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    G'day people.

    It's been quite a day, although we didn't leave the village. I drove mother in law to the doctor this afternoon. She needed to get some test results. I got a few other errands done, but other than that, I stayed home and was glued to the news on TV. I was also keeping in touch with family to find out how they're going. We've been asked to stay off the phones as much as possible, so we're using FaceBook to keep up with people in the flood zones. People are being advised to use text messaging instead of calls.

    The death toll from Toowoomba's "inland tsunami" is up to 10 with only 55 now unaccounted for, but at least 15 of those 55 they are fairly sure did not make it. The floods are heading for Brisbane and outlying suburbs and expected to break all records. They have prepared for it as much as they can. They're not expecting another wall of water to hit Brisbane - one advantage of the city being coastal.

    Further south the floods continue. Some of it is downstream from the Queensland floods and a lot of it is the weather system moving south and dumping more rain.

    I posted in Watercooler about it in more detail.

    Again I assure you - we are safe, and will remain so. difficult child 3 was worrying about it a bit today, so I invented a mathematical exercise for him to calculate how far above sea level we are in our house. Then husband pulled out the topographic map - we are 60 metres above sea level.

    It's been cloudy and overcast for a few days now, with rain forecast every day. It's the effect of the warmer ocean currents. I'm enjoying a swim, but not if it's raining. Tomorrow will be in the current weather pattern - warm, extremely humid. It really does feel like the inside of a sauna just after someone has poured a bucket of water on the coals. It's so humid you can taste it. I'm walking around wearing singlet tops and can't get cool enough. Sweat is just pouring off. Hair is constantly rat-tailed and damp.

    I know some of you are battening down the hatches ahead of freak snow storms. Stay safe, plan ahead, put your safety plans in place. And as our government people are advising us - think of your neighbours, the people you know, and reach out to any who need a hand.

  2. Marg,

    I am so sorry to hear about the widespread flooding. Water, in all of its forms can be so destructive. We had serious flooding in our community last year, and none of the people who lost their homes have returned back. The aftermath of mold in a flooded house is very overwhelming. I'm keeping those affected in my thoughts and prayers. Your method of reassuring difficult child 3 was inspired!

    Our area has been hit by snow (which is quite unusual for us) with a topping of freezing rain. All of our roadways, including the major highways are literal skating rinks. Long distance truckers have been parked all over town (on the roads) for the better part of a day now. Even worse, a cold front has settled in and no relief is expected until Friday or Saturday. The good news is that I can easily work at home, husband walks 1/2 mile to work every day, and difficult child's university is now closed for the second day. The bad news is that easy child is in process of preparing for his move to Oregon on Saturday. It's hard to tell at this point if he will be able to catch his planned flight on that day. Eventually, it has to warm up! I'm sure many of you are dealing with this weather. Hang in there...

    Be sure and find some quiet moments of serenity for yourselves today. Those of you in the bad weather, stay warm!

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    Good Morning Friends,

    Marg-That type of humidity is hard to deal with;I hope it lets up some soon. I watched the video you posted in wc, it's scary to think of all that water rushing like that. What a great idea to help put difficult child 3's mind at ease.

    I'm home sick for a second day. I really thought I had this stomach bug beat before going to bed last night but it decided to make a second appearance in the middle of the night. I hate calling in sick for work but don't want to risk sharing this bug with others.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day!
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    Valerie-You snuck in on me. Hoping your weather warms up soon. Stay safe!
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    Good Morning Everyone,

    Marg, It is so hard for me to imagine flooding on such a large scale even after watching the video you posted... At this point, I really am speechless... Such a huge tragedy... So much to take in... It's overwhelming... I'm relieved you and your family are safe!!!

    Valerie, Glad you can work from home and your husband can walk to work. It sounds like difficult child won't have classes for at least another day. Hope easy child's move can happen as planned. Moving is tough even under the best of circumstances.

    Sharon (WO), Hope you feel better ASAP!!!

    The snow is supposed to arrive here this evening. easy child/difficult child 3 is supposed to begin her first drivers ed class this evening. difficult child 1 has been in Syracuse for the past week. He was supposed to take a train home this evening and arrive back around midnight. husband and I sent him an email (always the best way to reach him) and he decided to stay in Syracuse a few more days. He is still on winter break and begins classes next Tuesday.

    Not too much on the agenda for today - A few errands, laundry, and catching up on phone calls. I'm looking forward to a mostly peaceful day as I'm sure schools will be canceled tomorrow and I'm not looking forward to having the kids home.

    Headed to the kitchen for some more coffee. Stay safe everyone!!! SFR