from the farmer's market.

Hope the rest of you find the time to relax and smile today :smile: