Good New Year morning.....

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  1. timer lady

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    I hope you all had a wonderful celebration of the New Year. Ours was typically quiet....kt cannot handle too much of a break in the routine. We stayed in & watched the New Year's celebrations from around the world for a bit.

    kt was in bed by 10 - you know we called the child Melba because she was toast. :sleeping:

    kt & I are running out for a couple of items this morning (it's bitterly cold - our thermometer says 3 below zero :cold: ). Then we hunker in & enjoy the cold from indoors.

    husband is running out to visit with wm this afternoon; he's got Christmas money burning a hole in his pocket. :surprise:

    Enjoy your holiday! :happy_new_year:
  2. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning and Happy New Year!

    Linda-I love the Melba! :rofl:Stay as warm as possible today-our temps our supposed to drop and by later today our windchills are predicted to be minus 15 degrees! :cold: The good news is they are calling for 40s by the end of the week!

    Our night was quiet as always on New Year's Eve. difficult child was asleep before 8:00! We ordered Unos and watched Twilight Zones.

    Today is a football day! Our friend always comes over and we watch bowl games. Her team and then ours. Unfortunately, I think my team will probably not win today. After that it is more Twilight Zones. Maybe a visit to the health club in a bit but I'm leaning towards skipping my workout today.

    Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year :happy_new_year:
  3. Marguerite

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    G'day, Linda. We had a quiet New Year celebration too. difficult child 3 went to bed but we got him up in time to watch the fireworks.

    Today we had a fairly quiet day. I was ordered to rest, although I did get up and about a bit. difficult child 1 went out to lunch with his friends and brought them home so we rustled up a quick meal for them. It was a bit overwhelming to be in a room full of Aspies! We met a new one tonight - he had been the host of the New Year's Eve party they all went to. I didn't realise he was Aspie, until he formally, politely, shook my hand on leaving - clearly well-rehearsed. He'd barely said a word to me otherwise, clearly too shy. difficult child 1's best friend was a bit moody tonight, perhaps because I was talking to his girlfriend (also Aspie - mild) about the problem teacher who made his life, and my kids' lives, pure purgatory. She is now gone from that school and I do wonder where she has ended up; but only so I can be sure to never cross her path again.

    husband is back to work tomorrow. The kids have been working through, with the occasional day off here and there.

    Tomorrow - I'm hoping I continue to improve. I have to try to make contact with my neurologist, as well as the pain clinic (to sort out the next appointment). I also need to organise new referrals, but I'm stuck for a few weeks until my new GP comes back from holidays.

    If I'm up to it, I might go to the beach with my friend. Wraparound dark glasses and shady hats, I might be able to manage. I had to keep my bathroom door closed today, because one wall is glass and faces west - the sun just streams in and it's glary all day. Daisy the budgie had the run of the house today and was cross because the bathroom door was shut - she kept flying down to my room, flying around, chittering loudly and flying back to her cage at the other end of the house. As the sun went down we opened the bathroom door and at some stage she must have flown in there. When I looked for her to see why she hadn't put herself back in the cage at her bedtime, I found her perched in my bathroom, dozing on the plantstand. She didn't take too much persuasion to fly back to her cage.

    Enjoy the beginning of 2008, everyone.


    NUTZOLA New Member

    Hi Everyone, Happy New Year!! I am new here so I am trying to figure this all out. The abbreviations are the hardest for me. My New Years started good and ended up with opening my cell bill which carries my daughter and difficult child son. My son was texting x-rated from something he got off the internet. I am so sick of all this and I am ready to throw the towel in. Sorry to just unload, but I look forward to meeting all of you.. Mary
  5. Marguerite

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    Sharon, you snuck in on me. Temperatures in the 40s later in the week? That's still cold, in my book. And in Australia, in Melbourne - they have temperatures in the 40s at the moment. That's 40C, not 40F. Apparently it was still 35C at midnight last night, people were dropping like flies from heat prostration in the New Year's Eve crowds.

    It's not that hot here, only up to about 29C. There are big storms to the north which are bringing heavy seas all along the east coast, closing beaches. Imagine - Bondi Beach closed for New Year's Eve and New Year's Day! A lot of disappointed tourists.

    Our beach is an estuary beach, plus it is unpatrolled. So it never closes, even when Blind Freddy could see it's dangerous to swim. But with heavy seas from the north - we'll probably get some nasty stingers washing in. I hope not.

    And you're not even up to high 40s yet - but minus 15F! EEEK! We had a freezer like that where I used to work. The boss froze a plastic bucket full of water, and the bucket shattered as it thawed.

    I honestly don't know how you cope, with temperatures like that.

  6. houseofcards

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    Another quiet New Year's here as well.

    Linda, I can't imagine that much wouldn't be able to get me out of bed.

    Sharon,my husband loves football, me, not so much, enjoy the game.

    Margerite, hope you are feeling better soon, its awful to need help during the holidays.

    Mary, glad to 'see' ya, you will get the hang of things around here. Not sure but I think if you click on FAQ at the top of the page there might be something in there with the abbreviations.

    May we all enjoy a better 2008!!
  7. LittleDudesMom

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    :happy_new_year: Happy New Year :happy_new_year:

    Linda, I don't think my kids have missed a new year celebration for at least the last 6 years! They are right there beside me ringing it in! I really hate to tell you and Sharon that we are going to be near 60 today and everyone here is talking about how cold it will be tomorrow and thursday, highs around 40 :cold:

    Sharon, sounds like a great day at your house - enjoy your friends and your football :fan:

    Marg, the fireworks over Syndey harbor were fabulous! Listen to your doctor and try your best to take it easy :bath:

    Mary, good morning - we are glad to have you with us :smile:!

    HofC, haven't seen you around in a while. It's good to hear from you this morning :salute:.

    Boy, I sure miss the holiday icons...... slow day here at our house. I had the kids clean out backpacks and binders yesterday. They are packed and ready for tomorrow morning's first day back to school. Today will be slow and leisurely at our house. The only thing we will do is stop by my mother in law's house for our annual bowl of stewed tomatoes and black-eyed peas.

    I hope 2008 is a wonderful year for all :happy_new_year:

  8. jannie

    jannie trying to survive....

    Good Morning All-
    It sounds like many of you spent a nice New Years Eve with family. I hope everyone has a restful day.

    We don't have much planned for today. husband's friend is coming over for breakfast. I'm not sure what I'm cooking....and I think the grocery stores are closed...I guess there is always cereal lol...

    We may try and see if Petco is open today because my difficult child's hamster died in the evening. We've had her for a week...and she had not been well since day two...

    Anyway--enjoy the day...I wish all of you a happy 2008. :happy_new_year:
  9. happymomof2

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    Good Morning All, sounds like you all had a peaceful New Years Eve, except Mary - sorry about the cell phone bill - and welcome to the site.

    We spend our New Years Eve at my sisters. Mostly just family, had an oyster roast it was fun.

    Going back over today to tag Moms stuff and decide who wants what. Hopefully this will be one more step towards healing. We talked of her lots last night and we still miss her very much. :9-07tears: At least she is no longer in pain.

    Told the kids to wear old clothes over and take a change of clothes. brother in law owns a lot across the road. It is a piece of land they use for riding there motor bikes. It also has a small swamp in the middle and he cleverly :slap: rigged up a zip line that I know my kids are going to love playing on. Wonder what the chances are of them NOT getting wet?? :smile:

    We will have our first hard freeze of the winter tonight - the high tomorrow is only suppose to get to 45. Reading some of you guys weather :blizzard: guess I shouldn't complain.

    Hope you all have a wonderful day today.
  10. PersonalEnigma

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    Well, New Years was interesting here... I got stuck on a long shipping run (delivering a horse that we sold) with my dad and easy child. The run went well other than a minor mechanical difficulty that set us back 2 hours. I came home exhausted around 10:00 and basically relaxed as much as possible for the rest of the night.

    difficult child went to work with his dad for the day. He came home and went to a big childrens' New Years party at one of the malls in town. husband took him and brought along a friend. They did the count-down at 9:00. difficult child did really well at the party.

    When I got home husband went out to a party he'd been invited to (I could have, but was too exhausted) and I watched the count-down on TV with difficult child and easy child (who slept through it). difficult child was very excited, but went to bed ok thank goodness.

    This morning difficult child is definitely paying for it... He has already had some pretty good temper tantrums over stupid stuff. I'm in decent humour about it though as I expected as much with his lack of sleep.

    We plan to go to my parents' place later to play a new game that I got for Christmas. With all the snow up here we have no plans to actually drive anywhere (my parents live on a second house on the same property).

    All-in all New Years was ok. Nothing spetacular, just another day to me.
  11. Martie

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    Happy New Year to all!!!!!

    We always stay home and since it was snowing last night, it was an especially good idea. easy child stayed out all night by plan because after where ever they went, I wanted them to take a cab to the house they were crashing at... She's long since of age to drink, but the driving part scares me to death.

    Predictably, ex-difficult child stayed home until he went over to a friend's house for a while. No drinking there...he's still underage...YEAH RIGHT! This group of kids just happens to not drink. I can't imagine any kid expecting a parent to believe, "We wouldn't drink, we're underage..." LOLOL but for them, it's true

    This is not a political statement but it sure is a nostalgic one. I am watching CNN and right now Barack Obama is speaking at MY high school live. The shots of the very ornate auditorium brought back lots of memories....Yes, I was raised in Iowa, but haven't lived there since I was 18.

    I hope everyone has a great meltdown-free day.

    GO ILLINI! (in the Rosebowl)

  12. tammyjh

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    Good afternoon. Its snowing here today and was snowing here yesterday :blizzard:. We're forcased for 8 to 12 inches of snow on top of the 9 we got yesterday :smile: Been a snowy winter here.

    Hope everyone has been having a peaceful new year so far.
    Happy 2008!! :smile: