Good Morning Wednesday

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Nov 14, 2007.

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    G'day, everyone.

    Just got off the phone after a long call from easy child. I took the opportunity to fill her in about my health issues over the last week. Turns out BF1 has had some health issues of his own, still being investigated. Christmas plans - she's got to stay in Canberra over the holidays because she's on call, she's asked us if we can go visit for Christmas. husband & I need to talk about it, also talk with the other kids because they (except for difficult child 3) have partners who need to be considered. I suspect we may go to Canberra AFTER Christmas for a few days. Not looking forward to it - Canberra is hotter than Hades over summer and easy child & BF1 have no air conditioning. And not even the sea breeze that we have. What's the point of us living in a seaside resort if we leave it during summer? And summer is getting closer - I'm living in singlet tops and floaty silk skirts these days.

    My health problems - I had Doppler studies done today, I've opened the envelope and read the results and they're perfectly fine. So it's unlikely this was a TIA, so it looks like the theory comes back to a brief MS episode. So I suspect the next suggestion is going to be another MRI, brain & spinal chord.

    The after-effects of the attack are resolving. I climbed stairs this evening to visit a friend (mother of difficult child 3's best friend who is also autistic). I had no more trouble than usual with her stairs, and managed to go out for the tests today plus did my grocery shopping, and I'm still functioning.

    This is about as normal as I get, these days. Tomorrow is a busy day working at home, we'll see how I manage. But it looks like things are settling down. I'll go back and see the GP in a few days to 'officially' be told my results and see what she wants to do. The neuro also wants me to see a heart specialist, so it looks like another long round of specialists are going to play with me over the next few months. Oh joy, oh rapture. Not.

    difficult child 3's best friend just started on Concerta (just released in Australia) and is doing brilliantly - his parents are amazed, it's like the son they've never had just emerged from a cocoon. The paed wants to start difficult child 3 on it too, we'll see him ourselves in a few weeks. Fingers crossed!

    Enjoy your Wednesday.

  2. LittleDudesMom

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    :thanksgiving2: Good Morning Marg and all to follow :thanksgiving2:

    Marg, I bet you are tired of being poked and prodded and now you will begin another round - but, it's all in an effort to keep you healthy :doctor: Spending Christmas in the heat without airconditioning does not sound fun :thumbsdown:. Enjoy what's left of your evening.

    I'm heading out of town this morning for the day (well 1/2 day). I have to leave at 7:15 so bonehead will be coming over to take difficult child to school. He only asked me four times yesterday what time he had to take him to school :hammer:.

    We are spring-like here in Virginia but they promise the cold weather is coming Thursday during the day. At 75 today it doesn't feel like the week before Thanksgiving :thanksgiving1:

    Wishing everyone a Wednesday with incident!

  3. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Marguerite-Glad to hear things seem to be be resolving. I hope the doctors with all of their "playing" can figure out what happened. It's always so interesting to think of Christmas as a hot time of the year-I'm always hoping that we'll have snow by then. I'm sure in a few weeks time I'll be wishing for your summer heat!

    It was amazing how much I got done yesterday having a half day off for my mammogram and ultrasound (which turned out fine). I got in my workout, walked the dog, cleaned the kitchen, took out garbage, and made a delicious chicken parmesan all before husband arrived home with the kids! I could certainly get use to that!

    Today is a different story. I have a before school conference and after work I have conferences going until 7:00. It's going to be a long day! No time for a workout!

    The new season of Project Runway starts tonight so while I should probably be going to sleep earlier I'll stay up to watch that!

    I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day and finds unexpected reasons to smile and laugh. Hi if you snuck in. :thanksgivingday:
  4. timer lady

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    Good morning friends,

    Marg, glad to hear that you got the results of your health scare from last week - sounds like your body may be telling you to slow down. Who knows? :doctor:

    Sharon, we had the mid 60's yesterday, however the wind made it feel a great deal chillier. :cold: Enjoy your day.

    Sharon, glad to hear that the mammogram turned out okay. :doctor: Phew/whew! A 12 hour day does not sound like the type of day I'd like to spend today - good luck with your conferences. by the way, you'd be disappointed in me as I have no conference with kt this time around. No one could agree upon a time - I have too many other things to attend to & medical appts. I didn't cave - no conference. :warrior:

    I did spend part of yesterday outside in my backyard cleaning the bird feeders & then refilling a lot of seed. I'd ordered 50 lbs of sunflower seed, I don't know how many pounds of corn/cob for the squirrel feeders & 12 suet feeders for the woodpeckers & nuthatches. The delivery arrived yesterday just in time too. There were kamikaze birds dive bombing my kitchen windows in protest for food. :smile: Entitled little things. :rofl:

    I have 2 albino squirrels wandering about my backyard. I didn't know how "bigoted" squirrels were - no one will hang around with these 2 animals. I would bet their life expectancy is pretty low.

    "hi" if I missed you.

    Have a safe, calm Tuesday. Hug your loved ones. :flower:

  5. Fran

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    Good Morning all. We are at the middle of the week point. Usually that's a good thing but it's the start of a busy 10 days or so.

    Marguerite, hopefully once they find the reason for your various symptoms, treatment can commence.
    It's tough trying to figure out the holidays with adult children who aren't quite ready to have Christmas on their own.
    husband and I are starting to face the same thing.

    LDM, have fun wherever you are going. Hopefully bonehead will get it straight.

    Wiped out, glad you got a negative on your study. Always gives you a little peace of mind.

    :checkwriter: Today is a day of bill paying, laundry, cleaning and getting ready for the painters tomorrow. I ended up postponing the drive to pick up mom for the holiday until Friday afternoon. :thanksgiving2:

    In the meantime, I'm watching my 2 100lb plus pups running around the kitchen and hallway play fighting. LOL. It's a site to behold- as you run for cover.

    Hope your day is productive.