Good Morning, Wednesday


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Good morning, everyone!

I have about 3 minutes here until I have to get up lol. Most mornings I can't get a few minutes to sit at the computer ~ don't know how I made that work today, but I did.

Gonna throw sausage and potatoes in the crock pot for supper. Karate tonight, means no time to cook. We usually don't get home until 7:00ish from there.

B's reunification is going ok, but not great. Not a whole lotta time to go over it, and really don't like talking about it, but needless to say, he's got alot of people watching him, and everyone has an opinion. The definite consesus where children are involved is that he's very, very immature. The one family based counselor said if she had her back to him at camp, and listened, without seeing him, she'd have thought he was a 10 year old camper, just like the rest. I have realized since his homecoming that I don't like him. I don't care for the type of person that he is. Very sad.

Anywhooooooo, last day of work for me. We're taking the kids to the beach for a long weekend. Yay!

Hope you all enjoy yourselves!



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G'day, Janna. Good to see you on the morning thread. I'm glad difficult child's still at home, sorry you feel so negative about him. Understandable, though, with all he's put you through. You're right about the maturity thing - people keep asking me how old difficult child 3 is (or difficult child 1, or easy child 2/difficult child 2) because the truth is so hard to accept. They just seem so much younger.

difficult child 3 is still feeling sick, I'm not happy with how he's going. Schoolwork slides when he's sick. He couldn't even do much maths today. I tried to get him to the doctor but no luck. We're struggling to keep a doctor in the village at the moment. We have no permanent doctor, only a locum for the next two weeks. We saw him on Monday, I rang to take difficult child 3 back today but the doctor's not there until tomorrow. And after that - not until next week.

MY GP - I rang him, even though it would mean driving there and back would kill anything else productive for the day, but he wasn't available either. He's only in our area one day a week at the moment and I have to book appointments with him a month ahead.

I could drive to "the mainland" and find a clinic, but he would see a doctor there who doesn't know him, plus when we went back we'd see someone different again. It's acute care for medical certificates only, in most cases. They listen to you just long enough to know what prescription to write. In a lot of cases, they have trouble understanding because their English is so bad. We have very few Australian-born medical students/new doctors, thanks to our government deciding some years ago we had too many, and cutting back on uni enrolments in medical courses. Now we have so few that we are recruiting from overseas and I suspect their credentials aren't being looked at too closely. Plus the increase in clinic-based medical care, which prevents decent continuity of care, very much needed with a kid like difficult child 3. They palpate his abdomen and when he doesn't react in pain, they assume there IS no pain - but difficult child 3 doesn't react normally. When he says he's in pain, chances are it's really bad. This isn't mild discomfort, nor is it a kid faking it or blowing it out of proportion. But when I tell them, they smile indulgently and tell me that boys can be real sooks when it comes to feeling unwell.

So the local locum is in tomorrow. I'm going to ask for a referral for abdominal ultrasound. I could have a fight on my hands. Wish me luck.

Have a fun Wednesday.


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Good morning friends,

Janna - good to see you again. Have fun this weekend.

Marg - Hope easy child 3 is feeling better soon - We struggle here in the general practice field of medicine. It can be difficult to get an appointment.

I actually slept 6 hours in a row! In bed & not in a recliner! It felt so good.

Other than in home PT, nothing is going on here today. I'm hoping if PT clears it, that I can go out & do some work in my yard this evening when it cools off. kt promised to help sweep off the patio & do some week pulling with/for me.

Enjoy your day - keep it calm.


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Good morning. :coffee:
Janna- Have fun at the beach. Is this the weekend you and SO tie the knot? :wink:
Marg- I hope difficult child 3 is feeling better, his health has been worrisome lately. :thumbsdown:
Linda- Yay for sleep! I hope all goes well with the pt today. :thumb:
We have a busy day today: first pop in to feed my friend's cat, the shop for school shoes, lunch with Daddy at his office, a conservation program at the library, some actual free time for a few hours :smile:, and VBS for Duckie this evening. I also need to try to find time to swing by my aunt's house. :hammer:
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:
Good morning, all! Not much news here.

Had a bit of a laugh yesterday evening when difficult child and easy child were playing with the hose in the back yard last night. difficult child ended up spraying a lot more than he should have -- actually sprayed the kitchen window and back door which were open. So there was water all over the kitchen counter and floor and husband became unglued. The man seriously loses his temper only about once every 2 to 3 years and this was it. I told him later that I loved spraying the house when I was a cub even though my father would get upset. [Never sprayed a screen door though.] husband just looked at me and said, Why am I not surprised.

Poor man. Oh, well. Hope everyone has a good day!

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Good Morning,

Janna-A long weekend at the beach sounds heavenly! :angel: I'm sorry things are rough with-B. I understand about the acting younger thing. Our difficult child is emotionally at about 4 years old even though he wants to act like a big tough 10 year old.

Marguerite-I'm sorry difficult child isn't feeling better and that getting a dr.'s appointment. is so hard. It shouldn't have to be like that.

Linda-I'm glad you were able to get in some good sleep! I hope you are able to get in your garden today!

TM-Wow-you weren't kidding about your busy day! I vote for a nap during the free time part :smile:

RFS-I had to laugh when reading what happened! Enjoy your day!

I went to bed very tired last night (didn't get a nap yesterday!) at 10:30. What a surprise that I was able to sleep till after 8 this morning! difficult child didn't come in til 6:30 and then went and played with the dog til 7:15. husband got up with him then.

Today I plan on going to the health club :smile:and the pool with difficult child as it is supposed to get up to 88 and be humid. My sister in law is coming for dinner tonight.

I hope everyone enjoys a day filled with goood surprises! Hi to anyone who snuck in. :dance:

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Good morning everyone!

Working today after a late night picking up difficult child because she drank last night - at least she remembered to call me instead of driving herself home. Yikes!

I spent about 3 hours yesterday cleaning up my house from all the construction debris that H blew into the house. Luckily we can keep the windows open the weather was lovely last night. I hear we're in for some humidity today. I hope H doesn't make a huge mess today again. I feel like a wash woman with all the darned laundry I've been doing!!

Anyway, 2.5 more days till vaca-time. Yeah.

Have a great day everyone~